Konnan’s Reasons for Leaving, Who May Benefit & Killings Update


To update this story, PWInsider.com says that Ron Killings actually asked for his TNA release (not the first time he’s done so, by the way) prior to Slammiversary, but it has as of now not been granted.

Konnan has also asked for a release, and skipped the iMPACT! tapings on which he was scheduled to appear. The international star, who holds a powerful position with Mexican promotion AAA, has been unhappy with the company, and in a recent interview with Alex Marvez, he said that after promising otherwise, TNA broke its promise to help him out with costs of the kidney transplant he needs to have soon. TNA did help him with his recent hip replacement, loaning him money. PWInsider reports that AAA has plans to expand into the U.S., so that may also be a factor in him asking for his TNA release and flying himself home from Florida.

LAX, according to one of PWInsider’s sources, didn’t know Konnan’s situation until they arrived at the tapings, and did work a match vs. Sabin & Shelley that will be on an upcoming episode of Xplosion. Homicide cut some promos backstage and will finally be getting a chance to talk, so that’s one plus in the equation if you’re a ROH fan that was hoping to see its former World Champion get more of a speaking role on TNA TV.

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