Richly Deserved: Pirate Master Episode 1-5

Pirate’s court is over and Joe Don felt he needed to spend the $7,000 on the pardon. Ben was sorry to see Cheryl go. And Nessa’s flirting is getting on the nerves of Sean and Jupiter. Louie feels a captain should not take more than two shares. And we finally get to meet Christa, who says she’s there for the money, not for her, but for her daughter. Awwwwww.

Enough of that. Treasure time. We have our two teams.

Black: Louie, Nessa, Sean, Joe Don (Louie and Joe Don! Interesting!), Christa and Joy.
Red: Azmyth, Jupiter, Laurel, Kendra, Jay, and Ben.

The treasure hunt has a blackjack theme. The teams are given a large cardboard ace and have to search for a card of the same suit. They row to an anchor on shore. Black takes an early lead and that enables them to find a matching club first. There they find a spyglass where they have to return to the anchor and search for a heart on an island across the water.

Unfortunately, the lead is lost when Louie somehow gets the spyglass wet during the run back to the anchor, making the visual aid useless. Christa tells the crew to start rowing across anyway and spot it when they get closer to the island.

Red arrives with their spyglass and spot the heart right away. But they still trail as they reach the heart. At the heart they are directed to a single palm tree at the highest point in the island. Black gets there first but red catches up. Both are digging for the treasure. Christa begins to dig a hole but inexplicably abandons it. Jay says thank you very much, finishes the digging, and finds a small sack with the treasure.

Back on the ship, Louie and Joe Don shake hands and make up while Nessa worries about Jupiter being out to get her. The treasure is $40,000. Azmyth is back as captain, English accent not included, and he chooses Jay and Ben as his first mates. Laurel is happy too. She’s finally on a winning side!

Jupiter gets to work on her desire to rid herself of the flirty Nessa. But Nessa listens in on her conversation with Azmyth. Nessa decides she really needs the Royal Pardon. But she has an ally. Joe Don, who slips her $2,500 to enhance her bid. Nessa can now up her bid to $9,000.

Jay feels he directly or indirectly controls everyone. Well, except Laurel. She thinks everything he says is a lie. She doesn’t take sides. She is, in Big Brother speak, a “Floater”.

The discussion over the black spot begins. They decide on Louie (who came up with the idea that every outgoing captain should be put up for judgement), Sean (who Jay still doesn’t forgive for going back on his word), and Laurel (who they would like to see take a side). They figure Nessa has bought the pardon so why should she go up?

Time for Piratal Council. Azmyth reiterates his reasons the three marked pirates are up there. Louie feels he was a fair captain. Laurel was confused over this “sides” thing and promises to work harder in expeditions and around the ship. Sean says everyone is doing what they can to stay on and wants to cook a great dinner for everybody.

Six votes go on the dagger. No veto. No votes for Laurel. Sean did receive the most ballots (no number given but I’m guessing Christa was the only one to give Louie a vote as she indicated she would). Did Sean win the pardon. Nope. Nessa gets to give Joe Don his $2500 and another $6500 (nice interest rate). Sean is cut adrift, a bit surprised but understanding it’s only a game.

More fun on the ship next week.

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