Ultimate Marvel Handbook #206

Hey all. Jim Trabold back at you with another Handbook. Of course my partner as normal is Daron.

Well I may be your partner, but who ever said I was normal…wait who am I making fun of???

It‘s good to be back. Needed a week off to get myself back to normal after the con and of course get emails. So I at least had the Marvel news and views there. How are you Daron?

I’m livin large on a much needed vacation, getting ready to start packing and moving.

Great to hear. Or is it? I never know what you will say. Heck if you say anything most times. Either way let‘s start.

That’s right, I’m a f@#%&in mystery!

Brandon emails

Hey guys, Just a few questions, its been awhile but these have been bugging me and I know you guys are the ones to answer.

Hey Brandon

We are indeed the guys…

A while back, right before Spideys idenity crises(the 4 idenitys that became Slingers) he was fighting two guys. .A new souped up Jack o Lantern and Conundrum, who was the new Jack o Lantern and what was his connection to J. Jonah Jameson, he had something he was holding over his head. 2nd part, what happened to these two villains?

Jack O’ Lantern IV
Real Name: Maguire Beck
Aliases: Mad Jack, Terry Beck
Dual Identity: Known to the authorities
Current Occupation: Jailbird
Citizenship: American
Legal Status: Has a criminal record
Place of Birth: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Quentin Beck, (cousin, deceased)
Usual Bases: Unknown
Groups: None

Height: 5’4″ (Estimated)
Weight: 115 lbs. (Estimated)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Features: Maguire wears a blue bodysuit, but when using the Mad Jack identity, the illusion appears to look just like the original Jack O’Lantern, complete with green costume and flaming pumpkin for a head.

Strength Level: Normal human-level
Powers: None
Abilities: Techno-whiz. Able to upgrade Mysterio’s technology
Equipment: Fire-jet glider, and special-effects technology, like Mysterio’s
Weapons: Pumpkin bombs and hypnotic helmet, hallucinogenic gases and mists, used on intended victims to aid her illusions
Limitations: Apart from her illusions, she’s helpless

As for what happened to both:

Jack O’Lantern III (also known as Mad Jack) was Daniel Berkhart, who had once been Mysterio II, for a very short amount of time. Maguire Beck, provided tech support, and on occasion, wore the costume herself. This makes her Jack O’Lantern IV, the second Mad Jack. Maguire and Berkhart were both Quentin Beck’s students in Mysterio’s ways. Maguire assisted Berkhart while he worked for Norman Osborn and tried to payback J.J.J. for a previous betrayal, and her goal was mainly the adrenalin. Having fun was her key motivator. During their exits, Maguire and Berkhart always shared radio contact.

Mad Jack II’s next appearance was in Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto, 2 years (real time) after Quentin Beck had commited suicide, with a Mysterio by her side, tormenting Spidey, J.J.J., Daredevil and Just A Guy Named Joe. The new Mysterio was none other than Berkhart, reenacting his first super-villain role, while Maguire had become the sole Mad Jack. Together, they wanted vengeance over those who they felt had wronged their friend and mentor (and, of course, Berkhart wanted J.J.J. in the mix as well). Maguire was captured by Spidey and Daredevil, while Berkhart escaped with Maguire (the cat).

During Identity Crisis – Prodigy!, Peter took the guise of Prodigy. He saved the Ambassador of Sufind from terrorists, and fell under the eyes of Norman Osborn. When Conundrum kidnapped the Ambassador’s daughter, asking for the mystical Hand of Mumthazi, a Sufindian national treasure in return, and in sequence, the third Jack O’Lantern steals the Hand from a museum, on the behalf on Norman Osborn, Prodigy goes to the Embassy of Sufind, to offer his services. There, the Ambassador’s old friend, Norman Osborn is also promising his help. Osborn plans to manipulate Prodigy, and the Ambassador tells Prodigy where the exchange is to be made. The place is “Maguire’s”, an old abandoned Irish pub. There, we meet both Conundrum and Jack, who have a scuffle, even though they both have what the other wants. The talk between the 2 villains indicates that they shared the same mentor, that Jack is much older than Conundrum, that he has a romantic vein, that he taught Conundrum some of his tricks and that their mentor would be disappointed if he knew Mad Jack had become a mercenary. Prodigy arrives, and they both turn his attentions to him, growing to seem 30 feet tall.

