Kace’s Countdown – TNA Impact 7/5/2007

Kace’s Countdown – TNA Impact 7/5/2007

The road to TNA Victory Road continues along its merry path as the last part of the Champions Match is determined, with the TNA World Tag Team Championship on the line.

But first…


CNN’s Larry King Live’s going to feature some wrestlers on his show to discuss Benoitmania. Maybe I’ll watch, maybe I won’t.

I still haven’t had a chance to watch the ROH Pay Per View, but I’d love to if ever able. And yes if able to, I’ll do a Countdown for it.

The NWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament continues on with the Quarterfinals underway. So far, Brent Albright has advanced to the Semifinals after defeating Fred Sampson and awaits the Winner of the match between Claudio Castagnoli and Sicodelico Jr. The other half of the Quarters features Bryan Danielson taking on Fergal Devitt, while Adam Pearce takes on Chad Parham. One of these matches will take place this week on Friday the 13th as the EWF will host Pearce Vs. Parham.

Oh…and there’s WWE stuff happening, I’m sure.


Mikey Fitzgerald has now got From The UK in his own Podcast form, at least for the time being while I’m away on podcasting break. He’s an awesome guy, so give him a listen. And if you’ve already listened to him…well…listen to him again!

Danny Cox reviews WWE One Night Stand.

Grutman offers up a history lesson for #95 on the Pulse Wrestling Top 100 list, “The Gamesmaster,” himself, Kevin Sullivan.

Travis Leamons reviews The Most Powerful Families In Wrestling. Sadly, the Mulkeys and the Royals didn’t make the cut. I mean come on, who DOESN’T remember Nelson & Gary Royal? Then again, I’m one of the few people who still remembers Van Van Horne.

Vin Tastic gives his thoughts on ROH’s Respect Is Earned Pay Per View.

Top 5 Moments – TNA Impact 7/5/2007

Also Ran Moments & Other Thoughts

The Tag Title 3-Way was fun to watch, especially the opening sequence and Hotstuff Hernandez going aerial out of the ring and getting too much hangtime on an Avalanche in the ring.

Christian Cage and Jim Cornette need to do more segments together.

The 3-Way Women’s match was…what it was. Meanwhile, it’s nice to see the Eric Young Vs. Robert Roode feud continuing on.

#5 – Jeremy’s Backstage Fun

It started off simple enough. Jeremy Borash, backstage tells the fans watching on TV that Kurt Angle defeated Brock Lesnar for the IWGP Championship, while pimping the TNA text message thing. However, the sounds of lust are heard and the focus shifts over to Lance Hoyt and Christy Hemme, making out and reminding BG & Kip James that he’s not their friend anymore. Hemme is the teacher and Hoyt is her faithful pupil. With Christy and Lance getting back to what they were doing, Samoa Joe arrives to let Kurt Angle know that he wants him healthy for Victory Road. This will become important by the end of the show.

#4 – Fighting The Disease

In a sitdown interview, Mike Tenay asks Rhino about why he went apeshit the previous week after James Storm poured beer into his mouth. Rhino gives a nice background story about his alcocholic father who died when Rhino was 15, leading eventually Rhino’s own battle with alcoholism, referring to it as, “a disease.” “Cowboy” James Storm represents that disease to Rhino now as the two will do battle at TNA Victory Road.

#3 – Angle Appreciation Night

Kurt Angle, looking his Lex Luthor best arrives at the Impact Zone with both the TNA World Heavyweight and newly won IWGP Heavyweight Championship belts. As the crowd boos and chants unnice things, Kurt talks about how TNA’s ratings have soared with him as part of the league. Team 3D, the opponents for both Angle and Samoa Joe arrive to correct Angle on TNA being so great, because not just Angle, but because of all involved. Angle dosen’t agree, so he goes after both Brothers, who are able to fend him off, summoning the table for a sacrifice. Samoa Joe arrives and fights both former Dudleys, only to be Olympic Slammed through the table himself by a not-so gracious Angle.

#2 – Team 3D Defeats AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels And Latin American Xchange For The TNA World Tag Team Championship, Earn Spot In The Champions Match At TNA Victory Road

It was a pretty fun match to watch. From the beginning to end, the action was pretty much nonstop with all three teams doing battle against one another. In the end, it’s the Dudley Death Drop that gets the pinfall victory on Daniels, allowing 3D to retain and march on to Victory Road.

#1 – Abyss Unmasked And Painted

Sting leads Jeremy Borash into the Bowels of the studio ( I guess Raven’s out of town), to introduce him to Chris, the now former Abyss. Next week, he shall speak, but for now his image is changing. The mask of Abyss is gone and in its place is the facepaint that Sting goes to battle with. It’s a very different sight to say the least.

Next week, it’s the final setup before TNA Victory and Chris The Former Abyss shall speak! Should be interesting.