MTV Mix – Volume 39 – "The Inferno 3 Challenge Remix Edition"

That’s right gang! I’m back and I have on some black! Where have I been? I’ve been everywhere actually, and I’m sure you have seen me elsewhere. But now it’s time to make a return to this column and make it more regular. I know you want your MTV and I know you want it now! But before I get back to making this a regular weekly thing like before, I have a little catching up to do. So that is why I will be bringing to you three special “Remix” Editions of the “MTV Mix before I get back to a weekly schedule.

What does that mean exactly? Well I will be taking three shows that are currently on the air right now and I will catch up on all of the episodes I missed. Our first special “remix” edition features a show that I have recapped some before. I actually recapped and blogged about the first 4 episodes of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno 3 before I took a break. So I have little bit to catch up on. Without further delay, I present to you the TEN episodes I missed. Can you feel the heat?!?!



Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno 3

Episode 5 – “Kicking Ace”

This episode started out with the cast partying it up in South Africa. Everyone is having a grand old time and the cast is pretty drunk. Most people do these Challenges for the money and to have a good time. Cara hopes they send in Ace because he isn’t at the Challenge for the right reasons, what that means. Ace, Johnny, and Danny then decide to go into the girls room, play music really loud, and just wreak havoc. While Ace is shaking the ladder of Susie’s bed and is climbing up to sing to her, Susie smacks him three times in the face. Ace leaves.

Time for the “team challenge”! The teams have to cross a river with all these materials to build a fire. Once at the other side of the river, the teams have to build a fire to burn through a rope that will release a platform that carries three castmembers. Meanwhile, these three castmembers have to dump water on the teams that are passing under the platform to get their materials for building the fire wet.

It comes down to the fire building and actually starting the fire. It all comes down to lighting steel wool with a battery. They actually figure it out fairly quickly, but they aren’t bunching up the steel wool enough to light the fire. Danny, Johnny, and Ace seem to be leading their teams. TJ gives them a clue before “The Good Guys” finally light their fire. The “Good Guys” win and pull ahead by $10,000!

Time for nominations! The “Bad Asses” nominate Davis because they think he’s weak. The “Good Guys” nominate Danny because they think he’s the level-headed “brains” of the operation. Danny takes this as a signal that the Good GUys think he’s weak, which makes him want to go into the “Inferno” headfirst. Someone makes a comment that it’s a bit self-defeating to think that way, which is excellent foreshadowing. Of course, this show is known for that so you shouldn’t be surprised there.

At the end, Ace and Susie apologize to each other. Ace realized that he acted poorly and Susie realized that she shouldn’t have hit Ace.

Episode 6 – “Off the Wall”

This episode begins with Danny going off about being voted into the Inferno. Aneesa makes some comment about him not having confidence in himself. The teams have their “individual challenge” now. They have a wall climbing challenge, where the guys have to work with the girls in order to scale a wall.

The “Good Guys” have an extra guy, so they have to make a girl go twice, while the “Bad Asses” have to make a girl sit out. Colie goes twice, while Aneesa sits out. Abram and Tonya go first for the Bad Asses. They get great times. Alton and Colie get a DQ because Colie drops her flag. Everyone is shocked that Alton would get a DQ. Of course, Colie caused it but they don’t seem to care. The “Bad Asses” get a DQ, though, when Kenny and Jenn go up. So the teams even themselves out. Danny and Ev have trouble communicating through the wall. Davis and Colie have trouble and can’t beat the previous time of John and Paula. In the end, Abe and John win the LifeShields and they have the chance of giving the LifeShields to Davis or Danny.

Inferno time! Abram and John decide not to save their teammates so it’s Danny vs. Davis. This Inferno is game of tag where the two contestants have to run around this apparatus, until one does a complete cycle and laps the other person. Davis ends up winning and sends Danny home!!

Episode 7 – “Sour Grapes”

Jenn and Davis talk about being pushed back into a corner and being pushed to go to the Inferno each time. It’s now time for their “team challenge” and the “Bad Asses” are worried about the fact that they only have three guys left in the competition.

Of course before that, we need a good fight. So enter Susie and Tonya. Susie asks Tonya what perfume she’s wearing. Tonya tells her. Susie tells her that she smells like a stripper, but in a good way. Tonya tells her that she’s not stupid and for her to shut up. Susie tells her that there’s people starving over the world and she’s complaining about the little things. Susie thinks Tonya is bipolar and needs to be prayed for. Oh lord!