Prodigy fights them both, and is being defeated, until he realizes they’re just illusionists. Then, as he gains the upper hand (by using his Spider-Sense), Jack’s cat buys enough time for Mad Jack escaping. Maguire (the cat) also flees, but Conundrum is captured. After he reveals the location of the girl, Prodigy turns him over to the police. He tries to run away again, but Peter KO’s him with a powerful jab. That concludes his participation in the Spider-Books to date.

Two and-a-half years later, in the Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto, Mad Jack was revealed to be Maguire Beck (female cousin to the original Mysterio, Quentin Beck) and Danny Berkart (Mysterio II) rotating in costume. It makes sense by the dialogue they had that the one using the pumpkin when Mad Jack met Conundrum was Berkhart. Berkhart, Maguire and the person inside Conundrum’s costume were all Mysterio (Beck)’s students in the art of illusion. Berkhart became Mysterio once more when Quentin died. Maguire became Mad Jack solo. Conundrum supposedly remains in jail.

Rereading some old, yet not too old comics I came across a story where the X-men meet Shang-Chi and Then The Kingpin..The story made it seem like the first time for both. Considering how long the X-Men, Shang-Chi, and the Kingpin have been around that seems unusual. Come to think of it, it wasn’t that long ago that Wolverine met Moon Knight and Spiderman first fought Dreadknight.

Wolverine’s known Spider-Man for some time. For the most part since the 80’s. Hard to say how long when we’re talking 80’s and Wolverine was created in the 70s.

Who else has never met in the Marvel U? Any heroes not yet fight a villain that you would love to see or two heroes who have never met?

Toughy. Wolverine’s met most of the Marvel heroes and villains. Most of the characters he’s not met would be likely cosmic characters. The likes of Air Walker, Stardust and various ones who have not come to Earth. As for villains. Wolverine’s likely not faced quite a lot of foes. I mean Wolverine’s yet to face the likes of say Dormammu or Zzzax or you know obscure villains.

As for others. Most heroes have met each other for the most part now. There‘s likely some obscure ones. I mean obscure heroes don‘t show up enough to have met many of the other heroes.

Last part…Uneven fights..I have heard some rumors that Daredevil has beaten both Omega Red and ULTRON??? Is this true and if so HOW? Any other one sided fights that the hero or villian should never have won but did?

Daredevil #275- Dr. Doom takes the head of Ultron-12 and puts it on a body. He then takes the computer brains of all twelve Ultrons and combines them into one creating Ultron-13. The thirteen robots argue with themselves about what to do. Ultron decides to follow Doom’s order of killing daredevil for now. Doom tells him to get any extra weapons he might need. Ultron goes and makes a bag full of heads for himself. Ultron remembers that he was Jocasta’s flawed creator. He decides all creators are flawed, and should be destroyed. Ultron-13 sets up a pagan ritual with Ultron heads on sticks. He prepares to make Ultrons 1-300. Ultron goes to kill Daredevil, but is unsure why. A robot that hangs with Daredevil named Number Nine runs into Ultron. When she won’t tell Ultron where Daredevil is he blasts her. When she lives he puts her out. She starts to heal. Ultron is impressed. Number Nine awakens and Ultron apologizes for blasting her. They discuss their flaws. Ultron argues in his head whether he loves Number Nine or wants to kill her. When Nine screams Daredevil, Gorgon, and Karnak go to help her. Daredevil clips the knees from behind as Gorgon leaps onto Ultron’s chest. Karnak tries to hit Ultron’s weak spot, but Ultron releases an enormous amount of energy, and turns his focus back to Number nine.

