Cowboys & Aliens To Be Live Action Feature

Credit: Variety

DreamWorks and Universal Pictures are joining together and plan to turn the graphic novel Cowboys & Aliens into a live action feature film.

The script for the film will be written by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. Imagine partners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are set to produce the film with numerous co-producers from Platinum Studios including CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. Rosenberg created the concept of the story and had the graphic novel published in 2006.

The film is a mixture of Western and science fiction all rolled into one. It’s set in Arizona in the 1800’s during the days of the Wild West. During a fight between cowboys and some Apaches, a space ship crash lands nearby. The alien leader plans to tame the Old West and make everyone their slaves. The cowboys and Native Americans won’t have any of that as they team together to take out the invaders.

No word on casting or when filming will start, but we’ll get you more on Cowboys & Aliens as we get it.