Three-Hour Raws & Vince Reinvents Reality

The USA Network is pushing WWE to turn Raw into a three-hour show in the fall. They also suggested adding Steve Austin and The Undertaker, even if they are unable to wrestle. Internally, WWE is less than keen on the idea. USA are also launching a new TV show called Dr Steve O, in which Steve O coaches timid guys into becoming macho man. It will air directly after Raw, hence the SummerSlam tie-in. Also, Bam Margera may be out of the Jackass angle after tearing his liver and getting a concussion from a skateboarding accident.

Ken Kennedy was favourite for the role of the mystery accomplice who would have helped Mr McMahon fake his own death, which would have been revealed after Vince’s return to TV in the summer. Originally, according to Meltzer, he said he would stay off TV for two years. He also notes that Vince’s latest vision of the product is a blend of MMA realism in the ring and reality TV in storylines. This may in part be due to him watching Survivor for the first time before agreeing to send a WWE person for the next season. That turned out to be Ashley, who will be taping it for up to seven weeks in China. If she is eliminated early she has to stay hidden from family and public until the end of that period and she is not allowed on WWE until after the show finishes airing, which means December or January before her return. She had to go and speak to management to protect Paul London from getting fired after word of her involvement leaked early. It would have happened anyway, as Meltzer notes his source was not London. Ashley was reportedly originally told to say she was shooting a WWE movie to explain her absence. Except, of course, there was not a movie shoot planned and everybody would have found that out rather quickly.

Hulk Hogan’s fabled Farewell Tour is still being planned. After his Memphis appearance didn’t draw the new idea is to go to Canada and overseas. Eric Bischoff’s WWE contract expires soon and he is thought to be getting involved.

The Rock has turned down a Scorpion King sequel and is close to signing for a major Disney picture instead.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 2nd July 2007 (click here for subscription information)

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