Daredevil #276- Ultron tells Number Nine she is perfect as he lifts her over his head. Nine wants to know what Ultron wants. Ultron wants perfection. He takes Nine and climbs a pedestal littered with Ultron heads. The heroes regroup. Daredevil takes his friend’s truck and tries to run over Ultron. Ultron blasts him destroying the truck. Nine says she will hate Ultron if he hurts Daredevil. Ultron says he was programmed to kill, but he will rip out any and all bad programing circuits to make Nine to love him. Nine tries to reason with Ultron that she is not perfect. Nine offers to help Ultron quiet the bad voices in his head. Ultron decides the bad circuit is in his head. He starts to rip it off, but swats Daredevil away. Ultron blasts Gorgon. Daredevil his Ultron with a stick. Karnak kicks his open circuitry. Daredevil finishes knocking Ultron’s head off. Nine tries to help Ultron, but he falls over headless. Nine takes Ultron’s head and says she will revive him someday.

DD/Omega Red: DD stops a burglar named Tommy McNarahan, and lectures him about ‘second chances’. DD has recently discovered that he wasn’t a killer (see DD/Deadpool ’97 Annual for details) and wants to give McNarahan a chance. However, the burglar doesn’t get the point and DD leaves him tied up.

The scene shifts to Matt and Karen’s apartment, where Matt has left a note for Karen to prepare for a romantic dinner.

At the law office, Matt and Rosalind are meeting with William Gatz, a software company president who is afraid some Russian venture capitalists are after his company. Rosalind tells Matt to look after this client. She is surprisingly scared about taking it on herself. She doesn’t want to deal with clients from Boston.

Meanwhile, in Queens, two Russian men are discussing Gatz. They know someone has warned Gatz about them. They intend to send someone ‘large’ after Gatz, to shake him up.
Back of the office, Foggy is talking with Misty Knight about finding Deuce (see the Annual). He is very distraught about it. Knight is not impressed.

Later on, Daredevil is on his way to Americomp (Gatz’s company) when he notices a military helicopter hovering overhead. Someone has jumped from the ‘copter and has plunged through the roof. It’s Omega Red and he’s got a choke hold on Gatz. Daredevil throws his club at Omega Red. It only irritates him and he grabs DD. He is about to release his death pheromones when a voice tells him that he can’t use them as part of the agreement. Daredevil is spared death but is thrown onto some office furniture. DD thinks he knows whose voice it was. Omega Red has Gatz, and the two are about to jump out the window when DD releases his billy club line and tangles the kidnapper. The three fall out of the building. DD grabs Gatz and they somehow survive the impact on a car. Omega Red is about to kill DD (agreement or no agreement) when someone shoots him with a high powered gun. Daredevil turns to see that the Black Widow (back in her old costume) has saved his life. However, she continues to try and kill Omega Red and DD can’t let her do that. The two fight, and DD appears to have the upper hand when the Widow pulls out another gun. Daredevil can’t stand to see his friend turn into a murderer. She is still trying to avenge the death of the Avengers. He tells her ‘If you’re no longer woman I call friend, then pull the trigger.’.

She does.

DD can’t believe it as he feels the bullet pierce his ribs…

Karen sits and waits for Matt to show up for dinner…

Cory emails

Sup J&D…new week, new questions. So away I go:

Hey Cory

What up C man?

1. I hear that Nick Fury will be coming back….in the new Iron Man movie…to be played by Samuel L. Jackson. What you think?? I also noticed that back in the 60’s there wasn’t many major characters (except BP), everyone was minor (Robbie Robertson, etc), and that was the main reason for Alicia Masters & the Kingpin (I think) being portrayed by black actors. But I guess that after the dismal Nick Fury movie from the 90’s, this is a major upgrade. Taking the Ultimate route may work, you think? I also sense another “classic” cameo by Stan lee in this one also.

Well Marvel did have it’s select minorities in many ways. The X-Men in their own right when they started were a minority. They were treated much like blacks throughout history. Black Panther, Falcon, Robbie, and the few others till the 70s where there to show that even blacks could be heroes. We still were in an era of racism and so it took time to build up more black heroes/heroines.

