The Most Ridiculous Item of the Week – 6.22.07

Chicago-area rapper Blaxican was indicted this past week on felony charges that he and a friend swindled over a million dollars from several people who were misled into believing that they were investing in an upcoming Adam Sandler movie.

According to DuPage County prosecutors, the small-time suburban-based rapper (né Eric Jaglicic) convinced his friend Brian Falatovich (almost named as a defendant) that he was working on the movie—which he said was called The Record Deal, starring Adam Sandler—and needed to raise money for its production. Falatovich collected $1.3 million from 18 different members of his family, and then turned over the funds directly to Jaglicic, in turn violating the terms of his agreement with the investors.

Jaglicic promptly cashed the check and used it to purchase a $442,000 house in suburban Homer Glen (which has since been seized), a recording studio, a large plasma television, a personal arcade, one of those obnoxious f*cking Hummer SUVs and two pet alligators.

If convicted of the 27 counts—including theft, theft by deception, security fraud and wire fraud—the two men could face up to 30 years in prison. Jaglicic claimed at the hearing that he had no knowledge of a scheme, and claimed that he was under the impression that the money had been a “gift” from Falatovich.

And here’s the kicker: according to court documents, Jaglicic has been previously accused of stalking Adam Sandler. Hrmmm… now that’s a humdinger of a coincidence.

While Blaxican has been candid in previous interviews about the situation, even cutting a record about his house being repossessed, he was much more somber outside the court this week. “I’m a dead man walking—I’ve got nothing left,” he told reporters for The SMonday Swindle Sheet, in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “They might as well finish me off quickly. But at least let me make sweet love to Adam Sandler at least once before they do. Or even just pull his hair alittle bit.”