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As noted in the Wrestling Observer, Roddy Piper did a shoot interview DVD last year in which he spoke about what was dubbed ‘The Sickness’, meaning tiredness and the thousand-yard stare. He said “You can see it, and I love the guy to death, and I told him about it, Chris Benoit, just two weeks ago, I gave him my numbers… You know you see it. You know when they’re there, and when they’re not alive. They’re wondering what’s wrong with their families.”

King Booker was told a couple of weeks before the draft lottery that he would be moved to Raw and was not happy about it. He felt he would – and did – get far higher up on Smackdown than he ever would there. From then he started booking TNA talent on cards of his PWA training school and also booked Christian Cage on his radio show, in an attempt to show management he didn’t need WWE. Things are said to be fine with him and WWE now though.

WWE has inked TV deals for Raw in Poland, Serbia, Greece and Turkey.

Teddy Hart has moved to Tampa to try and get a developmental deal in the new territory.

The Undertaker has moved into real estate with financial partner Scott Everhart, who manages his investment portfolio. They are building a $2.7 million office building in Loveland, CO, as well as other properties. Mark Calaway was going to move to Fort Collins, where Everhart resides, as Money Magazine listed it as the top place to live, yet he delayed the move to stay in Austin, TX, so he could travel more easily as this was meant to be his last big WWE run.

The Wrestling Observer says Ken Kennedy is now considered ‘an unofficial protege’ of Steve Austin’s, as he talks with him every week to get pointers.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 5th July 2007 (click here for subscription information)

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