Smackdown Spoilers for June 22, 2007

Thanks to Pulse Wrestling reader Scott Brenn for sending in spoilers from last night’s Smackdown tapings:

The Major Brothers beat Deuce and Domino in a non-title match (Dark Match)

Opening was the Cutting Edge show with his guest being Torrie Wilson who
he said rigged McMahons limo and “killed” him. MVP then comes out and
agrees with Edge. Flair comes out to Torrie’s aid and attack MVP and
Edge, but they fight back and lay out Flair, Batista then comes out and
Edge and MVP leave the ring which sets up our main event, Flair and
Batista vs. MVP and Edge.

Teddy Long and Vickie talk backstage about the main event.

Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble defeated Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon
Moore in a good match that was constant action.

Mark Henry beat Funaki in a sqaush.

Long Vickie and Kristal are back stage and Long says he has something he
needs to do in the ring after the next match and says Kristal should be
out there with him.

Matt Hardy beat Finlay with a twist of fate in a solid match that lasted
a good 20 minutes, Hornswaggle made a few appearences, Hardy had a knee
injury throughout the match that Finlay worked on.

Long and Kristal come to the ring, Long proposes to Kristal, she cries
for a bit then runs away without giving an answer, Teddy runs her down

Chris Masters beat some guy ive never heard of before, Danny something
with a Masterlock.

Long finds Kristal backstage, talks to her for a bit then Kristal says
yes to his proposal.

Batista and Flair beat Edge and MVP with Batista getting his batista
bomb on Edge for the pin, best match of the night with crowd super hot
for this one.

Batista beat Edge by DQ when Edge hit him with a low blow and he was
trying to Batista Bomb him, it was a quick match and like the main
event, those her were left were pretty hot for it.

Flair by far got the biggest pop with Batista close behind him.

Not sure if this matters but there were constant McMahon Limo blowing up
promos throughout the show, with the Federal Investigator saying they
found 3 different DNA samples in the limo, the limo driver, McMahon’s
and an unknown 3rd party.

Good show in all, as was ECW.

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