Tapouts: Independence Edition

Happy Independence Day to all of our readers here in the States. Let’s get down to business.

MMAWeekly is reporting that Phil Baroni has tested positive for two Boldenone Metabolite and Stanozolol Metabolite, two common anabolic steroids. The word came from the California State Athletic Commission today, and Baroni has been fined $2,500 and is suspended from fighting until May 1, 2008.

In an MMAWeekly exclusive, the CSAC told them, “Furthermore, he has been assessed an additional 51 days in order to fulfill the terms of his suspension (365 total days). The additional days will be added at the beginning of his next licensing year when he reapplies.”

Baroni’s manager, Ken Pavia, gave the following statement to MMAWeekly this evening:

“While we respect the process and intent of the tests, we are disappointed with the results as they are completely unexpected. Phil did not knowingly ingest these drugs, which we are told are veterinary in nature.

We intend to explore all rights that are afforded by the state commission and Armando Garcia [executive director of the CSAC].

Phil Baroni feels that worse than any fine or suspension is the disgrace to himself, his family and his fans. As such, he asks that judgment be withheld until all facts are in evidence.”

The phrase, “did not knowingly ingest,” sounds more like a Jenna Jameson defense. Just own up to it, Phil, and be a f*ckin’ man.

In addition to Baroni, Carter Williams, who also appeared on the “Shamrock vs. Baroni” card, tested positive for cocaine.

There seems to be some confusion surrounding the upcoming UFC 75 Quinton Jackson/Dan Henderson fight. UFC president Dana White was quoted by the Orange County Register as saying that the fighters’ belts would not be on the line. Fans were immediately disappointed, and questioned why the fight was happening to begin with.

Today on The Stephen Quadros Show, Stephen Quadros cited a report from Zuffa sources, claiming it will indeed be a title fight, for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Henderson’s PRIDE title will not be on the line, leaving some hope that PRIDE will not be disbanded. Hopefully we’ll have more information long before the September 8th pay-per-view date.

Speaking of Rampage, Tito Ortiz is hoping to secure the possibility of a title fight against Jackson if his is successful against Rashad Evans this weekend.

Ortiz spoke with the Orange County Register, “You know, I think that really comes down to me and Rampage talking about it. I don’t want to take money out of his family’s mouth and vice versa. I don’t really see a problem with it. I know when Rampage first came to the UFC the first thing he said to Dana was me and Tito aren’t going to be fighting and I took that to heart too. But if we’re getting paid a few million dollars to fight each other, you never know. It would make it that much more of an exciting fight because we’ve known each other for so long. I think it really comes down to me and Rampage sitting down and talking to each other and making sure it makes sense to both of us.”

Of course he may have to wait in line behind Chuck Liddell and Mauricio Rua.

Houston Alexander, the light heavyweight that shocked the MMA world with his recent stunning victory over Keith Jardine, will be returning to action at UFC 75. Alexander will be facing Alessio Sakara.

Sherdog and UFCJunkie have both unofficially confirmed (oxymornon, anyone?) that BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez have agreed to fight at the August 25th UFC 74 event in Las Vegas. Look for an official announcement from the UFC in the near future.