Tarentino Bringing Us More Of The Bride?

Credit: Bloody-Disgusting

We all watched as Uma Thurman was brought to the brink of death and then fought her way back to exact revenge on those who wronged her. And on November 6, Kill Bill (volumes one and two) is getting its own two-disc single edit special edition release onto DVD. But the Bride may come back for more.

Apparently the plots of both the third and fourth volumes of Kill Bill have already been thought of and put together. It is also now rumored by an executive producer of the first two films, that Quentin Tarentino could return to China and start shooting them

The third film would showcase the revenge of two killers that Uma Thurman’s character mangled but didn’t kill. One who has lost both her eyes and another who had her arms chopped off are seeking payback on the Bride and will do anything to get it.

The fourth film is said to have a cycle of reprisals and the daughters of some of those that the Bride killed. They are looking to avenge their mother’s deaths.

It is not certain how much further along these films will go or who will star in and direct them, but we’ll get you more as we do.