Now it’s really time for the team Challenge. It’s a grape smash. They have to take grapes, bring them into wine barrels, smash them up, and transfer the juice with their mouth to group buckets. The most juice wins. The guys are freaking out about wearing the speedos. Ace, Alton, and Timmy don’t want to wear the speedos. They don’t compete and the “Good Guys” are obviously suffering. So the “Bad Asses” ends up winning. They have about 15 bottles while the “Good Guys” have about 5. The “Bad Asses” lead $40,000 to $30,000.

The stage is set for a Susie/Tonya battle. The rest of the episode finds the two at each others throats. Susie is nominated, since Tonya wants to beat her. But Jenn is nominated as well, because they think Tonya would be tought to beat and Aneesa is too easy to beat. Susie, Cara, and Colie sit in a circle, eating chips and salsa, taking turns saying why they hate Tonya. Tonya goes on a tirade telling Ev why she hates Susie and wants to send her home. Well that’s nice. Eating while trash talking.

Episode 8 – “Walk This Way”

The “Good Guys” pretty much decide to throw Colie into the Inferno behind her back. Susie, Cara, and Colie had been in an alliance. Susie pledged not to vote Colie in if she won the LifeShield. John lobbies hard to keep Paula, who is his friend and a stronger competitor. Meanwhile, on the “Bad Ass” team, Tonya wants to win the LifeShield so she can take out Susie.

Time for the “individual challenge”. They have to walk on these poles that are supported by the rest of their team from one platform to another. Evelyn and Colie both fall and it causes tension and a DQ for each team. It turns out that both Susie and Tonya win the LifeShield. Hmm..that seems like a big coincidence. Susie has to save herself. Tonya leaves it up in the air that she may go in.

The “Good Guys” pressure Susie to send in Colie. The guys on the “Good Guys” end up making Colie cry in the van, so Colie knows that it’s coming. Tonya had told Jenn that she’d make her decision once they were at the Inferno. Susie decides to send Colie. Tonya doesn’t save Jenn, though.

Time for the Inferno. They have to move around a huge rotating wheel. Colie loses pretty easily. Susie says that they chose the right person to go to the Inferno. Colie graciously goes home!

Episode 9 – “Bouncing Back”

More Tonya drama to start here. Tonya and Davis make out at a club. Tonya is married. Davis is gay. The two go home, but nothing happens. Later on, the “Good Guys” girls and Davis are playing the “I Hate Tonya” game, but this time Tonya is listening outside the door. She momentarily breaks down, calls her husband, and vents her frustrations of not being able to get along with everyone at the Challenges.

On the way to the Challenge, we see Aneesa has a nasty knee injury that could potentially prevent her from competing. She lets the cast know that she’s going to the doctor to check out her knee and she might be able to compete.

The next “team challenge” is jumping from trampolines to platforms, but all team members must stand on the platforms in between the trampolines at one time to get to the end. Aneesa cannot compete in this mission. Kenny says that Aneesa might as well go home. The mission is pretty difficult at first, but both teams get the hang of it by the end. The “Bad Asses” pull off the win, in the end.

At the nomination ceremony, both teams select what they believe to be easy targets or so they thinkg. Ace and Kenny get nominated. Both are pretty cool about it, though. Meanwhile, the Bad Asses begin to gang up on Aneesa, questioning her value to the team. Aneesa vigorously defends herself and threatens to pull a “Gauntlet II” where she exploded at Cara. Of course, it’s time to end this episode.

Episode 10 – “Pane in the Glass”

This episode started out with Abram and Derrick both assuring each other that there was no way in hell that Kenny would ever win the LifeShield. Back on the “Good Guys” team, Ace is also eager to prove himself, and his team discusses who should go into the Inferno. Timmy wants to volunteer, but some castmembers, especially Alton are pushing to save Timmy and bring Davis back to the Inferno.

