The Host Coming Back For More

Credit: Bloody-Disgusting

In 2006, The Host terrorized the sea and moviegoers, and now it’s aiming to do it again in about two years.

Chungeorahm Films is all set to release a sequel to The Host and aiming to have it hit theatres sometime in 2009. But they’ll have to do it without director Bong Joon-ho as he is already committed to other projects.

The first film told the story of a man who ran a small business on the banks of Seoul’s Han River, where he also lived with his family. One day though his daughter goes missing and the town is terrorized by a giant mutant coming out of the river. The family does whatever they can to save her and also stay alive.

The budget for the sequel is said to be the same as the first film and the same mutant monster will be used.