[NEWS] Official Big Brother 8 Cast Announced with Two Twists Revealed

CBS is making Big Brother 8 more interactive than past editions, plotting a twist in which one of the game’s players will be controlled by the whims of the American public.

BB8 kicks off July 5 at 8 p.m. The cast has been announced and once again it’s a young bunch, with most of the 14 players in their 20s, oldest contestant being just 44.

In a nod to a past Big Brother theme in which players were surprised to find out that their ex-flames had been recruited, this year’s cast will include a few pairs of players with unresolved beefs. Yes, they will be in the house with some of their worst enemies that they have not seen in awhile.

The biggest twist, however, is a game element called “America’s Player.” In a nutshell, that contestant will have the chance to win extra sums of money, but only if they carry out certain actions mandated by viewers via internet or text message voting. Chosen player might be asked to vote somebody out of the house or something more personal, such as flirting with another player. CBS is hoping the twist will give viewers more of a stake in the outcome of the game, in the same way viewers who watch “American Idol” get to shape that competition.

The theme for this year’s house is “Alice in Wonderland,” with a number of eclectic touches throughout the pad (think really big beds and tiny chairs).

CBS has high hopes for this year’s edition of Big Brother 8. Its performance is particularly important this year since the net is launching a new fall lineup marked by some particularly ambitious, younger-skewing skeins, some of which will no doubt be hyped endlessly during BB8‘s run.

That appeal to youth is evident in the makeup of this year’s cast. Half are under the age of 25, with one player below the age of 21. Four players hail from the Los Angeles area, and there are no less than three players who work at a restaurant or bar.

And this year’s contestants are:

AMBER, 27, Las Vegas, Separated, Cocktail Waitress

CAROL, 21, Lawrence, Kan., Single, Student

DANIELE, 20, Huntington Beach, Calif., Single, Waitress

DICK, 44, Los Angeles, Single, Bar Manager

DUSTIN, 22, Chicago, Single, Shoe Salesman

ERIC, 27, New York, Single, Talent Management Assistant

JAMEKA, 28, Waldorf, Md., Single, School Counselor

JEN, 23, Beverly Hills, Calif., Single, Nanny

JESSICA, 21, Haysville, Kan., Single, College Student

JOE, 23, Chicago, Single, Receptionist

KAIL, 37 (Female), McKenzie Bridge, Ore., Married, Business Owner

MIKE, 26, Three Lakes, Wis., Single, Painting Contractor

NICK, 25, Kimball, Minn., Single, Former Pro Football Player

ZACH, 30, Burbank, Calif., Single, Graphic Designer

Credit: Variety Magazine

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