Richly Deserved: Pirate Master Episode 1-4

Cheryl may have been saved by the last vote but is worried the mood of the ship is going from judging people on merit to being a popularity contest. Meanwhile, Sean apologized to Jay for renegging on their deal. But Jay had no interest in accepting.

We see more cleaning of the deck. Which may be a little silly except what would you rather see? Cleaning of the toilet? Anyway Joy is a little concerned that Nessa is playing the flirt card. Maybe I like Nessa for the same reason. Azmyth is swinging from the rope into the water, not taking the captain role too seriously, which annoys Ben. Laurel hears Azmyth’s fake English accent and thinks “Weirdo”.

Cameron makes his first appearance and calls them in. The new treasure was hidden by some French master craftsman. The expedition crews are:

Black: Azmyth, Jay, Jupiter, Joe Don, Laurel, Christa, and Cheryl.
Red: Louie, Ben, Joy, Kendra, Nessa, Sean. Louie is pumped he gets to go against Joe Don while Sean worries about Joy and Kendra slowing them down.

They row to shore then take a path to the sabotage point, falling rocks. The red crew rows a better course and gets to land first but black outruns them to the sabotage point. Joy is caught in the sabotage and aggravates her injury.

From there they go to a part of the island that looks like two crocodile heads, get a clue, travel to a cave where they have to find an ‘x’ on a map highlighted by a beam of sunlight from a hole on the other side of the cave, then find the spot and dig for the treasure.

Azmyth went alone to the cave and then took his crew on the most unnecessary path, overshooting the correct spot by a mile. Nice job, Az. Red meanwhile come to the cave and pinpoint the right spot exactly and go to start digging.

Black goes all the way back to the cave and find the spot. Both teams dig in roughly the same spot for the treasure but red find it.

Sean is frustrated when the treasure is only $5,000. However, there is a note. It’s a “Royal Pardon”. Louie receives this note which people will bid on to save themselves. It’s kind of like the hidden immunity idol in the past few seasons of Survivor.

Now, people must bid on this before the black spots are handed out. But before that, Louie spreads his loot evenly with the crew. And Jay and Joe Don argue and agree that any pact they had is voided. Jay now wants JD gone so he bids on the pardon.

The black spots are handed out. Azmyth, Cheryl, and Joe Don get one.

At Pirate’s Court (which in this corner is known as Piratal Council), Louie explains that Azmyth was selected so the other could judge his captaincy, Cheryl was selected because she associates with Joe Don, and Joe Don was selected because, well, he’s Joe Don.

Azmyth said he wants to stay and help people get as much of the loot as he can. Jay didn’t like Azmyth’s decision making during the expedition. Cheryl said she didn’t like being put up because of her association with Joe Don and she preached teamwork. Nessa didn’t like the teamwork part considering her behaviour when she was an officer. Joe Don said the captain should make more money then looked at Louie and said “I love you, brother.” What ever. Also, we see Cameron asking more questions. He IS being groomed to replace Jeff Probst, eh?

It is time to vote. And once the votes are read, it’s time to see who bid for the pardon. It’s a 4-3 vote. Joe Don spent $7,000 to outbid four others for the pardon. He had the three votes. SUCKER!!!!!!!

Azmyth had no votes. Which means Louie got a partial victory. If you can’t hunt down Osama, then at least find one of his senior advisors. So Joe Don’s right-hand woman, Cheryl, is cut adrift.

’til next week.