WWE Referee Updates; Triple H’s Return & More

Although it has been planned for months, the Triple H vs Randy Orton match at SummerSlam is probably not going to happen now. The Hs consider Orton the strongest heel on Raw and that jobbing him at SummerSlam would be a mistake. They are also strongly suggesting that Orton defeat John Cena for the title, since Cena does not need it to stay over, would be less likely to be booed without the belt and would get more support in chasing Orton. Look for the Hs to eventually face Orton at Survivor Series, or even WrestleMania 24. Interestingly, Mexican promoter Bosco Attolini Pequieira is quoted in Ovaciones as saying WWE would hold WrestleMania 25 at Estadio Azteca or Foro Sol in Mexico City. WWE sources have denied it and the current favourite potential sites are the Houston Astrodome or the Toronto Skydome.

Joe Hennig will make his professional wrestling debut on the 13th July in Waterloo, IA, on one of Harley Race’s WLW cards. He will team with Ted Dibiase Jr.

Lots more news from the Wrestling Observer about WWE’s new ‘shoot’ refereeing style. Rather than changing match finishes without telling the referees, at recent house shows they simply changed the assigned referees for matches at the last minute. The referees made sure they knew the finishes to all the matches anyway, just in case they got switched.

Marcus Cor Von and Elijah Burke wound up with backstage heat after the 12th June ECW tag match against Chris Benoit and C.M. Punk, as they continued to double-team past the five count and so referee Scott Armstrong had to call for the DQ. Armstrong apologised afterwards but was told it was not his fault.

On the 18th June Raw, referee Chad Patton was fined because he allowed Melina & Jillian Hall and Mickie James & Candice Michelle to enter the ring without tags during their match. There was also some problem with Mickie James backstage, which somehow involved John Cena and led to her being told by agents she was only allowed to through forearms rather than punches during her matches and that she would take the fall in her hometown.

Additionally, referees are told they are only allowed to permit one save during near falls in tag matches. If it happens twice they need to call a DQ or they will be fined.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 2nd July 2007 (click here for subscription information)

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