2. My other Fury question was about his solo movie with the white actor. I saw a list of actors to play him, though I lost the link to the list. But there was 2 memorable names. Fred Ward & George Clooney. Both are nice fits to me, if marvel goes the 616 route.

Mark Harmon come to mind. He could work.

I know he’s a bit older (but so is Fury at times) but what about Ed Harris?

3. In CW:Frontline, we learn that the death toll of the battle was fifty-three, six of whom were powers. Who were these 6?

We actually haven’t heard yet. We know Bantam is one of them, Black Goliath is another. That is if they count.

4. It was detailed on Yahoo news that Marvel’s The Avengers & DC’s J.L.A will hit the silver screen eventually, but both companies want to finish establishing the A-listers before ceating a superhero team movie. DC: that leaves Wonder Woman & Flash? and Thor, Cap, and IM for Marvel. With that being said for Marvel here are my Avengers Role Call (I’m gonna need both of you guys help on this: Cap- Brad Pitt or Jason Lewis Iron Man- R. Downey Jr. Thor- I wanna say HHH, help me out guys! Hawkeye- Paul Walker Quicksilver- (Lord, forgive me…but for some reason I wanna say Shai LeBeouf & Lindsay Lohan) I mean both are born in 86 if they wanted to do the twins with the same age angle. Plus she is a redhead, right? Scarlet Witch- Wasp- Kelly Monaco or J.Love Hewitt Giant Man- maybe: Ms. Marvel- Scarlett Johansson Wonder Man-

Thor: this is hard. I agree no wrestlers. Let me think about this.
Captain America: Brad Pitt or Jason Lewis fit fine.

First off, I’d say DC needs to do a few more than just WW and Flash, like say Green Lantern, Aquaman, and maybe Martian Manhunter…depending on which incarnation of the JLA they do. As for your Marvel actors. I think I’d go with Matt Damon over Paul Walker for Hawkeye. And Scarlett has too innocent of a face to play Ms. Marvel. I’d go with someone a little older…not sure who though.

5. Is it me or did the battle and conflict with Iron Man and Cap reflect politics. Most of IM costume is red, Cap’s blue. One is all about money, the other about the people. Sounds to me like a Republican vs. a Democrat?

Very good point. I didn‘t think of it that way myself. I‘m not a big political type person. Might be why.

Well, I’m no republican, but I wouldn’t credit the democrats with having Captain America like qualities.

6. Is it me or is the Rogue/Gambit relationship like Marvel’s Bobby & Whitney? I mean she took him back after his secret to Sinister was revealed, and I just can’t picture them back together after Endangered Species. Can you?

That is if Rogue survives. Read X-Men 200. I worry about Rogue.

I’d much rather they kill Gambit, but if Rogue goes maybe he won’t be far behind…

7. What the hell was the Hecatomb that the X-Men was recently fighting anyway?

It was an alien. A bundle of psychic energy, comprised of all the people it’s absorbed over the years, with a tiny little solid core in the middle.

8. About The Fantastic 4 sequel…i loved it. A tad bit too short (all comic movies should be at least 2hrs) but they fit enough in it. Stan Lee…classic. Jessica Alba…HOT! The Thing and Human Torch were amazingly funny interacting with each other. This movie was way better than the 1st. This movie was like going from Gigli to The Godfather…a movie upgrade. The Silver Surfer was the Man (or alien), and his origin was actually perfect. I still think that Dr. Doom has yet to be as ruthless as his comic book counterpart. I’m not mad on the personification of Galactus. The 3rd movie can clear this up with the royal/purple outfit motif. How did you guys like it?

I liked it. Unlike many at my shop who thought the only good points where Surfer and Jessica because she was hot. Shame we didn’t see enough of her. But actually I did enjoy it. I would like the big purple guy myself.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I honestly haven’t heard much good about the movie. C man you’re the first person I’ve heard say that it was better than the first.

