Cable for One – Age of Love – Episode 2

The second week of Age of Love gave us our first chance to really meet the twenty-somethings. The promos gave the impression there would be a lot of rivalry between the two groups but as the forty-somethings didn’t know about the twenty-somethings until they were introduced en masse for elimination, this week that rivalry was mostly just the twenty-somethings making jokes about the other women being old and/or menopausal.

When they replayed the reveal of the twenty year olds, Mark Consuelos wording struck me as rather odd. He told Mark P that his “choices just got a whole lot younger” which brings to mind images of some sort of bizarre sci-fi dating show where some wonder science is used to actually make the women much younger. Now that would something to see.

I was kind of surprised to see how the episode was run. With no contact between the two groups of women until the reveal and one woman from each group going home, it was almost like the show was running two different dating shows at the same time. Considering how much the show seems to play up the battle between the two age groups, it will be odd if the twenty-somethings don’t compete with the forty-somethings until the final episode.

I suppose it makes sense to have Mark eliminate one woman from each age group though. The producers would have no way of knowing how Mark would feel about the women in either group. It would be kind of anti-climatic if the final two (or four) women were all in the same age group. Suddenly the advertising would be all, “Who will Mark choose? A thirty-nine old or a forty-two year old? Doesn’t quite have the same punch.

The introduction of the twenty-somethings was handled much differently than the forty-somethings. With the forty-year olds the music was kind of tense, focused on how Mark will react to their age. But when the twenty-somethings came out, it was all sexy music and skimpy attire.

Mary seems to be on her way to establishing herself as the emo one of the group. You would think someone had run over her dog with the way she reacted to meeting Mark. She apparently said “the worst thing” during the pool party, but I don’t really recall anything she said then. So either it wasn’t featured on camera or she was referring to the when she stuttered over the word ‘pleasure’. In either case, hopefully she will chill out in future weeks or there will likely be a lot more crying sessions.

The rollerskating segment was fun. The division of activities made it seem like they were calling attention to the age difference though (with the forty-somethings doing something that was popular in the seventies, while the twenty-somethings played DDR). You would think that winning a limbo competition would have guaranteed Angela stuck around for a while but I guess not. She didn’t even get all of her ‘alone time’ with Mark for winning the contest as Jen decided to cut in after a while.

For his date with three of the twenty-somethings I was kind of expecting Mark to choose the women he felt he knew the least (given that he didn’t have a lot of time to get to know everyone before the first elimination). He went the other way with it though and picked the women he felt the most connection with. Which does make sense in a search from someone to date, but it pretty much ensured that Mary, Tessa or Lauren would be going home. But, it was still fun to see some DDR on the go.

The elimination portion of the episode went on way too long. Last week Mark only had four of the seven women there for the elimination, so it didn’t take that long to talk to them. But having to watch Mark call down each and every one of the women (especially when you knew he wouldn’t dismiss anyone until the final four). Obviously they wanted the two groups to meet for the first time, and to react to the eliminations, but they could have just had them standing off to the side while a few women from each group were on the elimination stage.

As for the eliminations that occurred, we’ve seen Mark saying a lot of nice things about all of the forty-somethings, so other than Jen (who Mark seemed most focused on this week), it was pretty much wide open as to who would go. With the younger women, it seemed likely that one of the three not chosen for the DDR date were going to be packing their bags, but Mary seemed like the odds on favourite, if only for her conviction of what a terrible job she had done of making a good impression.

Now that the two groups of women have met, I’m wondering if they’ll be given more opportunities to interact if the show will continue to run as it did this week, as basically two parallel dating shows, only converging for the final elimination. In a way it’d be more interesting to continue running the groups in parallel competition but there’s a higher potential for drama (and thus higher ratings) if the two groups are forced to intermingle. I guess we’ll find that soon enough.

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