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NHL Draft

After weeks of declaring the talent pool in this year’s NHL draft as being just “okay” the NHL proceeded to deliver one of the most tame and at times blatantly boring draft broadcasts ever seen.

Columbus, Ohio was the site of this year’s draft and here in the U.S. Versus carried the TSN feed from Canada which one would expect to be much better and in many ways it was. However, once again, what the NHL delivered was far below anyone’s radar and the 3rd biggest market in the country now has Patrick Kane as their franchise player via the 1st overall pick.

Overall, whether it was the lack of trades, the nameless 18 year old faces that were being drafted or the dead crowd in Columbus the NHL paraded another 3 hours of why no one watches them and why no one will watch even after some of these guys make it into the league.

St. Louis

Surprise, surprise…the St. Louis Blues have acquired the rights to free agent Keith Tkachuk. Just like Dough Weight last season, who was traded to Carolina at the trade deadline, WON a cup and then resigned in St. Louis for his family, I’m sure.

In typical Blues fashion Bill Guerin should soon find his way back to St. Louis from San Jose as well.

Free Agency

The free agent shopping spree begins July 1st and the NHL’s most beloved couple, Chris Drury and Daniel Briere continue to be the jewels in many teams eyes. Don’t be surprised to see at least one of them sign a deal on the first day of free agency very much like former free agent jackpot Zdeno Chara did last year when he immediately signed a deal with the Boston Bruins.

Rumors are running rampant about Drury heading to San Jose to play with his buddy resulting in Patrick Marleau being traded or Drury heading to Los Angeles because he loves In N Out burgers or some deal. Briere is going to apparently sign with Philadelphia because he and Martin Biron are such good friends so according to that theory Forsberg will be back with buddy Joe Sakic and Kariya will be back in Anaheim.

Let’s just wait and see what happens on July 1st…or before that.

Brett Hull

So Brett Hull is out as analyst for the NHL on NBC and I can do nothing but applaud that for one reason: HULL SUCKED!

He was never really allowed to shine thanks to NBC’s lackluster intermission reports and his short mic time but like most hockey players in front of a camera he looked completely uncomfortable! I’ve read many Brett Hull quotes over the years and he’s always gotten credit for being one of the most outspoken players in the league but that doesn’t take very much in a league where most guys rattle off 10 cliches in a row and I think Hull knew he wasn’t cut out for in studio stuff. Just like he knew he wouldn’t cut it in the NHL anymore, he knew it was time get out from behind the desk.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Who are some of the players who are eligible this year? Check out this list: Ron Francis, Scott Stevens, Mark Messier, Adam Oates, Al MacInnis, Claude Lemieux and Igor Larionov.

The part of this is that only four of them can be voted in per year.

My votes:

Messier: Duh.
Lemieux: Aside from the controversy, the guy was a winner.
Francis: Ronnie Franchise carried the Whale for years and won some Cups in Pittsburgh.
Stevens: Along with Brodeur and Niedermayer he helped carry the Devils to 3 Cups.

The Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony takes place in November.
Good night, everybody!