Kace’s Countdown – TNA Impact (6/28/2007)

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Kace’s Countdown – TNA Impact (6/28/2007)

The first half of 2007 ends with a World Title 3-Way match! But first…


Apparently, the Vince McMahon Fakes His Death storyline has been turfed. I have a ticket for the August 20th Raw in Fayetteville, so I’ll see how WWE’s doing then. ‘Til then, can’t really say I care.

In something more noteworthy of Professional Wrestling, the NWA World Title tournament’s wrapping up its 1st Round. As for those other vacated belts, the World Tag Team Championship, they’re gonna be decided a little differently. It’ll be a 3-Way Match involving Billy Kidman & Sean Waltman Vs Joey Ryan & Karl Anderson Vs Sicodelico Jr. & Incognito. Talk about a contrast in styles.

ROH had a Pay Per View. Good for them.

TNA World Champ, Kurt Angle is also now the IWGP Champ, having defeated Brock “Wrestling Is Fake” Lesnar. Kurt now has a couple of really heavy Dave Millican made belts to carry around. Who needs weights when you’re walking around with those boys? That IWGP belt looks pretty cool. Kurt even got a note of congratulations for his victory from the NWA’s website.


Lots of Benoitmania stuff, which we’ll ignore here since I ceased caring about it somewhere ’round this past Wednesday.


Iain Burnside answers your questions, including one that goes through who’s part of the Hart Family up in Canada, figuring out which WWE lady’s married and whatnot, and YouTube links. Lots of YouTube links. There’s also Benoitmania stuff in it, but hey people had questions and he’s just doing his job.

Danny Cox reviews WWE Judgment Day.

We go from Judgment Day to 3-Way Night for the TNA World Title.

Top 5 Moments – TNA Impact (6/28/2007)

Also Ran Moments & Other Thoughts

Does anyone else get a chuckle out of someone being able to say, “I’m the Champion of TNA?”

One match, one really good preview for said match. I tell ya, the production guys are doing a bangup job with their match previews.

Criminy, there was a lot of extra curricular activity going on here. The match featured Kurt Angle, Christian Cage and Rhino, but featured interfering cameos by Samoa Joe, Abyss, AJ Styles, Travis Tomko, Chris Harris, Sting and James Storm. I kept waiting for Jeff Jarrett to show up and Twang someone, but alas he didn’t.

Alright…one match, five moments. Here we go!

#5 – Samoa Joe Attacks Kurt Angle Before The Match

I wonder if Jim Cornette had Jeremy Borash introduce the new TNA X Champ to the ring just for the express purpose of attacking Angle? Before the match begins, Samoa’s introduced and walks to the ring. He shakes Rhino’s hand first, then walks over to Christian, who wisely leaves the ring, then offers a handshake to Angle. Angle takes it, only to wind up being slapped silly instead. What follows is a feud continuation between Samoa and Kurt, with both men fighting on the floor for a moment ’til the band of monkeys show up and seperate them, doing their best Nikita Vs Lex brawl. After that, Kurt’s able to get back to the ring and start his match, with Samoa ejected from the Zone.

#4 – Chris Harris Picks A Fight With Christian Cage, Mass Chaos Ensues

Maybe Chris took exception to Christian’s comments last week. In any event, he charges down to the ring in this No DQ match and interferes, doing his best to make sure Christian doesn’t win. Travis Tomko and AJ Styles then run down and beat on Chris Harris…leading to Abyss showing up from the back to fight some more…leading to Sting ultimately showing up to even the odds. By the way, there was a MATCH going on at the time of this! Well, that oughtta set up a match or two for Victory Road.

#3 – Plastic Guardrail Violence

There are times when Pro Wrestling really can wind up with the, “fake,” moniker. Attacking someone with a plastic orange guardrail definetly ranks up there with such an occassion. With Abyss fighting Christian backstage (after running him out of the ring, of course), Christian’s friends, AJ and Travis show up and defend him, attacking Abyss. Seeing as the nearby plastic bags with styrofoam didn’t seem violent enough, Travis decides instead to grab a nearby plastic orange guardrail and attack Abyss with that. I couldn’t help but laugh.

#2 – Double Ankle Lock!

It’s certainly hard to say that Kurt Angle’s not ambitious. As luck would have it, Kurt finds himself in a position to deliver an Ankle Lock to not just one, but both opponents simultaneously! Had he gotten a double submission out of it, that may have been the Best Finish of 2007. Instead, Rhino and Christian decide to work for the greater good, both rolling forward at the same time and causing Kurt to relinquish the hold, while being sent for a flip in the process. A really cool moment in a good match.

#1 – James Storm’s Beeraference Leads To Kurt Angle Winning, Retaining The TNA World Heavyweight Title

With all of the interference that Christian had to put up with, he became a non-factor by the end of the match, which came down to just Kurt and Rhino. James Storm, possibly annoyed that Chris got to interfere and feeling that it was unfair that no one had attacked Rhino from the outside yet, decides to even things up by showing up and promptly spitting beer in Rhino’s face. The stunned and angry Rhino is then Olympic Slammed by Kurt and that’s that. Aside from retaining the World Title, Kurt also clinches his spot as Samoa Joe’s tag team partner in the Match Of Champions at Victory Road. Considering that they’re at odds and Vince Russo having something to do with the booking, don’t be surprised if they’re Tag Champs after this is all done. Also worth pointing out here is Don West’s hypocrisy on commentary. He had no real problem with Samoa Joe attacking Kurt Angle. He had no real issue with Abyss or Chris Harris running down to screw with Christian Cage. As soon as James Storm arrived to spit beer in Rhino’s face however, then suddenly this whole running in thing during a No DQ match was bad. Gotta be consistent there, Don.

Next week, it’s another 3-Way and this time for the TNA World Tag Team Championship as Team 3D defends against the Latin American Xchange and the team of AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels. Should be a fun match to watch.

See ya tomorrow night for the Kace Evers Experience!

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