More NHL Twists

Hockey Hall of Fame

The entry votes have been tallied and this years inductees have been announced:

Mark Messier: 2nd all time in scoring, 6 Stanley Cups
Ron Francis: 4th all time in scoring, 2 Cups
Scott Stevens: 3 Cups and a Conn Smythe
Al MacInnis: Over 1,200 points, a Conn Smythe, a Norris and a Cup
Jim Gregory: Served as GM for the Leafs

Guys who didn’t make the cute include Igor Larionov, Claude Lemieux and Adam Oates. All of those players will most likely make it into the Hall at some point, but thanks to the NHL lockout of a couple of years ago we pretty much had TWO hall of fame classes trying to get in this year and these were the guys left out.

Free Agency Talk

The talk about Chris Drury and Daniel Briere leaving Buffalo continue. Talk out west has the Los Angeles Kings interested in signing BOTH Drury and Briere but the Sharks will most likely have something to say about that happening.

The Blues have offered Keith Tkachuk a 2- year, $7 million contract which Tkachuk is yet to accept. Just terrific news.

Nashville sale

“Okay, Mr. Balsillie, you’re gonna own the Penguins!”

Sweet! Let’s move the team!

“Oh sorry, Jim, looks like we’ll only sell you the team if you don’t move them”


“Congrats Mr. Balsillie, we’ve accepted your $238-million offer for the Preds.”

Sweet, start selling Hamilton Predators season tickets.

“Uh, Balsillie, we want a binding agreement please.”


“Oops, sorry, I’m gonna sell the team to William DelBiaggio for $50 million less than what you offered and he’s moving the team to Kansas City. Not that the NHL is trying to keep you from owning a team!”


This has Gary Bettman written all over it. One thing should be mentioned before anything else and that is that Philip Anschutz, owner of the Kings bought that hockey team as an excuse to develop on L.A. real estate. He built Staples and is building an entire new entertainment complex through downtown L.A. and running the city (along with about half of the MLS teams) from his little home in Colorado.

Now, AEG built a new arena in London so OF COURSE, the Kings and the Ducks just have to open the 2007-2008 NHL season in London.

Who operates the new arena in Kansas City? Gary Bettman’s apparent boss, Philip Anschutz.

Anschutz has picked out the two weakest pro leagues in the country (MLS, NHL) and is seemingly having his way with them via AEG.

This is becoming more and more ridiculous than Jerry Bruckheimer’s productions…I mean, his pitch for a new team in Vegas.