Missing Links on Big Show, JR, Divas & More

The Big Show is down to under 450 pounds and is training to be a pro boxer.

Some more links…

– JR’s latest blog entry is here, in which he praises Ric Flair, Chris Jericho and others, and clarifies a point that’s been in the news lately:

It amazes me when ex-wrestlers or almost ex-wrestlers continue to harp that today’s wrestlers are on the road “300 days a year” which is inaccurate and simply not true. Today’s WWE Superstars work 4 days on and 3 days off, approximately 50 weeks a year and can have more time off if requested. I don’t ever remember turning down a wrestler’s request for off time during my tenure in talent relations in the WWE. That is not to say the road schedule isn’t challenging, because it is, but it has improved over previous generations and, as in any other business, I would suspect more tweaking will ensue.

– JR also has a new column up over at WWE.com.

– Also on WWE.com: Domino has a broken nose, Kane is back (and better than ever?), the divas do diva-like things, Punk is excited and Smackdown has a fake wrestler profile up on its superstars page.

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