Richly Deserved: Pirate Master Episode 1-6

Dawn on the ship, and Nessa felt she must have made a good impression on Joe Don but Joy doesn’t trust Azmyth and his boys, Jay and Ben. Azmyth calls the threesome, “The Triad”. The girls are also looking to band together.

So the masts lower again on the ol’ ship. Joe Don doesn’t think Azmyth has a captain’s leadership qualities. Joe Don wants to win just to bring him down. Laurel doesn’t respect Azmyth at all, so she doesn’t really pay attention to his apology.

The next treasure comes. The teams are:

Black: Azmyth, Jay, Ben, Laurel, Christa, Joy
Red: Joe Don, Louie, Nessa, Kendra, Jupiter

First job, swim to shore (uh, oh, Kendra). Joe Don tries to help her out by pulling her. Red hit the shore first heading to a plantation ruin to find the next set of clues. Black caught up and got to the clue first.

They have ladders to carry (and the black crew also has Joy to carry) to a broken-down longboat. They get a clue to find a ship mast to hang the rope ladder and find a key in an awkward spot up on the tree. Azmyth gets to his key while Louie has trouble finding his.

Louie finally gets to his. The teams then go to a drawbridge to find the clues to the treasure. Black still has to push, pull, prod Joy while Christa soldiers on. Black found the drawbridge and started looking for clues. And while Red was on the bridge, black found the treasure.

Nessa was especially unhappy that Azmyth got to keep the captaincy as she must give up the Royal Pardon she bought last week.

Black celebrated a treasure worth $40,000. Joy was happy with her money but not with the 60% Azmyth, Jay and Ben were splitting. Ben is happy with his loot but still has his eye on the big prize.

Everyone starts bidding for the Royal Pardon. Kendra puts her bid up. But the Triad is looking at Kendra, Joy, and Joe Don for the black spots. Joe Don and Nessa start talking and flirting. You know what happens with a flirt. Next it becomes a little peck. And the next thing you know …


Time for the black spots. Joy didn’t bid on the pardon. Kendra admitted she was one of the slower ones. Joe Don realized the mutiny wasn’t possible.

Jay was trying to talk Nessa into cutting Joy as she was too slow in the expedition. Nessa didn’t like being threatened into doing what they want. Jupiter felt Joy’s personality was much better than Kendra’s. Kendra tried to talk Nessa into keeping her and it might work. Louie didn’t want to vote for a woman but really had no choice.

Pirates Court. Azmyth said Kendra was one of the slower pirates on board. Joy stopped and wanted water on the expeditions. Joe Don is a strong player. Joy said they should have it in their heart to keep her. Kendra said she’s been on four winning crews in six expeditions. Joe Don said he is a threat but said he should stay to take on the guys.

The Royal Pardon went to Joe Don for $12,000 (Did Nessa partly fund it?). No mutinies. Joe Don didn’t need the pardon. The vote was 3-2. Joy had the three and the slowest pirate in the crew was sadly cut adrift.

Joy said she’s just get her knees back up and keep going. Nice young woman. I wish her well.

Next week. Tim and Nicole, uh, I mean Joe Don and Nessa, get closer. I can hardly wait.