MTV Mix – Volume 40 – "The Reunited: Real World Vegas Remix Edition"

Today’s special “Remix” editions is all about one show. A somewhat new show, but more like a “reunion” show. If you didn’t read my interviews with the 7 roommates about this show a few weeks back, then you were the ONLY one! Because every other MTV junkie out there did. I know you don’t want to miss that. So go read my interviews with Trishelle, Alton, Steven, Frank, Brynn, Irulan, and Arissa, if you haven’t already. Then, come back here to read my recap and thoughts on the first four episodes of this show. It all starts now….



Reunited: The Real World Vegas

Episode 1 – “Reunited and It Feels So Awkward”

The seven strangers are back to live the life in one of the best hotel and casinos in Las Vegas, the Palms. It’s been fives years and there is a lot of things to catch up on and issues to settle. The first episode begins where the casting preview left off. The cast have been waiting for Arissa to come up to the suite and there was obvious tension between Arissa and Irulan. As she makes it up to the suite, she seems to be taken a little aback and seems a little subdued. So no fireworks yet.

The cast then get a letter from George Maloof, telling them that dinner is on him and they’ll spend their first night in Vegas much like they spent their first night five years ago. Brynn brings in her husband Austin and baby son to show the rest of the cast. It seems like somewhat of a mismatch with the Real World lifestyle, but Brynn herself says that she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to keep up.

The cast chooses rooms. Brynn and Irulan decide to room together because Irulan doesn’t want to room with Arissa. Steven and Frank are close, so they get the other two person bedroom. This leaves Trishelle, Alton, and Arissa to room in the three person bedroom. Those three are not happy. As I found out. Trishelle and Alton don’t get along and there is issues with Arissa and both of them as well.

The cast sits together at dinner and things are sufficiently awkward. There’s uneasiness and uncertainity and Irulan insists that it has to do with Arissa being so guarded about things. Arissa acknowledges that she needs to have her guard up, since she and Irulan had a falling out four years ago. Frank seems to be having a good time. He gets really drunk and he brings home a random girl. They fool around in the confessional. He confesses that he doesn’t know her name and he basically sends her on her way when he’s done with her.

Irulan and Arissa finally have their first fight at the bar. It seems that four years ago, Alton, Arissa and Irulan were so tight, they called themselves “The Trinity.” But four years ago, in a Florida nightclub, Alton and Arissa were in a bathroom, kissing or so says Arissa. Each blames the other for coming onto each other. Arissa insists Alton came onto her. Alton insists Arissa came onto him. Irulan and Arissa scream at each other, but only resolve to talk it out later with Alton. The next morning Alton and Arissa have it out, but the two just get angry and accuse each other of lying. Nothing seems to be resolved and the episode will be continued next week, of course.

My thoughts on this show. You pretty much knew there was going to be drama. If you didn’t think so, you obviously didn’t read my interview series with the entire cast of this show. But it’s just silly that Arissa, Irulan, and Alton are arguing about stuff that happened years ago, when it obviously didn’t affect Irulan’s and Alton’s relationship then. They didn’t break up over Arissa and it’s been two years since they were together anyways. So that’s just silly to me. But we have to have something to watch on this show, right?

Episode 2 – “Bygones”

The second episode began where the last one left off. Arissa and Alton were fighting about the whole Florida incident and them kissing each other and who made the first move, etc. The two come to quickly realize that they’re both going to stick to their version of their story, even if Alton and Irulan are no longer in a relationship.

The cast then gets invited to the Palms pool, which seems to be this great diversion for the cast, especially Frank and Steven. Alton just wants to stay away from Arissa and Irulan. Apparently, the cast is given unlimited alcohol and Steven takes advantage of it. He gets drunk and throws some random girl into the pool. The promotion manager for the Palms lets Steven know that he is banned from the pool.

Later, the cast gets massages at the spa and Alton tells Steven and Frank that he will try to avoid drama at all costs. The next night, the cast gets invites to individual group dinners. Irulan and Alton are to be paired together which freaks Irulan out. She refuses to go saying that her man back home would not enjoy that. She ends up going with Arissa and Alton ends up going with the guys. Brynn and Trishelle end up going to one too.

Meanwhile, Frank asks for forgiveness for Steven. The director will ask Maloof if it will be okay for him to go back to the pool. Brynn and Trishelle talk to over what happened with them the first time around. They were never close apparently. Trishelle felt offended that she wasn’t invited to Brynn’s wedding, but Brynn says it was only twenty people and Irulan wasn’t even invited. They make up and Trishelle plans to throw her a second bachelorette party.

In the end, Irulan and Arissa talk things out and seem to be friends again. Of course, Arissa then seeks out Alton and they talk things out and they are happy again. Steven is then allowed back at the pool and Frank is happy. So what a happy ending. This show is just like an episode of Full House now. Everything gets wrapped up nice and neat and everyone is happy.

Episode 3 – “Suite and Sour”

Trishelle kept her word to Brynn to throw her a second bachelorette party. Irulan likes this idea because it’s a way for all of the girls to celebrate Brynn’s marriage, since they didn’t get to the first time around.

Meanwhile, Alton and the rest of the guys think that if Brynn gets to have a second bachelorette party, they should be able to do the same for Austin. The boys decide it’s only fair to throw him a bachelor party.

