[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recaps – Day 1 (7/5/07)

9:00 PM: Feeds Go Live!
Carol and Amber are in the big blue room, and its pretty clear they are nominated. Amber wanders off to … somewhere… and Carol joins Dustin in the Gym. They discuss the veto (played on Friday) and the fact that Carol knows Dustin would save Amber if he had the chance. He tells her “We connected right away.” Amber and Dustin are apparently bed buddies as well. Conversation switches to an alliance of 6, but there are no names mentioned specifically.

They talk about Joe (Carol likes him), and Zach (Dustin thinks he’s playing his own game and adds “He’s setting up his own pieces. It’s whether or not you want to be part of his chess board or not.” [ok…] Carol says he offered her a vote in the future.)

Most of the others (Daniele, Jen, Mike(?), Eric, Nick) are out in the hot tub, and Jessica and Joe are in the kitchen. Some of the houseguests are on slop, and Jessica and Joe are wondering if they can eat some body paint(!?) that is laying around. The hot tub group wonders if they can sing songs that they make up. [They are all very conscious of the cameras, and all make comments from time to time about being watched.]

Dick, Jameka, and Zach have been given a golf game [It looks like a leftover from last year’s veto comp] because they were using mops earlier.

Eric tries to make friends with us by calling us “internet nerds” in between really loud talking/laughing and nearly continuous f bombs. He and the hot tub crew talk about how hard the slop must have been on George last year.

10:00 PM
Joe and Eric talk about the interview process and how Eric was called the wrong name and Joe was accidentally tipped off about Dustin in advance. [We go to FOTH, of course] Upon return, we get a great view of Dick humping the deer topiary. [Who didn’t see that one coming?]

Jessica and Jameka have a quick pow-wow and let spill that neither is a fan of Jen, and that they will both vote out Carol if the nominations stay the same. Eric comes in and makes a funny… he says he’s going to make a shirt that says “Jen-ital.” The three seem to think Jen is stupid and isn’t capable of winning an HOH. Jessica thinks that is the veto is used, Zach will be nominated as a replacement. [It appears that Kail nominated by who fell off the mushroom first.]

Jen and Zach are in the hammock complaining that Zach’s mushroom went faster than everyone else’s. Jen thinks that you shouldn’t be able to be nominated if you can’t play for POV. The talk ends with Jen being called to the DR.

Joe, Nick, and Daniele are in the hot tub. They talk about Nick’s nails (painted hot pink so that he won’t bite them *cough*) and the fact that Nick’s dad thought he was gay in high school. We reach the point of TMI when Nick tells them (and ALL OF US) that he once gave a BJ. He wants to hook up with Daniele so people don’t think he’s gay. [Uh, too late, dude.]

Zach, Amber, Dick have a hammock pow-wow: Amber has tried to convince Kail to put up someone other than Zach if Carol gets POV; they all agree if it was Zach vs. Amber she would go. She only feels safe against Joe. “The Six” mentioned by Dustin earlier turns out to be the enemies group. There is a little argument between Dustin and Zach about campainging for Amber [ed. This is confusing as they both seem to really want her to stay.] Conversation turns to Eric. Dick claims he caught him in a lie (but never says what it was) and that he went nuts when the feeds came on.

11:00 PM
Zach and Mike chat about game. They want to get rid of Daniele to get Dick on their side. Mike is supposed to be trying to make friends with Kail, but isn’t having much luck.

Jen and Kail are in the HOH bed together, and either Jen is not in the loop or she’s lying to Kail. She tells her that Zach and Dustin won’t vote to keep Amber. Kail doesn’t care who leaves.

Dick and Joe chat outside. They agree to vote out Carol, and Dick admits he can’t nominate Daniele, but says he isn’t working with her. He thinks Nick wants him out so that he can hit on Daniele. Both Dick and Joe think they can pull Amber into an alliance.

12:00-1:00 AM
Most of the houseguests are asleep/in bed. Some random chit chat around, but mostly nothing.

2:00 AM
Dick notices that the HOH doorbell is falling off the wall. He and Eric want to see how far away from the room it will work, but before they can BB makes him bring it to the storage room. Dick gets upset and says that they take away all of his fun and its like living with his mother.

Later, Dick puts rubber gloves on the rabbit plants by the front door.

3:00 AM
Dick is up all alone talking to himself about who should go up when, smokes, and farts. He wants the nominations to stand, and he wants to talk to Daniele. He cries over her for a bit, calls her Alice, and blows his nose in his shirt.

4:00-7:00 AM
Dick continues to wander around the house talking to himself. For some reason, he seems a little bit fixated on Joe, as he keeps bringing him up (to himself, of course.) He does laundry, goes to the DR, visits the hottub, plays with a giant ribbon thing (and cusses at himself when he breaks it.) He finally goes to bed at 7:20 AM.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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