ECW Preview for June 26, 2007 has updated the preview for tonight’s show to remove Chris Benoit’s name, although the splash page has a photo of Chris, with a line that says “In Loving Memory of the Benoit Family.” Here is the preview, which either implies that WWE will be looking to “move on” or that they simply haven’t figured out what to do yet for the rest of the week:

Preview: The Nitro era begins
June 26, 2007

The Land of the Extreme was shocked and surprised when late substitute Johnny Nitro defeated CM Punk for the vacant ECW World Title at Vengeance: Night of Champions. Will Nitro – a recent ECW draftee – make his first appearance as champion on ECW on Sci Fi? And who will challenge Nitro first? Will Punk challenge Nitro to a rematch? Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi and find out.

Last week, the New Breed’s Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von showed that they yearn for the ECW gold. Will they also show Nitro that they are serious about winning the ECW World Title? And could this cause dissension among the New Breed teammates?

ECW has been full of debuts lately. One new ECW Superstar who seems to be already making an impact – and causing a potential rift among some smitten members of Extreme Exposé – is The Miz. Will he make his debut in the Land of Extreme? And will the ladies of Extreme Exposé patch up their alleged differences?

Meanwhile, no one seems to be having sweet dreams about Boogeyman. The man from The Bottomless Pit has been causing ECW Superstars to toss and turn in their sleep. Who will he come to get next?

You will see all this and more on ECW on Sci Fi every Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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