The next “individual mission” is called “Dog Day Afternoon”! The cast splits up into teams of two, having to pull two castmembers of the opposing teams on huge sleds. Timmy gets a DQ because he is unable to finish the Challenge due to a torn calf muscle he injured in the ladder challenge. Here’s a surprise, both Ace and Kenny win the lifeshields! Timmy volunteers to go once again, much to the dismay of Alton who wants Davis to go in. I smell something fishy with these lifeshields.

Time for the Inferno. Timmy is brought in, while Abram looks just to volunteer himself. So it’s Timmy vs. Abram. The Inferno is simple. The guys are elevated in a glass box, given a steel ring, and have to break out of the glass box. If one of the panels of glass remained unbroken, they are DQed. There are three layers on each side, except the bottom layer which is the thickest. It’s a close competition, but Timmy breaks through the floor first. However, TJ Lavin informs Timmy that when he went up to break the top panel, he stood up and popped one of the panels off without ever breaking it, therefore Timmy gets a DQ and Abram wins! Timmy is going home!

Everyone is clearly disappointed and Timmy uses this opportunity to give a speech and retire from the Challenges. And in a first time ever, we get a montage with footage from his Challenges and Road Rules USA Tour 2. Well that was nice of them.

But you haven’t heard the last of Timmy. I can’t say much more, but look for an “exclusive” coming up soon on Reality Dish…

Episode 11 – “Workin’ on the Railroad”

The episode began with Jenn speaking to Aneesa. The talk centered around Aneesa’s inability to compete with a busted knee. While Jenn was trying to convince Aneesa that the final mission may involve some serious strenuous exertion that may put stress on her knee, Aneesa tried to reassure Jenn that she was willing to take that risk. The “Good Guys”, meanwhile, have only three girls left on their side. There’s the obvious alliance between Cara and Susie, leaving Paula to be the most likely girl to be sent to the Inferno.

The next “team challenge” involved pushing these railroad carts on a set of train tracks. Aneesa refuses to sit this one out and while the rest of the team wants Aneesa to sit out. She insists that she participate, making Jenn sit out. The “Bad Asses” have the early lead, but soon fall behind. The “Good Guys” develop a significant lead and end up winning the Challenge!

The girls now have to decide who to send into the Inferno. The “Bad Asses” decide that they want to send either Susie or Paula. They figure since Susie and Cara are in an alliance, that if Susie wins the LifeShield, she’ll send in Paula. So they decide to put Susie in the Inferno. On the “Good Guys” side, they decide to put in Jenn again.

Susie tries to make it apparent that she doesn’t want the LifeShield, but then she confesses that she’s only making it seem this way because she doesn’t want Paula to win the LifeShield herself. Then Susie is laying at the pool with Cara and she tells Jenn that she doesn’t want to see her go home. This makes Jenn angry and she vents her frustration to Aneesa. Well Susie and Cara are really playing the game, aren’t they?

Episode 12 – “Match Point”

Susie and Jenn start to realize that they might not be able to avoid the Inferno like they have the past few weeks. Susie tries to comfort Cara that she won’t go and Jenn is comforted by Derrick. The two are uncertain of their futures although they feel confident about going into the Inferno.

The next “individual challenge” is fairly simple. They have to match up a wooden giraffe out of dozens on the other side of a lake, you just have to remember which one it is. The “Good Guys” get off to a slow start and the guys criticize Alton for not being able to complete the Challenge. It looks like Alton may be turned on fairly soon. Cara purposefully goes slow to help Susie win the LifeShield. That’s just sickening, but they are playing the game!

Kenny doesn’t complete the mission for the “Bad Asses”. Soon, John realizes that markings on the legs signify that the corresponding giraffe on the other side of the lake. Susie and Ace don’t hear him, and Ace has a hard time because of it. When Ace is going, Cara asks John if he had told Ace about the markings on the legs. John looks like he didn’t tell him, although footage clearly shows he did. It all comes down to Evelyn, who needs to complete the mission for the “Bad Asses” to win. She fails to do so, giving the “Good Guys” the victory!

In the end, Janelle and Paula actually win the LifeSavers, meaning Susie and Jenn will be sent in. Ace later criticizes John for not telling him about the markings because he thinks that he wanted to win the prize. The guys freak out and eventually come to the conclusion that somehow Susie and Cara were trying to pin something down on John presumably because of his alliance with Paula, the other girl out. Can you see what’s going to happen next? If you have watched any of these shows before, you should know.

