Young Lions Cup V: Night Two – Barnesville, PA

One of the most unique independent wrestling companies out there today is certainly the Pennsylvania based Chikara. They put an emphasis on a progressive style of wrestling heavily influenced by the world of Lucha Libre. For more information you can check out In each of the past five years they have presented a tournament featuring the best young wrestlers round the country called the Young Lion’s cup. This year the tournament takes place over three days and features 24 of the top young talent both in Chikara and elsewhere vying for the title of Young Lions Cup Champion.

Night Two – Barnesville, PA

The second night of the tournament began much like the first with the announcement of all 12 competitors from the Barnesville Thunderdome Bracket. The wrestlers were also given Young Lions Cup medals to commemorate their participation in the prestigious tournament. The format was the same, and the twelve men in night two were:

Well before that you might want to read my Night One Review to whet your appetite for a second night of Chikara fun.

“Omega” Aaron Draven: Young Master Draven came to Chikara by way of IWA: East Coast. Draven is not the typical colorful character that normally graces a Chikara ring. (meaning he is not in a cow suit or an ice cream mask) He is however a very solid young grappler.

“Well Mannered” Billy Roc: While that may not be the most intimidating nickname, Mr. Roc is a force to be reckoned with in the ring. He competed last night against Chrisjen Hayme and impressed there. Certainly his goal is to make the YLC finals.

“Superstar” Shayne Hawke: Hawke is the Great White Hype from the Great White North. This ginger haired grappler knows how to work a crowd and has an even better understanding of how to work over his opponents in the ring. He is cocky and brash and a solid grappler.

Tim Donst: Donst came to the Chikara Wrestle Factory straight out of Stroudsburg, PA and competes in the 187 lb. weight class. He is an amateur grappler, but new to the world of professional wrestling. His singlet and headgear may have gotten him through the amateur ranks, but it is indomitable spirit that will let him succeed in the YLC.

”The Sexiest Man Alive” Rhett Titus: Titus competed last night and won his match against Worker Ant. He is also a graduate of the Ring of Honor wrestling school. He will also be the first to tell you how handsome, sexy, and all around great he is.

Soldier Ant: This militant mat mite is another product of the Chikara Wrestle Factory and a member of The Colony along with Worker Ant and Fire Ant. He is a well disciplined grappler, most likely due to his military training and very respectful of his opponents and of authority.

Darin Corbin: Corbin is normally a tag team competitor serving as one half of the North Star Express. He is another ginger haired combatant who bares a striking resemblance to Shayne Hawke. Corbin also sports a fancy belt that lights up and displays messages.

Super Xtremo: Senor Xtremo is a nice fit in the Chikara family. He is a luchador although the Chikara website says that he is from Canada. But then again, so is El Generico, so I guess Canadian luchadors can’t be that bad. The only bad that could be used to describe Super Xtremo is bad ass, because he is one tough hombre and a very accomplished wrestler.

Ultra Dragon: Ultra Dragon is one odd individual. His antics perplexed and astounded the other competitors. He is small in stature but tall on weird using his head as a primary method of attack. This masked monster would fit in well in a crowd featuring Delirious or Hallowicked methinks.

Ryan Cruz Cruz is the other half of the Northstar Express and a fine grappler in his own right. Some might say that he is “Matt Hardycito,” but he is truly his own man.

Chrisjen Hayme: Hayme is the Full Throttle Wrestling champion and made his Chikara debut during Night One of the Young Lions Cup. He has a cocksure strut and the skills to back it up. As I said last night he will certainly be a threat for the finals.

Ricochet: The last combatant is Chikara regular and top notch high flyer Ricochet. This Young Lion has a wild mane of hair and a Thundercats logo on his trunk, so he immediately scored points from me. His size is more similar to Wiley Kat than Liono, but he is no less a threat to his opponents.

Now Onto the Show!

Young Lions Cup Opening Round Match
“Omega” Aaron Draven vs. “Well Mannered” Billy Roc

The first contest at the Barnesville Thunderdome was fast paced and high flying. Draven tried to get the crowd behind him, but they stayed firmly behind the dapper Mr. Roc. Billy maintained firm control throughout the match and was able to score the win via his version of the Asai DDT. I guess that was the end for Omega get it? The End Omega I’m hilarious.