Trishelle and Irulan go shopping in downtown Vegas at the Adult Superstore. They buy sex toys, nipple-cuffs, and apron with the phrase, “This Bitch Doesn’t Need to Cook”, and a feather boa. The girls reserved a room called the “Crib Suite” to host their party, and they begin their celebration by giving Brynn her “gifts.” So far, everything seems to be going smoothly as the girls relax and enjoy some drinks together. Later, some male strippers come to join the party. There is even a female stripper thrown in for good measure. It’s pretty PG-13, though. After the party, Brynn thanks the girls for the party and says it was better than her first one. Trishelle then show off her “pole dancing” skills with the pole that happens to be in shower of this suite.

For the guys, Alton booked the “Hardwood Suite”, complete with its own personal basketball court! That’s the most AWESOME suite in that hotel. It’s expensive, though. Inside of the suite, there is a quartet of beautiful girl bartenders on hand. When the guys decide they want to play a little round of basketball, the bartenders surprisingly challenge them to a game of four-on-four. The girls want to make a bet. If they win, they get to keep the suite for the night. Alton, Frank, and Austin seem to take the bet lightly, but Steven seems oncerned that they are going to get their butts kicked by a bunch of girls. Thankfully, though, the guys end up beating the chick bartenders and they keep the suite.

Everyone then meets back with each other and the guys are drunk and doing dumb things. Frank appears to be the most intoxicated and when he spits some water at Irulan, it quickly sends her over the edge. During her wild goose chase for revenge on Frank, Irulan trips and bruises her knee pretty badly. In an effort to help, Alton tries repeatedly to console Irulan, but she makes it very clear that she does not need his assistance and turns down all of his offers to help. Somehow this leads to Irulan and Alton arguing and then Irulan calls one of the producers of The Real World and says she wants to go home. Now that’s dumb! She can’t go home, though, so she just leaves the suite.

Meanwhile, Frank hasn’t stopped his party yet. He hooks up with yet another random drunk chick and they have drunken fun and as drunks do they break stuff. Frank leaves the suite a mess! Arissa comes home to discover Frank’s mess and becomes hysterical about how reckless and irresponsible the guys are. Steven denies being involved with making the mess and when Arissa automatically blames Frank, it’s clear that issues from five years ago haven’t been forgotten. In order to avoid more conflict, Arissa decides to catch a minute alone and leaves the suite for the night, debating whether she should stay at the reunion any longer.

So it’s another cliffhanger episode. I have one guess what happens in the next episode. I won’t say it, but you should know what will happen. If not, find out now…

Episode 4 – “Ninja Stars”

This episode begins with Trishelle venting her frustrations to Frank and Steven. The three seem to agree that the frustrations surrounding Arissa are not worth it. It seems like the group is separating itself into two distinct cliques at this point: those who party and those who don’t. The “party” group thinks Arissa just causes drama for the sake of drama, but doesn’t want her to leave.

Brynn and Irulan go up to Arissa’s hotel room that she requested for a night away from the roommates. They’re fed up with the boys’ male agression and violence and they feel that they can’t live around the constant partying. Irulan admits that she’s breaking down because she’s living with Alton, an ex-boyfriend that she had intense feelings for, which is hard to make go away.

Meanwhile, Frank, Steven, and Alton return to clean up the mess in the suite, but they also agree that the two girls overreacted to the situation. They don’t like Arissa, but the point of the reunion is for the seven of them to be together once again, so they don’t want her to leave.

Irulan and Arissa decide to stay. SHOCKER OF THE YEAR! **insert sarcasm** Frank apologizes to both Arissa, which is almost identical to the apology that occurred five years ago. Irulan also gets an apology, although they both think that he might not have wanted to apologize.

To make up, Arissa cooks lasagna for the roommates, but Alton and Trishelle both say that they would have rather had Arissa cut down on her drama rather than cook them dinner for a night as an apology.

Finally, Trishelle introduces the roommates into her movie, Ninja Cheerleaders. The movie is a hit with her roommates and they celebrate with a huge party in the Palms nightclub.

Once again everyone is back to being happy. So what do I think of this show so far? It has followed a pretty distinct pattern looking at the first four episodes. Everyone is okay to start the show with some slight tension. Then the arguing starts and we have drama at the end to close the first episode. The second episode we finish that drama and then everyone is happy again. The third episode is just like the first. Everyone happy to start, drama starts, and we have another cliffhanger. There is slight twist with two people wanting to leave, but did you really think they would? Over something that wasn’t that bad? Nope, they make up in the first episode and all is right. Sure, it must be tough for Irulan to live with Alton again. But she knew that going into it. Maybe she didn’t think it would be that hard, but when I talked to her she seemed like there would be no issues. So what does that mean? Probably drama for the sake of drama, sadly. Maybe we should just blame the cameras for the drama, though.

Hopefully something will change over the next few weeks, but stay tuned to the regular edition of the “MTV Mix” as I recap the remaining episodes of Reunited: The Real World Vegas along with every other current show on MTV “After Dark”!

And that ends the 40th volume and a special “Remix” Edition of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you tomorrow when we “Remix” some more MTV action!!

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