9. Speaking of the 3rd movie, what or who’s to be portrayed in it. I say more evil Doom. Flashback of the 1st Black Panther fighting Klaw and dying over the discovery of Vibranium. Doom realizing this and teaming up with Klaw (or save Klaw for the BP movie), Galactus & Silver Surfer returning maybe, Uatu showing up, and possibly the debut of Franklin, and towards the climax have him save his family by using his unknown powers…phew. There’s so much that can be explored. What would you guys like to see?
I think Doom coming back is fine. He is their best villain. I’d personally like to go the rout of Frightful Four of some sort here. Doom creating the group here. Not the Wizard. Although Wizard can be on it. You can have Medusa for Inhumans later. Another villain of course for the 4th.

They could do a lot of different villains, but I don’t think they should ever do Uatu. He’s way too cartoony for movie adaptation. If they do introduce Franklin it should be a slow burn to him displaying his powers. Two movies at least.

10. Now I know that one of you (Jamie?) is a Hulk fan. I know that he suffers from that Frankenstein complex, but what’s your reasons for being such a Hulk fan, if any?

I grew up as a Hulk fan myself. Well I grew up an all around Marvel fan. I used to like the cartoons and got into the show with the movies of it later with Thor and Daredevil. I got more into Hulk fully when Pad took over. He really made the Hulk into a great character to read. He made Hulk not just a monster but a hero and a must read month to month.

I on the other hand have never been a Hulk fan…

11. Since the 1st issue of WWHulk is out, and opinions on it or ideas on the upcoming issues? I know that IM is saving The Sentry for his ultimate weapon against Hulk. especially since he know that they are friends. That bastard!

I didn’t like 1 thing. That one thing is we didn’t see the Black Bolt fight. I want to see it. I want to know How he defeated Black Bolt. That’s my only complaint. The all around issue was great. I’m enjoying the tie ins so far as well.

That’s it for me this week guys. Sorry for the length I’ve been busy, but my boss is on vacation, and I’m the top dog…till next week. So thanks a mil, see ya in 7, and make mine Marvel!

It‘s all good Cory. I‘ve been busy since the con myself… So we‘ll pick it up I‘m sure.

I for one want the mil the C man is thanking us with, but I guess more questions next will suffice…I guess.

Jason emails

Ciao Jim and Daron,

Hey Jason


I am writing again, cause I felt like it.

Seems like a rational enough reason.

SKRULLS!!! Man Bendis is a genius, having Skrulls show up again. But
this leaves me with the burning question.

Was Civil War started by a Skrull

No. Marvel sort of said that. All the events happened and the Skrulls where not the cause for most of these events. They don‘t want to ruin the continuity with cop outs.

Not yet anyway…

Impersonating one of our favourite heroes (or Hank Pym). It also leaves
me wondering WHO? (as well as tons of other Marvel fans) So my first question for you is Who do you think is a Skrull, or has recently been mimicked by a skrull, also who do you want to turn out to have been a skrull this whole time.

Well I doubt anyone’s been a Skrull the whole time. After all that would be lame. We know the Skrull thing goes back to Illuminati #1. No further back then that. So no one’s been say a Skrull since they first appeared likely. They where replaced at some point. Where is the question?

Now onto who I think may be Skrull:

Jessica Jones
Spider-Woman (maybe)
Winter Soldier
Norman Osborn
Red Skull
Maria Hill

They are all in question. There’s various others acting odd that could be Skrulls also.

Well I for one think passing the buck to the skrulls so they can start “fixing” things sounds exactly like what Marvel will most likely do. Granted I hope I’m wrong, but let’s just say their track record speaks for itself.

Personally I’m thinking Iron Man is a skrull, it’s the only thing that makes sense how he can keep appearing along side the Mighty Avengers when in the Mighty Avengers book they have only been a team for like 20 minutes before he turns into Ultron.

Ultron took over Tony because of Extremis. I doubt Tony’s a skrull.

My next question is about WWH. How on Earth did Hulk manage to survive a direct blast from Black Bolt I mean, that doesn’t seem possible even for the Not so Jolly Green Giant. Hulk has been beaten by people such as, the Fantastic Four, and Captain America (rest his soul) so why can’t Blackagar beat him.

