BodogFight -Series IV, Episode 1 Review

This week’s episode of BodogFight kicked off their fourth season “Paradise Lost”. Bouts featured the fighting prowess of Nick Agallar vs. Ryan Bow and Anthony Rea vs. David Avellan.

Nick Agallar (17 – 4 – 0) vs. Ryan Bow (17 – 8 – 1)

Nick Agallar was coming into this fight looking to re-establish himself to BodogFight fans. His first fight with Bodog was an impressive win via TKO over Nardu Debrah. This allowed Agallar to fight on the BodogFight pay per view USA vs. Russia. Unfortunately Agallar suffered a loss in the first round. Many of the BodogFight analyst tout Agallar as a tough and entertaining fighter. Agallar is looking not to disappoint.

There are two facts of interest concerning Ryan Bow. The first is that when you take the Japanese characters in Kanji for lightning, darkness, and violence and put them together, the name you end up spelling is Ryan Bow. The second is that at the age of 17, Bow moved to Japan to immerse himself in their martial culture and has spent the past ten years honing himself to be a mixed martial arts fighters. Bow has spent the majority of his career fighting in Japanese MMA promotions Shooto and DEEP. This fight would mark his first high profile bout to a North American audience.

The Fight:
The first round starts out with the fighters feeling each other out. After 30 seconds, Bow comes in with punches then sinks a guillotine choke on Agallar that looks tight. Bow holds the choke for awhile before realizing he doesn’t have it and lets go. Bow is now on his back with Agallar in his closed guard. Agallar attempts some ground and pound but Bow is able to keep his body close to prevent this. Agallar picks up Bow and slams him down allowing Agallar to break free of Bow’s guard. This also provides Agallar with the room to strike effectively and he goes to work. Bow begins to scramble to get up but in doing so exposes his back to Agallar who then takes it. Agallar spends the remainder of the round (2 minutes 20 seconds) on Bow’s back making submissions attempts and dishing out strikes. Bow manages to survive till the end of the round, but clearly the first round goes to Agallar.

Second round starts and Agallar puts his hands up to touch gloves with Bow. In a display of unsportsmanlike conduct, Agallar charges at Bow with strikes shooting in for a takedown as soon their gloves touch. The plan backfires however, as Agallar charges right into another guillotine choke. This time the choke is tight and Agallar taps out at 14 seconds into the second round.

David Avellan (1 – 0 – 0) vs. Anthony Rea (11 – 8 – 0)

Anthony Rea is a seasoned veteran coming from a strong background fighting with some of the best MMA stylist in Europe. David Avellan is newcomer with a a background as a skilled submission grappler. In fact Avellan holds a win over Rener Gracie. This match features the classic MMA match up of a grappler versus a striker.

The Fight:
Early on Avellan makes attempts to take Rea down but Rea stuffs the takedown and counters with strikes. A minute and a half into the round, Rea connects with a hard jab that makes Avellan buckle. Avellan instinctively shoots, grabs Rea’s leg, then drives forward. Avellan gets the takedown and Rea pulls guard. The cameraman zooms in on Avellan’s face showing his nose to be pouring blood. The announcers speculate that the jab from Rea broke his nose. The referee calls a halt to check on the nose. Once the doctor gives the okay the fight is set to continue.

Strangely, instead of resuming the fight in the position the fighters were in when the referee called timeout, the ref restarts the fight from standing. Avellan and his corner protest and even the crowd starts to boo. With the fight back at standing, Rea waste no time coming in and catching Avellan with hard punches. Avellan attempts another takedown but has no luck. Both fighters begin to trade back and forth and Avellan makes another attempt. Still no luck. A third time proves to be the charm as Avellan finally gets Rea down, but, in the process exposes his back. Rea goes for a rear-naked choke but cannot hold it. Avellan now has the fight where he wants it and begins punishing Rea with strikes. Ten seconds left into the round Avellan gets mount but Rea is able to hold on until the bell sounds.

Round two starts and after a brief exchange Avellan is able to take Rea down. Rea defends by attempting a kimura but the heat and sweat make it difficult. Avellan pulls his arm out and continues what he started in round one. Both fighters are clearly tired at this point but Avellan manages to pass Rea’s guard to side body and then mount. Rea scoots out of Avellan’s mount and establishing guard. Avellan begins to land heavy hands to Rea’s head. Rea fire’s back at a standing Avellan with upkicks but Avellan keeps the pressure on Rea passing to side and landing strikes. One minute left in the round Avellan finally secures mount and rains down punches. Rea defends by covering up but is unable to fight back. The referee has no choice but to call a stop to fight. Avellan is the victor at 4:15 in round two via TKO from strikes.