Late-Night News EXPLOSION!


Some news items that barely have nothing to do with the ‘big story’ of the week:

– Kurt Angle is on the June 27 episode of TNA Today, hyping Thursday’s three-way for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship:

– Christian does the same on the June 26 TNA Today:

– And Rhino does the same (along with an interview with Tracy Brooks and a Papparazzi Productions video with Sabin asking Shelley where Nash stands in “this bizarre love triangle” (and Nash saying he’s done with Lethal and Dutt, having “done all I can with them”)) for the June 25 TNA Today:

– Lance Storm posted a commentary Sunday on the death of Canadian wrestler Beef Wellington.

– On a lighter note, has interviewed ECW Champ Johnny Nitro about whether or not he’s extreme enough.

– This was reported on over the weekend, but it seems the press conference never happened (although if you know more information, please send it to us): “Rey Mysterio is headed to Mexico on Tuesday for a WWE press conference for the early July Raw tour of Mexico, which will include Mysterio’s first match back. He also appears live on Tuesday on ‘La Papaya’ a Mexican talk show.”

– Also from the Observer’s Web site: Eric Bischoff, Jimmy Hart, Steve Austin, Ted DiBiase, Linda McMahon, Moolah and Mae Young were scheduled to be a part of the originally-planned “Mr. McMahon memorial” RAW on June 25, with Linda having “a prominent part.”

– reported that Super Crazy defeated Carlito in a short match prior to Vengeance. Cody Runnels/Rhodes was said to be backstage at the pay-per-view.

– Legendary wrestling announcer Bob Caudle had a pair of heart attacks last Thursday, and you can send your well-wishes to him at this address, and they will be passed along.

– Austin Aries received his release from TNA last week and, as previously reported, is now back with Ring of Honor. His return will be part of an angle shot last weekend in Chicago Ridge, IL, for the September 1 ROH PPV.

– Harley Race announced on his Web site that he will be training Joe Hennig (Mr. Perfect’s son).

– Elijah Burke “tweaked his back” on the June 19 episode of ECW, and was seen limping backstage according to He seems to be fine, having wrestled on the June 26 show.

– has posted new blogs from Carlito and Ken Kennedy.

– WWE released Trinity on June 22.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.