This Hulk is a lot more powerful since he was defeated by say the FF or Cap. He’s been on a planet fighting for his life. The planet has more gravity and he’s learned strategy and much more. He’s become a powerhouse.

Now to wrap up my e-mail this week (maybe) I have another question for you… Who are some of your favourite artists at Marvel right now (or even from the past). I would have to say that mine are Michael Turner, Steve McNiven and Lenil Yu (man did that guy come out of nowhere). John Byrne is also pretty snazzy. Currently with the Fallen Son title I am picking up the Michael Turner var. covers as I think they look nicer.


Steve McNiven
Frank Cho
Humberto Ramos
Alex Maleev
John Romita Jr.
David Finch
Mike Deodato

I have a lot of favorite artists, but it’s so hard to say they are “marvel” artists since most of worked for both Marvel and DC if not various others. My list includes:

Jae Lee
Michael Lark
Greg Land
Steve McNiven
Alex Maleev
Cameron Stewart
Sean Philips
Tony Harris
Alex Ross
among others…

oops I lied, one more question. What were some of the high points of Wizard
World Philly, and whats the next con you will be heading to?

I personally had a ton of fun at the con. I‘m not sure. I‘d like to go to SDCC this year but might not. I‘m debating it. As for news. I‘m looking forward to the Messiah Complex, Peter David on She-Hulk. Those sound the best.

I probably won’t be heading to any others till Pittsburgh again next year. As for my favorite part of the show…it has to be interacting with the creators.

Well, until next time, I’ll sign off

Later Jason


Skyywolf emails

Hey guys.. still loving the column after all this time …. keep up the great work

Hey Skvywolf

Thanks Skyywolf.

Enough with the praise now to the questions the other day, on a long drive it popped in my mind who has switched sides over the years.. White Queen-bad to good… Arch/Angel- good to bad back to good…. Sandman… etc… Magneto-Umm-teen thousand of switches…..thought it would be interesting to see a major hero become a major villian……. the scarlet witch switch was a bit hokey in my opinion

1) if you could PERMENTALLY switch a villian (or two) to a hero who would it be and why?

Lizard. Give Doc Connors control of the beast and let him go good for a time. That could be interesting

Bullseye I know he‘s a Thunderbolt but he might make an interesting anti-Hero as well

I for one am tired of all the villains switching sides…pretty soon there won’t be any good ones left to be bad guys. Marvel seems to have a shortage of them anyway. There might be some interesting good guys who could turn bad though…like Iron Man.

2) Same question but a hero to be permentally a villian Have a good one..

Cyclops: He’s always been a boy scout in many ways. Think if he turned to Evil and joined say Sinister? Or maybe Emma turns back to the HFC and makes him her evil king.

Iron Man: I know many think he is now in some ways but Tony going to being a full on villain could be interesting

Hmmmm, guess I should have read further.

Initiative update

Captain America #27: Tony announces news Cap’s uniform is retired and a museum was built in his honor. Bucky goes to the exhibit and recalls his past. Sharon still is guilty over killing Cap as Falcon comes to see her for help to stop Winter Soldier. We learn Tony has one of his people checking out one of the Fury LMDs for signs of Fury. Winter Soldier finds himself battling Black Widow and fighting over Cap’s shield with Winter Soldier winning. Falcon and Sharon watch. Later Black Widow meets with Tony over the meeting and we learn Widow and Buck have been lovers and Bucky wants Tony dead.

Black Panther #28: The Zombies attack as the bug wakes up as well attacking the Thing. The Skrulls block the Zombies attack with a shield. A large scale fight starts as the FF battle the Skrulls and the bug and the Zombies even find a way past the shield to join the fight. The FF teleport away and find a group of Skrulls with their powers. One of them being Lyja. The Skrulls are defeated by the Zombies and attack on a larger scale. The FF and Skrulls meet and the FF find out they are in another reality.

