IWA: Mid South presents “Point Proven” – Philadelphia, PA June 30, 2007<

IWA: Mid South presents “Point Proven” – Philadelphia, PA June 30, 2007

This was my first venture to the vaunted ECW arena, now called the New Alhambra sports and entertainment complex, and the show presented by IWA: Mid South was an experience. I attended the show with some of my fellow pulse writers: Pulse Glazer of “A Modest Response Fame,” Steve Murray who used to look on the bright side, Shawn M. (the M stands for Magellan) Smith who runs the show over at Broken Dial, and Janel who is just cool.

The ECW Arena, despite most of its magic gone, is a great place to watch a wrestling show and the Philadelphia fans were out in full force, and were fairly vocal, if not entirely coherent throughout the night. Anyways, on with the show

IWA: Mid South Light Heavyweight Title Match
Brandon Thomaselli © vs. Jack Thriller vs. Ricochet vs. Billy Roc

Ricochet and Roc may sound familiar from my Chikara adventure and they did not disappoint tonight either. Neither did Thomaselli who is a very solid wrestler in his own right. Jack Thriller also had his share of nice offense including a snap mare ddt that dropped Ricochet right on his head. Thomaselli won the match after a powerbomb onto his double knees (!) and a double under hook lung blower on ricochet to retain the belt.

Winner: Brandon Thomaselli

CJ Otis and Fukimoto vs. Brute Issei and Akira Raijin

This match was less than stellar, the wrestlers even got a don’t come back chant from the crowd. CJ Otis won with a burning hammer on Raijin after he got misted by Fukimoto.

Winners: CJ Otis and Fukimoto

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. Tracey Smothers with Z-Barr

This match was billed as a comedy match, but I did not laugh once. Z-Barr was just awful and had a brown stain round his nethers which brought out some ridiculing chants from the fans. Lethal has the Macho Mannerisms down pat and Smothers definitely knows how to work the crowd. The match was a bunch of axe handles by Machismo and some miscommunications by Z-Barr and Smothers. Lethal won with the top rope elbow.

Winner: “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal

8 Man Tag Team Action
Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Cheech, and Cloudy vs. BLK Out of Ricky Reyes, Ruckus, Sabian, and the returning B-Boy

Up to this point in the show this was the best match which is not surprising considering the wrestlers involved. Both teams went on extended offense segments with Cloudy and Sabian receiving the respective beatings. The match ended after Sabian fell victim to the KRS-One by the Kings.

Winners: Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Cheech and Cloudy

Non Title Falls Count Anywhere Women’s Match
Rachel Summerlynn vs. “The Walking Episode of Cops” Mickey Knuckles

I will say that these two ladies put on quite a show. They went at each other full tilt and held nothing back. Mickie got the win after a German suplex on the ramp.

Winner:Mickie Knuckles

IWA: Mid South Tag Team Title TLC Match
The Iron Saints: Sal and Vito Thomaselli (champs) vs. The Naptown Dragons: Vortekz and OMG vs. Notorious Inc: Drew Blood and Devon Moore

This match was violent and the tables and chairs were used a lot. The ladders did not play a huge role, but it was contested under pinfall rules and not a TLC match in the WWE sense. The finish came when The Thomasellis delivered a spike DDT onto OMG from a table perched on the top rope through a table in the ring. An intriguing spot fest and the wrestlers did go all out.

Winners: The Iron Saints

Two out of Three Falls Match
Matt Sydal vs. The Human Tornado

This was a decent match for what it was worth. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of the Human Tornado, but he put on a decent showing here. Sydal won the first fall with his standing tuck moonsault. Tornado tried to turn the second fall into a dance off, but Sydal would have none of it. Tornado scored the victory here with a split low blow into a jack knife pin. Tornado then won the third fall after a pounce and then “That N-word Dead” which is a modified regalplex. It was a decent match.

Winner: The Human Tornado

IWA and Smart Mark Video had a ton of great DVDs for sale

Strong Style Showdown
Hernandez vs. Drake Younger

Hernandez absolutely demolished Younger and won with a Avalanche Border Toss.

Winner: Hernandez

IWA: Mid South Championship
“The Trendsetter” Josh Abercrombie vs. Chuck Taylor ©

Abercrombie has a lot of great moves in his arsenal, but it was not enough to defeat Taylor who won with the Omega Driver. The match was very good. Taylor knows how to work a crowd up against him. I have a feeling that Abercrombie is better as a heel, but he did a good enough job as the face in this match. Taylor is just a heat magnet and easily one of the highlights of the entire show.

Winner: Chuck Taylor

Tag Team War
The Rottweilers: Low Ki and Homicide vs. The Tough Crazy Bastards: Toby Klein and the Necro Butcher

This match was a violent brawl from bell to bell. This was my first time seeing Klein and he was a very good brawler and got the crowd behind him and Necro. The Tough Crazy Bastards were accompanied by some Alice Cooper looking Trini Voodoo guy, and he scared poor Pulse Glazer. The end came when Low Ki ghetto stomped Necro through a table and Homicide hit Klein with a lariat for the threecount.

Winners: Low Ki and Homicide

Hard Core Rumble
Vulgar Display of Power: Deranged and Brain Damage vs. The Devil’s Rejects: Tank and Iceberg vs. 6 Feet Under: Insane Lane and Freakshow vs. Darrin Childs and Massive

This was a technical masterpiece that showed the wrestling prowess of all involved. They told an excellent story in the ring and truly wowed the fans with their wrestling wizardry.

I’m kidding. It was a death match and they used staplers, tack bats, and barbed wire chairs. Deranged and Brain Damage won and I still really don’t get the appeal of death match wrestling.

Winners: Deranged and Brain Damage

Final Thoughts

This was not the best wrestling show I have ever attended. Granted it was set back by Mike Quackenbush going to Japan, (he was supposed to wrestle Claudio in a 30 minute iron man match) and the PWG guys canceling due to injury, but it still had some bright spots like Chuck Taylor, the Light heavyweight match, and the 8 man tag. Other than that I could leave the rest. It was still a fun time seeing some of the pulse gang and live wrestling is always a worthwhile experience. I urge all the fans to go out and support your local indy or any indy that you can get to, buy DVDs, go to shows do what you can.

I’ll see you next time