SKTV: Big Brother 8

Ah, so one of my favorite guilty pleasure reality shows has returned, with yet another season of pointless twists and twists and did we mention the twists?

But first, as Julie Chen would say, were there any truly interesting people to snark about? Well, you had not one, but TWO token gay guys this year, an all-time record for this show. And not only that, but a redneck, prejudiced “multi business owner” for them to play off of. Gah, I’m sick of hearing about it already. And speaking of things I never wanted to hear in the first place, two former boyfriends arguing about who gave who the STD. There’s “too much information” and there’s “getting bludgeoned to death by an entire encyclopedia of too much information” and this crossed that line for me. The “enemies in the house” twist is the silliest kind of manufactured drama, because instead of letting it develop out of the relationships in the house, they’re just tossing it right in from the start. There was enough of the hating on Big Brother 6, thanks, what about the love, man?

Anyway, the Tommy Lee clone looks interesting because he’s DIFFERENT, but for the first episode all the MTV Real World Beautiful People who otherwise occupy the house all kinda run together for me, so I guess I’m rooting for Evil Dick or America’s Guy, who with their luck will be the first one evicted next week. They never seem to have any luck with their big twists working out the way they want them (the riddle debacle from last season being a prime example).

By the way, I saw Mike Boogie in an Enrique Iglesias video the other day, and may I just say WHAT THE HELL?!? This idiot is actually getting WORK from his annoying stint on the “All star” edition?

More thoughts as they come to me.