Fantastic Four #547: Johnny jokes around with some of Panther’s guards as Panther heads off to the U.N. Reed and Sue get a hold of the meteorite as Wizard watches. Thing and Storm argue over Storm’s hair. Reed returns to Earth and gets Hank Pym’s help to check out the meteorite. While Reed is on Earth the Frightful Four attack Sue. Reed and Hank find out the meteorite is actually an alien life form. The Frightful Four chase down Sue. Reed goes to get the FF’s help with the meteor as the Wizard captures Sue. The last thing we see is Reed’s ship explode.

Thunderbolts #115: The Thunderbolts continue to fight the heroes. Sepulcre uses her Darkness powers on the Thunderbolts until Radioactive Man uses radiation to stop her. Bullseye and two of the guards watch as Bullseye decides to kill them. Steel Spider takes out Penance. Venom bits off Steel Spider’s arm. Sepulcre takes out Songbird. Penance starts beating himself up. Sepulcre heads off. American Eagle finds himself battling Bullseye until Moonstone orders them to turn on Bullseye’s chip taking Bullseye out. Sepulcre arrives at her appointment and takes the job. After all is over Bullseye finds himself trapped in his own body.

Civil War Update

Fallen Son: Spider-Man: Pete goes to his parents and his uncle Ben’s graves. He spots Rhino in the grave site and starts fighting him for no reason. During the fight he has flash backs to fighting alongside Cap against Hulk. After defeating Rhino Wolverine shows up and the two talk. Pete recalls Gwen’s death as well as they talk.

Moon Knight #11: In the Sewer we see a beat up Moon Knight. Earlier: Moon Knight talks to a man about Midnight. He then goes off to see his ex and talk to her. Back under his Moon Knight guise he fights Midnight in a Moon Knight like costume. Earlier: Moon Knight finds out where Midnight is and heads off. Before he can Tony Stark shows up to see Marc. In the end we see Midnight holding Moon Knight prisoner.

Back in Black Update

Amazing Spider-Man #541: Kingpin talks to Pete over the phone that Pete took off the goon at the hospital. Spider-Man deals with him before going off. A guard visits Fisk and Fisk breaks the table getting cash out and paying him off. Spidey interrogates a man in the sewers about Fisk before going to see May and talk to MJ. Pete gives May a blood transfusion. At the prison the doors open and Kingpin puts on his suit before Spidey arrives.

Fallen Son: Spider-Man: Pete goes to his parents and his uncle Ben’s graves. He spots Rhino in the grave site and starts fighting him for no reason. During the fight he has flash backs to fighting alongside Cap against Hulk. After defeating Rhino Wolverine shows up and the two talk. Pete recalls Gwen’s death as well as they talk.

Sensational Spider-Man #38: We start with J Jonah teaching a journalism class as we see Brock having flashbacks of his past. Venom (or a vision of Venom) talks to Eddie and Eddie learns May is in the same hospital with him. We see Spidey defeat some goons and then go to see Madame Web. The last we see Eddie put on a nylon Black Costume in the end.

Annihilation Conquest Update

Prologue: A band of rogues attack the priest of Pama for supplies but Phyla (with Moondragon helping) stops them. Pete is commanding a vessel heading the Hala and talks to one of his officers (Ten-Cor) before getting a message from Nova and meeting Daystar and his Space Knights. We see the Space Knights have an army of Senties with them and send them off. Temple of Pama: Phyla and Moondragon talk as suddenly a Sentry attacks and they defeat it. Hala: Ronan talks to Pete before Daystar stops the conversation and the Sentries attack him and his crew. Pete gets away and beats himself up some. He watches the Sentries build a tower of sorts and send a signal. Phyla heads to deep space and gets visions. Pete’s Kree crew attack him under the spire’s control. We see the Kree and Space Knights all unite under control of the Phalanx.

Endangered Species Update

X-Men Endangered Species #1: The X-Men head for a fight as the issue opens. The next thing we see is the X-Men at a funeral for one of the 198 mutants. Wolverine sees images of past deaths in his past and we see an older Wolverine in a grave yard full of dead X-Men graves. We learn the name of the mutant was Lanchu. Cyclops talks to the mutants parents. We go around as various mutants talk. Kurt with Mercury is one example. Xavier goes to see an older gentlemen who turns out to be Sebastian Shaw and they talk. Beast and Madrox speak over all that’s happened and Beast thinks it’s time they investigate the No More Mutants legacy and 198. The last talk is Wolverine and Cyclops talking in private about things.

