Hitting Shelves This Week…

July 03, 2007

Degrassi The Next Generation Season 5

The gang at Degrassi Community School is back to show what it’s like to go through all the troubles that may come in life. From rape to religion to homosexuality to school violence and so much more; see how the group deals with the problems that don’t always turn out to be happy in the end.

DVD Features: All 19 episodes from the fifth season, alternate/deleted scenes, interviews, outtakes, “Degrassi Yearbook” featurette, behind the scenes, cast auditions

Eureka Season 1

Find out what happens when some of the most brilliant minds in the United States are gathered in one place; interesting things are bound to happen. Together they create futuristic inventions for the benefit of the government.

DVD Features: All 12 episodes from the first season

Ghostbusters The Animated Series Volume 2

Jake Kong, Eddie Spencer, and Tracy the ape are back together and trying to keep the world safe from the likes of ghosts. Using their device called the dematerializer, and a few friendly spirits, they seek out evil ghosts and send them away to other dimensions so they can cause no more trouble.

DVD Features: The remainder of episodes which conclude the series

Ghost In The Shell: Solid State Society

The year is 2034 and it has been two years since Motoko Kusanagi has left Section 9. Togusa has become the new leader and vastly built up the ranks of Section 9. They now face a dangerous hacker who goes by the name of the Puppet Master.

DVD Features: Available in both single-disc or three-disc limited edition versions; limited edition comes with a music CD; various extras available on both including numerous featurettes

WWE One Night Stand 2007

Join the stars of RAW, Smackdown, and ECW as they come together for a night full of hardcore matches. A cage match between Edge and Batista for the heavyweight title; John Cena battles the Great Khali for the WWE Title, and Bobby Lashley once more tries to capture the ECW Title in a street fight against Mr. McMahon.

DVD Features: Interviews, backstage vignettes, and five more matches including a tables match, ladder match, and a stretcher match