Winner:Billy Roc

Young Lions Cup Opening Round Match
“Superstar” Shayne Hawke vs. Tim Donst

Hawke did not even let the young Donst take off his warm-up sweatshirt before going on the attack. In fact he used it to tie Tim’s hands behind his back rendering him helpless. Hawke used all of his charm to avoid disqualification from referee Bryce Remsburg, who it should be noted reffed the entire show all by his tiny sideburned lonesome. Hawke truly dominated Donst throughout the match, although Tim was able to score some offense with his amateur wrestling based attack. Hawke’s experience proved to be too much however and he delivered the TomaHawke, a reverse STO similar to the downward spiral Edge used to use or Alex Shelley’s Shell Shock, for the victory.

Winner:”Superstar” Shayne Hawke

Young Lions Cup Opening Round Match
“The Sexiest Man Alive” Rhett Titus vs. Soldier Ant

Throughout the course of this match Titus’ cockiness almost proved to be his undoing. Soldier Ant was steadfast in his approach and his salute based offense. Titus went for his signature “Rhett-ski the human Jet-ski” leg drop but missed. I have a feeling that is the norm for Mr. Titus. After being on the receiving end of Worker’s attack he decided to take the easy way out and put his feet on the ropes to score the rollup victory.

Winner: “The Sexiest Man Alive” Rhett Titus

Young Lions Cup Opening Round Match
Darin Corbin vs. Super Xtremo

This was one of the best matches of the opening round at the Thunderdome. Xtremo and Corbin first attempted to show off who had the better kip ups which proved to be a tie. They then went at each other full tilt. Xtremo was definitely the faster of the two competitors but Corbin may have been the stronger. Xtremo used several twisting body presses to try and defeat Corbin, but he went to the well one too many times and Corbin caught the super one with an ace crusher for the three count. After the match Corbin put over Xtremo and started a “Please come back” chant from the crowd.

Winner:Darin Corbin

Young Lions Cup Opening Round Match
Ultra Dragon vs. Ryan Cruz

Ultra Dragon is an odd individual and Ryan Cruz had a hard time figuring out what to do with the tiny beast. Cruz used his size to his advantage and on many occasions it seemed he had the Dragon beaten. The Dragon was able to come back and use JYD-esque headbbutts to pacify Cruz. Cruz made a comeback but it was cut short for during what he thought was a routine wheelbarrow, Ultra Drago reversed into what can only be described as a Wheelbarrow-Waffle Face-Yoshi Tonic for the victory.

Winner: Ultra Dragon

Young Lions Cup Opening Round Match
Chrisjen Hayme vs. Ricochet

Much like the night before the final first round match proved to be the best of the first round. Ricochet came out fast and furious against the larger Hayme and his fast assault almost ended the match early. Hayme was able to slow things down and methodically pick apart the speedy Ricochet. Ricochet was able to comeback with a flurry of offense including a backslide driver, an Asai moonsault and a running shooting star press for the victory.

Winner: Ricochet

Intermission: Chikara’s dvds are available through, and as a result many other Smart Mark titles are available like IWA:MS and CZW dvds. Yet another reason to attend Chikara live. Chikara’s merchandise is excellent as well.

Non-Tournament Match:
“Simply Marvelous” Mitch Ryder vs. Cabana Man Dan

The Cabana Man is always in good spirits, but his spirits were not as high as the opinion Mitch Ryder has of himself. Dan went to the Flip Flop Chop almost immediately smacking Ryder on his posterior. The match was pretty back and forth until Cabana Man busted out the other Flip Flop and went to work on Ryder’s chest. The best efforts of Cabana Man Dan were not enough, though, and he succumbed to a Memphis style piledriver for the threecount.

Winner:”Simplay Marvelous” Mitch Ryder

Non-Tournament Match:
“The Aanarchist” Arik Cannon vs. Chuck Taylor

Cannon was making his return to Chikara and was welcomed back warmly. Chuck Taylor brought his awesomeness on full force. As soon as Chuck exited the dressing room he immediately went after the smallest child in the audience, a young boy of about three or four, and screamed in his face. The boy nearly cried and Cannon showed his sympathy. After that the match was underway. Cannon proved that he is a “fat guy who can move” (his words not mine) with a nice series of forward rolls and a headspring to escape an arm-wringer by Taylor. Chuck then asked if he could be taught the maneuver, Cannon obliged Taylor, but he was unable to capitalize. The match turned to the outside and Cannon called over the young boy Taylor had frightened earlier and had him chop the holy heck out of Taylor much to the delight of the crowd. Cannon controlled much of the match and I thought he had the victory after a spider German Suplex off the top rope. It was not enough and he went for it again, but Taylor countered into the Omega Driver for the victory.