Susie and Jenn go into the Inferno called “Zero Gravity”. While attached to 75% of their body weight, they must ascend and descend ladders to clip four flags on each end of a L-shaped apparatus. Jenn gets stuck on the first flag and Susie is on her third when Jenn finally gets it on. Jenn loses and Susie wins. Jenn is sent home!

Episode 13 – “High Voltage”

The gang party at the pool to open this episode. Before calling it a night, the “Good Guys” gather together to clear the air about some of the “shady business” that surrounded last week’s “Giraffic Park” challenge. However, things immediately go downhill as Cara jumps on John for keeping secrets during the challenge. But John quickly turns the table on Cara, who took her time in Giraffic Park so that Susie would have a shot at winning the Life Shield. Cara admits that whenever Susie is picked for The Inferno, she holds back during the challenges so that she can help out her best friend. Wow, that took some balls!

Time for their next challenge. It’s called “Captain’s Chair”. The teammates will participate in a trivia game about their time in South Africa thus far. Each team must pick a person from the opposite side to be their team captain and get hooked up to an electric shock box. For each correct answer, the team gets a point. For every incorrect answer, the team captain gets zapped. If the captain can’t take the pain, their team loses.

The “Bad Asses” choose Cara to be their team captain while the “Good Guys” pick Janelle. As soon as the challenge begins, Cara and Janelle realize this is for real as the shocks are frequent and intense. Cara is especially frustrated with her teammates, who can’t seem to get any of the questions right. After Cara and Janelle both get zapped three times in a row, the fourth time’s a charm as the “Bad Asses” are the first team to answer a question correctly. The “Bad Asses” quickly pull into the lead, as the “Good Guys” continue to give the wrong answers and Cara is repeatedly electrocuted. Cara is letting out some very “sexual noises”, though, so the guys like that. Finally, the “Good Guys” get their act together and tie up the score. Unfortunately, though, Cara must endure one last painful shock as the “Bad Asses” correctly answer the final question and win the challenge!

Now the teams must pick the final man and woman to compete in the final Inferno. Derrick and Aneesa are chosen for the “Bad Asses”, while Davis and Susie are chosen for the “Good Guys”. This is the fourth time Susie has been chosen. But, you know, she is sure to win the lifeshield thought like every other time.

Susie is mad that she keeps getting sent in. Cara promises to protect her. Aneesa is confident she can win, while Derrick doesn’t think so because of her injury.

Episode 14 – “Hook the Man”

Derrick got voted into the final Inferno. You might remember that he has never made it to the final competition is previous Challenges. In The Gauntlet 2, Derrick lost to Timmy. In The Fresh Meat Challenge, he and Diem lost to Darrell and Aviv. And in The Duel, Derrick lost to Wes. All of these loses happened on the final day before the finals! That sucks. So he is nervous about this one as you might imagine.

The next “individual challenge” involves each team “reeling” the other team in. The guys will be reeling in the girls from a fishing boat, while the girls try to swim away. The team with the fastest average time receives $10,000. This should be interesting. The teams struggle with the Challenge initially, but they soon get the hang of it. Alton fails to reel in Evelyn, who seems to be pulling far ahead of the competition. Davis seems to pull off an excellent time, as well as Derrick. However, Kenny and John each win LifeShields, guaranteeing them a spot in the finale.

Time for the final male Inferno! It’s Derrick and Davis, and it’s called “Corner Ball”. The two of them have to get a ball at an apex of two walls. Each has to run alongside their side of the wall, grab the ball, and run down their opponents wall to cross the finish line. Derrick easily beats Davis, as Derrick was refusing to lose this time. Davis goes home, but props to him as this is his first challenge and it made it to almost the end.

The guys are done, so they know they are going to the finale. But the girls have one Inferno left, so they are all nervous. Well this is probably the first time where this show didn’t foreshadow what was going to happen. You would think Derrick would go home again as they made a big deal about it at the beginning. But he didn’t. So props to them for breaking that tradition. Although, there was plenty of that on this Challenge so don’t worry.

Two episodes remain. Join me Friday on the regular “MTV Mix” for this week’s episode, along with every other show this week on MTV “After Dark”!!

And that ends the 39th volume and another special “Remix” Edition of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you tomorrow when we “Remix” some more MTV action!!

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