TNA News Update

The Wrestling Observer reports that there are plans for Jeff Jarrett to become world champion again fairly soon after he returns. Also, the Earth now revolves around the Sun.

After signing to do the match, Road Warrior Animal was told he was going to win at Slammiversary. That wasn’t meant to be the case and so Rick Steiner wound up doing the job, even though TNA still wants to do the Steiners/3D match at some point. Scott Steiner left Puerto Rico this week on a cruise ship to Miami with his wife. He won’t be allowed to fly for some time yet and is not expected to return to the ring for a few months.

An odd backstage story from Slammiversary… On the afternoon of the show people realised that the TNA World Heavyweight Title belt was nowhere to be seen. One of the stunt crew was meant to have it and he tried to pass the blame to Jim Cornette, since Cornette had it last on TV. Eventually they figured out it had been left in Orlando, so Jeremy Borash called a friend at Universal Studios to pick it up and fly it to Nashville. It arrived at the arena about 20 minutes before the main event began.

More on Konnan’s resignation, from the Wrestling Observer… he arrived at the 19th June tapings ready to quit, then found out management was mad at him for a newspaper interview in which he criticised TNA for not helping him pay for his kidney transplant (“The fans came through for me when my own company didn’t.”). Konnan said he would only stay if they gave him a raise from $50,000 to $80,000 per year. Terry Taylor said it was possible but Jeff Jarrett told him to wait a few weeks before asking management, so the interview heat could cool down. Konnan said he wasn’t going to wait for them and left.

As for Ron Killings… he tried to quit several times before this and the latest confrontation with management proved to be the last straw. He was angry that he was getting used as a heel when he was a face the last time he was on TV and had not done a turn. They also stopped him from coming out with his music, since they thought it would get a face pop, but told him he would get a push on Impact. When he wasn’t booked on the next two weeks worth of shows he committed himself to working in Mexico the first two weeks of July and asked for a release.

Senshi has also asked for his release but the request was denied. There is talk of reuniting him, Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels as Triple X.

Rob Van Dam is taking a few months off from wrestling, so don’t expect him and TNA to reach an agreement anytime soon.

TNA is interested in bringing Sean Waltman back to team with the Voodoo Kin Mafia.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 25th June 2007 (click here for subscription information)