Winner:Chuck Taylor

Six Man Tag Team Action:
The Kings of Wrestling: Maxime Boyer and Team F.I.S.T (Icarus and Gran Akuma) vs. Los Ice Creams and Amigo Suzuki

This sort of match is Chikara’s specialty and it featured some of the top wrestlers in the promotion. Before the match, Icarus took a seat next to yours truly and commented on how happy he was that I chose to shave my head. I appreciated the compliment. The match was then under way. It was my first time seeing Boyer and he was impressive, a technically gifted wrestler with a sound mind for strategy. The Kings of Wrestling team all played their roles well. Boyer was the strategist, Icarus was the technician and Akuma provided the strength and violence via his kicks. The match was back and forth with the rudo team using underhanded tactics to maintain the advantage whenever they could. After a dizzying sequence of finishing maneuvers including a Yoshi-tonic from Akuma and a failed Shiranui (sliced bread #2) from Icarus, both Los Ice Creams teamed up on a backslide to upset the Kings.

Winners:Los Ice Creams and Amigo Suzuki

Young Lions Cup Six-Way Elimination Semi-final Extravaganza version 2:
Billy Roc vs. Shayne Hawke vs. Rhett Titus vs. Darin Corbin vs. Ultra Dragon vs. Ricochet

The main event tonight may have been even better than the six way match from night one. Shayne Hawke first tried to convince the other wrestlers to eliminate the unorthodox Ultra Dragon, because he was slightly creeped out by him it?…whatever. The match did get underway with the athletes trading pairings in the ring until it was Darin Corbin and Shayne Hawke. Both men were immediately stunned by the similarities between the two.

They exchanged moves and Hawke took the easy way out by using a thumb to the eye on Corbin. Remsburg, confused as everyone else, admonished Corbin for a transgression he did not commit. The two ginger headed grapplers went back at each other this time Corbin going to the eyes. Referee Bryce once again threatened to DQ the wrong man. No such call was made and the third time the two redheads went to battle they stopped mid-kick with Hawke informing Corbin that he was the best looking man he had ever seen. He then thought better of it and said he really thought that Rhett Titus was the best looking man he had ever seen tagging him into the match.

The match continued for a while and it came to Ultra Dragon standing in the ring across from Ricochet. The action was wild and Dragon seemed set up for his Wheelbarrow, Waffle Face, Yoshi-tonic move that defeated Ryan Cruz, but Ricochet must have been watching in the back as he blocked the move into a sitdown guillotine driver and eliminated Ultra Dragon.

The next elimination came pretty quickly. Shortly after Ultra Dragon made his egress; Rhett Titus tombstoned Darin Corbin to send him packing. Titus and Hawke then went to work on Ricochet with a merciless beating. Ricochet was able to capitalize on a moment of weakness and rolled up Titus to send him to the back.

Shayne was not phased by the elimination of his momentary compatriot and immediately went back to work on Ricochet. He also got Billy Roc involved trying to get the well mannered fellow to use some violence on Ricochet. Billy would not however and politely took an arm wringer rather than using the fists.

Hawke began to get frustrated and started berating the courteous Roc. He eventually decided that they should send Ricochet to the floor and settle the differences themselves. Hawke took the early advantage and continued his insults to Billy. Then Billy snapped.

Roc went wild with strikes on Hawke, he then laid in the Kawada kicks and Hawke was dazed. An Asai DDT latter and Hawke was making his way to the dressing room.

The final two in the match were Billy Roc and Ricochet. Ricochet had significant time on the outside to recover from his beating and went right at the courteous combatant. Roc used his best efforts to advance to the finals of the Young Lions Cup even using yet another Asai DDT, but Ricochet was able to kick out at two and nine tenths comeback with his running shooting star press and score the victory and a berth in the Young Lions Cup V finals.


After the match Chuck Taylor came out to confront Ricochet and try to intimidate him before the finals. Chuck was sent to the back and no altercation took place.

It is a tough call as to which was a better show, Night One or Night Two. Night Two had better non-tournament matches than the first version, but the tournament matches for Night One were more entertaining. The final matches for the shows were a complete toss-up in my book. Both shows were awesome and worth checking out when they arrive on DVD.

That will do it for my Young Lions Cup: Night Two coverage. Stay tuned tomorrow or maybe later this evening for my coverage of the Young Lions Cup final

I’ll see you next time