[SPOILERS] Possible Big Brother 8 Cast Leaked on the Internet

So apparently a new poster over at Joker’s Updates has posted what they believe is the cast list for Big Brother 8. While the poster is new to Joker’s, he’s apparently been posting for some time at Survivor Sucks, which is well-known for spoiling Survivor cast lists. On the other hand, he says he got a “few minutes glance” at the BB cast list, then at the bottom of the post he says, “don’t ask how I got it.” Unless he was taking notes, it’s hard to imagine that he remembered all of this information after a glance.

The list contains 14 slots, which could mean 14 houseguests. It could also include the alternates that are to be sequestered with the houseguests in case one of them disqualifies themselves before entering the house like Brandon from Big Brother 4.

So here’s the list, verbatim, that was posted:

Tara Bourke – young good looking has an extremely nice body — youngest houseguest
Tiffany Dalton – oldish black woman
Rodger (No last name)- older Asian male. Teacher at some school.
Carol Ricardi – older woman (mother figure)
Gabby Ngyugen – young Asian girl. huge smile.
Amanda Adams – late twenties blonde woman. looks like some celebrity. Former cheerleader apparently?
Mitchell “Mitchy” Vance- Good looking younger male.
Robby Williams or Wallace – young very young. apparently is apart of some organization group for gay teens.?
Jared Pfifer – good looking .Spanish?
David Mertz – Good looking man in his forties
Andi (no last name) – blonde girl early twenties
Morgan (no last name) -older gay male possibly not gay?
Melanie (no last name) – no information. I’m not even sure if she was a final houseguest as she had no number just a name and a location where she lives. Florida.
Unidentified male – Couldn’t find anything about this guy (possibly no 14th houseguest?) There was a blank spot for him on the sheet with a number .but nothing else.

The poster also goes on to mention that the twist of high school enemies is looking more and more likely to be true, as several pairs of cast members went to the same high school. The ones he noted were:

David and Carol know each other or did…
Robie and jarred know each other or did…
Mitchell and Amanda know each other or did…
Gabby and Tara know each other or did…

You can read the entire post and subsequent comments here.

Later, a casting director, Robyn Kass, swears that this list is not accurate. But, of course, if it was, would she really say it was? We’ll find out soon enough.