Cloverfield aka 1-18-08 Trailer Now Online

Credit: Apple Trailers

Before the recently released blockbuster Transformers, there was a very strange trailer that aired. There was no title whatsoever and all it said was that it was a film from J.J. Abrams and simply gave a date of 1-18-08.

Check out the trailer here.

Not much information had been given out about the film although it has been rumored for many months and been attached to the title of Cloverfield. Paramount has finally released some details as to what the mysterious film is all about.

Matt Reeves is directing and J.J. Abrams will produce the film that takes place in New York and is about a huge monster attack on the city. The happenings and everything going on is told through the views of a small group of people.

Michael Stahl-David, Mike Vogel, Odet Jasmine, and Lizzy Kaplan are set to star in Cloverfield which is due out in theatres on January 18.