From the UK: My Lowest Point

From the UK: My Lowest Point as a Fan

I’m at a loss. Do I praise one of the greatest wrestlers ever or do I befoul the memory of a man who killed the two people in his life that he was charged with loving and protecting? Chris Benoit did an awful thing, truly awful, no matter what happens in the future I will NEVER look at that man the same again. Granted, he’s a man who lost his best friend, who’s marriage was about to implode and also had a demanding and physical job but you can’t escape the fact he killed his son and wife.

Before I would have tip toed over this, I would have weighed things up, hoped he was innocent, produce a straight up eulogy to one of my favourite wrestlers. Not now I’m not going to roast him like GRUT, oh and by the way there’s nothing wrong with an adult seeing a wrestler as a hero and if you can’t see that I pity YOU, but I won’t defend his act. What he did was inexcusable; it’s the lowest of lows. Killing your blood, your child, it sickens me but I’m not going to cry for him to burn in hell. It’s not my place. Granted, if I had a choice I would tie Adolf Hitler to a tree and spread his legs and allow every Jewish person in the world to get a run up and kick him square in the balls, but I won’t ask for such things regarding Benoit. It isn’t my place.

There are only two wrestlers that I had as personal heroes and those are Mick Foley and Eddie Guerrero. Foley because he lived his dream when no one said he could and Eddie because he beat addiction and reunited his family. What do these men have in common? They were family men. I could not for a second imagine Foley killing Collette and Noelle nor could I picture Eddie killing Vickie and his daughters. But you know what else? I couldn’t picture Benoit doing it either. What happened is bizarre, it’s insane and the worst thing about it is that it will eventually mean nothing.

Do you think this will be the last straw and WWE will FINALLY get off their f*cking backsides to sort wrestlers lives out? Do you think this will be the final death that will make them see that wrestlers need less hours, better pay and unions? OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES PEOPLE! Things will NEVER change. EVER!!! WWE will sweep this under the rung, like the spineless Cunt Shits they are and it’ll be business as usual, till the next death and again and again and again! NOTHING will change, wrestling will remain an unsavoury and unsafe profession. Promoters will continue to ride wrestlers to death because, deep down, to be a businessman you have to be a heartless prick and that means f*cking guys over for your own benefit.

Was Benoit a vicious evil man or simply a victim of the heartless system? I think maybe a little bit of both. Benoit is still the greatest wrestler of my generation but he won’t be remembered for that, and maybe at the end of the day that’s deserved.

RIP Nancy and Daniel, you were robbed of your lives by the very man who should have safeguarded them. I hope there’s a heaven and you go there. As for you Chris .I’m not going to wish hell upon you like GRUT did, but I will hope that you know what you did was wrong, and no bible placing will EVER change that. Thanks for the matches, I hope they were worth your soul.