From the UK Podcast July 7th 2007

For those of you who don’t know, the Kace Evers podcast will not be on Pulse Wrestling again until August. So, until Kace returns I’ll be doing my own podcast with my pal Adam until he gets back

In today’s episode we review raw from this past Monday and give our thoughts on the show

We reveal why we both hate King Booker

We address the rumour of WWE possibly holding Wrestlemania 25 in Mexico

Plus much more

you can download the show at the following link

Much thanks to Widro for all his generous help in posting this!

All the opinions stressed in this podcast do not represent those of anyone else on Pulse Wrestling or Pulse Wrestling as a whole. They are the opinions of Michael Fitzgerald and Adam Yates.

Warning, this podcast contains profanity and really bad impersonations of wrestlers