Great-ing Gimmicks of the Past: The Disqo Duck


Great-ing Gimmicks of the Past: The Disqo Duck – WCW, 2000


Sorry, wrong disco duck.

At this point in time, Disco Inferno had recreated himself as a “cool” wannabe who had allied himself with the Filthy Animals (Konnan, Rey Misterio Jr., Juventud Guerrera, and Tygress).

Also at this point in time, head booker Vince Russo had also suffered several concussions during in-ring action. Remember that. It’s important.

Anyway, on September 18, 2000, Disqo headed back to tell the WCW Commissioner the Cat what a miserable job he was doing as commissioner. He also had a plastic duck. When the Cat asked what it was, Disqo claimed it was his new visual aid and demanded a match against the Cat for the right to be commissioner for a night. The Cat asked what Disqo would put up and he volunteered Rey Misterio Jr. and Juventud Guerrera’s tag team titles.

As you might expect, the rest of the Filthy Animals were less than thrilled at this news. However, Disqo had a plan. He quickly explained to them when they were to run in and help him win.

The Cat, however, was watching the Turnertron when WCW cameras captured that Kodak moment. He informed the Animals that if any of them interfered, they would be suspended without pay for three months. Disqo made his way out and the match was underway. Disqo clocked the Cat with his duck, and it was all Cat from there on out. Cat won, and we had vacant tag team champions.

After the match, Disqo cleared out with the Animals in hot pursuit.

On Thunder, Disqo was trying to defend himself by telling the Cat that the only reason he’d won was because he was pulling Disqo’s tights. He tried to play off Konnan’s catchphrase about liking his shirt/hat with Miss Jones (and the duck). Miss Jones wound up throwing down the duck. Afterward, he suggested that Rey and Juvi wrestle each other and the winner would become the #1 contender to the 100 Kilo & Under (Cruiserweight) title that was held by Elix Skipper.

After Disqo had left (after promising that he and the duck would be ringside) the Animals discussed how much they hated him. Still, they figured that Skipper would be an easy win, so they played along.

Juvi wound up winning the match against Rey. Afterward, Disqo (and duck) came out, only to be attacked by the rest of the Animals.

On the next episode of Nitro, we had a tag team battle royal to crown new tag team champions. Apparently both men had to be eliminated for a team to be out. The competitors were Rey & Juvi, Jindrak & O’Haire, the Harrises, Lieutenant Loco & Corporal Cajun (Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Lash LaRoux) representing the MIA, Shane Helms & Shannon Moore representing 3 Count, and Kaz & Jamie-San to represent the Jung Dragons. It finally came down to Juvi & Rey facing Jindrak and O’Haire. Suddenly Disqo hit the ring and tried to pull Juvi out. He failed, but Jindrak and O’Haire had the opening they needed to pitch him. As Konnan left commentary and chased Disqo to the back, Rey wound up pitched to give the belts to Jindrak and O’Haire.

Later in the night, Disqo (and duck) were in the ring to talk about how he’d formed the Filthy Animals. Disqo announced that he’d found a new tag team partner and Scott Steiner came out. Steiner obliterated Disqo before calling Goldberg out.

Disqo opened Thunder with his duck. He told the audience that he had fired the Filthy Animals and again brought up that he had a new partner. This time, Konnan came out and we had a match. Alex Wright suddenly came out and hit Konnan, which gave Disqo the opening he needed to hit the Last Dance. Afterward, Rey and Juvi came out to attack Disqo and Wright.

The duck’s night was not over, however. As Scott Steiner threw a tantrum backstage, he also took a moment to bean the duck with his lead pipe.

On the following Nitro, the Animals came out with the duck. Konnan talked about how sick he was of the duck, and then talked about how sick Disqo must be because of what he did with the duck. Long story short, they hung it from the ceiling and we had a ladder match with Konnan and Rey taking on Disqo and Alex Wright for possession of the duck.

In the end, Konnan climbed the ladder grabbed the duck while Rey sent Wright out of the ring. Afterward, Alex Wright attacked with a chair while Disqo grabbed his duck and hit Konnan with it.

And that was the end of the feud as Disqo and Alex wound up fighting full-time in the tag division.


Did I mention that Russo had had several concussions before he came up with this? That’s the only explanation I can come up with for this.

While I can suppose that the Disqo Duck was supposed to be comedy, it really turned out to be the sort of thing that sends you on a one-way trip to Heat today. Needless to say, Boogie Knights (the name of Disqo and Wright’s team) didn’t go anywhere.

Where are they now?

Disqo remained with WCW until his Time Warner contract ended in May of 2001. He began touring with World Wrestling All-Stars and made his way to TNA soon after the company opened. There (going by his real name of Glenn Gilbertti) he joined Vince Russo’s SEX. He left TNA in 2005 and returned to the independent scene.

Alex Wright would tag with General Rection (replacing an injured Disqo) in November of 2000 to win the WCW tag belts from Jindrak and O’Haire during a tour of Wright’s home Germany (the belts soon returned to the former champions). Wright remained with the company until the buyout and then returned home. He has only occasionally wrestled since, although he does run a wrestling school in Nuremberg.

The duck has not been seen since WCW closed.