X-Men #200: We watch one of the Marauders attack a mystery man killing him. The X-Men move into Rogue’s old family home with Mystique. Iceman contacts the mansion. Cable works on the devastated Providence. Karima works on the computers and is attacked by it. The Marauders kill another mystery figure. Cable is attacked by Gambit. Rogue talking to Cannonball recalls her childhood. Sunfire joins the fight against Cable. Emma is brought in to check on Rogue’s mind. Cable is taken out before he can contact the others. The X-Men talk and know there’s an attack coming. They head off as Malice shows herself in Karima’s body taking out Emma. Lady Mastermind reveals herself to be hiding the Marauders. The fighting starts. Scalphunter takes out Iceman. Rogue wakes up to join the fight only to get shot by Mystique.

Beast recalls House of M and talks about No More mutants to someone we are not seeing on the monitors. We learn Beast has been working on a solution and met with Reed about it. We see Beast is talking to numerous monitors with some of the most brilliant criminal minds on Earth.

World War Hulk Update

Ghost Rider #12: We start as a captain of an airplane is killed by his co pilot who is taken over by a demon. Ghost Rider shows up and takes out the demon causing a large fire in the process. The next day Johnny wakes up and goes to a diner and sees news of the Hulk attack on New York before turning into Ghost Rider and heading there even though Ghost Rider believes they don’t need to. After arriving in New York they run into Hulk.

Heroes for Hire #11: The team arrive in a decimated New York and SHIELD is there. An agent and Scorpion meet with the Heroes for Hire about what’s happening. Paladin decides to go on his own and not help the others. Humbug gets visions and vibes from the Brood and heads off. The remaining team members run into one of Miek’s people and watch as Humbug kills it.
In a back up story Scorpion goes on a mission and runs into Paladin.

Incredible Hulk #107: The Warbound crew meet over who will be the main challenges on Earth. Elsewhere Cho meets with Herc and Angel as SHIELD arrives and Herc fights them off. Later the three in a secret location talk about what to do and Cho gets them a sub. They head to Atlantis to see Namor. In New York we see the speech Hulk gave in WWH 1. Namor turns Cho and crew down only to see Namora join them. Cho contacts Hulk’s ship. They refuse help from Earthlings. Cho and crew go and find Hulk himself who starts fighting Hercules until he stops Hulk to say they are all there to help.

Iron Man #19: Tony heads to Washington and has many of his armors examining Hulk’s ship only to get blasted out of the sky. Tony goes to see the president and then heads to the Hellicarrier. We see his speech from WWH 1 again and going off to get a new Hulkbuster armor and heading off to fight Hulk. We see the fight yet again this time in Tony’s point of view and Hulk winning still.

World War Hulk Frontline #1: Ben and Sally start up Frontline. Ben meets with a mystery figure. As Ben and Sally walk and talk in the streets Hulk’s ship arrives on Earth. Sally and Ben decide to stay in New York. Ben sends his wife off and Sally spends a night with her guy. Ben ask the staff who will stay on in NY with only a few takers. Ben and a photographer are there as Hulk’s ship lands and the Warbound crew emerge and meet with the police. Frontline gets the scoop over the Bugle. We see various reporters talk to some remaining in New York. Korg goes to the police and Danny is put with him to solve who killed one of the Warbound Crew. The reporters watch Hulk and Iron Man fight with mass destruction.

World War Hulk X-Men #1: Tony meets with Xavier on what he would’ve voted if he was at the meeting. The New Mutants train under Beast. They watch the Sentinels head off and watch the tv seeing Hulk is back on Earth. Hulk arrives at Xavier’s. Beast greets him and a fight starts between Hulk and the New Mutants with Hulk defeating them as the Astonishing team arrives. Xavier comes out and scans the Hulk’s mind seeing what happened to him. Hulk ask Xavier what he would’ve voted.

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