Captains Log: Big Brother 8 Episode 1

Welcome everyone to a brand new season of Big Brother and be prepared as it seems we are in for a wild summer as things seem that they are already off to a running start. Josh Clinton has already laid out for us all the cast for this year and some tidbits on the twists and “Alice In Wonderland” themed house which you can check out here. That is your source for cast pictures, information and more. But now it’s time we get on to everything that’s getting us started this season.

51 cameras and 74 microphones are lined up to capture every moevement of fourteen men and women. Playing for half a million dollars and coming into a house of total strangers, except not for all as six people will be acquainted with someone from their past. Julie Chen welcomes us to Big Brother 8 with some big hair and it looks like a bit of lost weight from last season. And now it’s time for the housemates to receive their keys.

Jessica is a cheerleader and cares only about herself.

Nick is going to use his body for bait.

Eric says no-one has ever played the game like him before.

Don’t underestimate Daniele who is a confident California girl.

“Evil” Dick says the house won’t know what hit them.

Jen’s body isn’t her only asset. Hottest girl by far.

Mike is going to paint the rest of the houseguests out of the picture.

Kail is going to run the house like her family runs their small town.

Joe is going to “blow” away the competition. A-hem *cough!*

Carol is a senator’s daughter that knows a thing or two about politics.

Amber plans to show “us” how the game should be played.

Zach believes he can outthink the competition.

Dustin is going to walk all over the competition

Don’t get on Jameka’s bad side for you will regret it.

Eleven come out to the front steps and must stay in silence until they are inside the house. As they glance around, looks of excitement and a few of disgust abound. Julie goes through the rules and lets them know to make a bed choice quickly and wisely. There is a chance that the bed they pick could end up being shared with someone else in the house.

First group: Carol, Joe, Mike, and Amber enter the house. They choose their beds and exchange pleasantries as of course they go for the best living quarters imaginable.

Second group: Nick, Daniele, and Jameka enter and Danielle is “scared.” Jameka is not happy with the beds at all. Some are extremely large and high while others are almost on the ground and very short.

Third group: Kail, Jen, Eric, and Zach enter last. Jen is also not happy with the tiny beds with which are left. Eric thinks everything is funny. Jen is not happy with the selection of guys in the house so far. They realize the house theme is “Alice In Wonderland” and now they exchange names, ages, and a little bit of something about themselves.

During the introductions, Jen keeps going on about herself while everyone else gave short small intros. The other girls in the house are not fond of her already. Amber’s daughter is her inspiration. Kail is keeping her business success to herself so people won’t think “she doesn’t need the money.” It also seems that Kail is very homophobic. Sorry Joe. Jameka is not comfortable being around so many white people.

Julie announces that the other three housemates are already in the house but hidden to the rest of them. Julie shows that earlier three other houseguests (Dustin, Jessica, and Dick) have moved in and are living upstairs in secret. She explains the situation and that everyone else is downstairs. They are going to be living with someone that is the last person they would ever want to be in the house with. No-one else knows but them and now they can spy on them. Dustin and Joe are former partners and ironically enough they have on each other’s shirts. Jessica’s old friend Carol from high school and is downstairs. Their beef is over $5. Ok! Dick’s daughter Daniele who hasn’t spoken to him in two years is there he doesn’t care at all. The hatred spewing from these three is deep.

The three of them continue to shout out a lot of hate and past secrets. It is now that Julie reveals to the eleven downstairs that the trio have been watching them. First Head Of Household (HOH) competition is coming shortly. A quick change of clothes and everyone is out to search the house. Dustin has some serious issues with Joe. Serious!

Time for the first HOH competition where the winner gets their own private room and must nominate two housemates for eviction. Only the eleven housemates downstairs are competing. The backyard is awesome with huge mushrooms, big working clocks, and all sorts of cool things. They will have thirty seconds to choose a partner and stand in front a mushroom. If you can’t find one, you won’t compete.

Jameka/Joe, Mike/Daniele, Eric/Kail, Jen/Zach, Amber/Carol, Nick won’t be competing. “Mushroom Madness” is the first game. One will be asked true or false questions while their partners are on spinning mushrooms that go faster with wrong answers. Eric plans to tank it but is failing horribly. Topics of cosmetic surgery, giving up your friends for money, rumors, and simple morality questions are among the ones asked. Suddenly, random goop hits those spinning on the mushrooms. The evil trio upstairs is loving this. Amber/Carol and Jen/Zach are out first. Questions are over but now the shrooms will spin faster and random dust bombs among other things will distract them until the last person on wins.

Mike/Daniele out next. Dustin can’t trust Joe and hopes he doesn’t get HOH.
Kail and Eric win it as Joe falls off the mushroom eliminating him and Jameka. Only one of them can be HOH though and another piece of info about the evil trio revealed. They are safe for eviction for the first week and will decide between Kail and Eric who gets HOH. Dick wants to give it to Kail and the others agree as she takes HOH first. Eric is relieved as he didn’t want it anyway. Now the paranoia of the first eviction is starting to set in all of them.

Time for the evil trio to meet the eleven downstairs. Those that know someone will be sleeping in the same bed as their enemies. Joe already knows somehow that Dustin is in the house and reveals that he received gonorrhea. Wow! Dustin is shocked and says it’s not his fault. Joe then goes on to say he purposely destroyed Dustin’s life.

Kail is frightened it is someone she knows and they will blow her cover. Carol doesn’t think it is anyone for her since she is so young. Daniele is stone cold silent but in private she thinks it is her dad. Joe is already conspiring to whoever becomes HOH in the first weeks to get rid of the evil trio.

Julie brings them down. Jessica is first and Carol is almost in hysterics. Dick comes out and Daniele just stares as he spills the beans about their relationship and problems. Dustin arrives as Joe scowls. Joe spurns Dustin for a handshake and bitches and whines in private. Daniele goes off alone and cries so Jameka and Carol console her and sides have already been chosen.

Julie explains the second twist. The viewers at home will instruct “America’s Player” to do whatever they want and it is Eric. Eric talks to the home audience and lets everyone know that the fans are in charge of his destiny and he does any and everything the people want him to do. Every episode starting this Sunday, Eric gets directions via text message of For every five tasks he completes, he will earn $10,000 en route to the grand prize.

Clips from the upcoming season show a lot of flirting, more twists, a lot of anger, some sticky situations, and a lot of crying. It appears as if some of the enemies will continue to be just that while others may actually work together. The first eviction is next week and the power of veto may save someone. Daniele tells the girls about her relationship with her dad as we’re out.

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