[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recaps – Day 4 (7/8/07)

8:00 am
Kail woke up around 8:30 and went downstairs to DR.

Dustin and Zach woke up and the Jen/Nick/Daniele drama was mentioned but no one tells the story because they weren’t there first hand and aren’t sure what actually happened.

Nick woke up, goes to WC, tells the story, and heads back to bed.

9:00 am
Mike woke up as Dustin went back to bed.

Zach told Kail and Mike that Carol wants to say and was working him hard. Zach said that Carol thinks she has Daniele, but he thinks that Daniele is with them because of Nick. They seriously considered keeping Carol because she will be indebted to them.

10:00 am
Kail and Mike lay out in the sun. Kail said they want to put the emotional players in the jury. They don’t want any of the 6 in the jury because if one of them is final two, all their votes will go there. If all of them are on the Jury, they’ll all join their votes. Therefore, Kail decides that they should stick to the plan of kicking Carol out.

11:00 am-12:30pm
BB announced that it’s time to get up for the day. Kail and Mike are outside sunning as everyone else is primping and getting ready for the veto ceremony (scheduled for 1 pm). Jessica and Carol are getting ready in the bathroom and Carol is working Jessica for her vote. Carol likens her and Jessica to Erika and Janelle of Season 7.

12:45 pm
Daniele gets called to the Diary room and we get Season 2 BB Trivia during the Veto Ceremony.

2:00 pm
Feeds out until around 2:15.

Amber and Jameka chatted in the backyard about a possible Nick/Daniele alliance. Jameka said that Dustin and Amber have an unspoken alliance. They wonder who Dick would put up if he were to be HOH.
Amber and Jameka discuss the fact that Joe is two faced and to be careful around him.

Daniele comes out to tan and Jameka congratulates her on a job well done during the Veto Ceremony. Daniele didn’t use the veto, but scared people when she said that what she is doing may surprise a few people.

Jessica joins Daniele in the sun. They decide to keep their votes to evict Carol. They agree that they are skeptical of trusting Joe, that Jen is too much drama, that Zach is a floater and that Eric is bi-polar. Daniele and Jess talk about how Kail and Mike need to go because they are smart and they don’t say much. They want to play with stupid people so they can get further in the game.

Carol and Joe talked in the little bedroom and she told him that she really needs the boys votes (Zach and Nick) and Joe tells her that she needs to talk to them last, just before the eviction vote.

3:00 pm
Joe joins Jessica and Daniele in the backyard tanning and they joke around about what they would say to people if they won HOH.

Amber tells and embarrassing story about spending a week in the hospital and being on morphine.

4:00 pm
Eric wants to drink tonight to be Fun Eric. He and Dick make fun of Jen calling her Fun-Nanny and Bitch-Nanny.

Joe pleads Carols case to Zach in the bathroom saying that Carol will owe them, whereas Amber will just play it up like she deserved it. Zach agrees.
Kail and Zach discuss Jen and how she lies and is untrustworthy.

Joe says that if he gets HOH he wants to nominate Jen and Dustin and he is afraid people would purposely make the vote a tie to see if he has a secret alliance with Dustin.

Carol thinks she has Joe’s vote and Daniele’s vote, both of which are questionable.

Kail sent Jen to Zach to see which way to vote, and he was upset because he doesn’t want that kind of heat. He said that he isn’t changing his vote because he can’t take the risk that the Enemy Six exists. They seem scared that the Enemy 6 does exist.

Dustin, Amber and Dick talked about Eric in the kitchen saying that he is better today, and they can’t risk using him as a pawn because he’d freak out and get himself kicked out.

5:00 pm
Jessica told Eric that Carol said she had his vote and that everyone thinks he is in an alliance with Mike, Jen and Kail. He said that he never said he gave his vote to either of the nominees and denied the alliance by saying he wouldn’t want to be at the end with Kail and Mike.

Amber and Daniele talked about how Carol needs to go and how Amber hates Kail. Amber likes Dick because he is good to talk to. She doesn’t trust Mike, Zach, or Kail. Daniele doesn’t trust Eric. Daniele is unsure of where she stands with Dustin because she doesn’t talk to him.

6:00 pm
Dustin and Eric had a good talk in HOH loft. Dustin called Eric one of the open people there for the experience where others are closed people who are only there for the fame. Eric thinks that if he can keep 3 people from getting HOH, he’ll be giving them more rope to hang themselves. Eric also said that the Enemy Six doesn’t make sense and that the idea had to be Joe’s.

Jen and Zach golfing, Nick and Jameka tetherballing.

Amber told Dustin that Dick never washes his hands.

Everyone has dinner together (fajitas cooked by Mike and Dick).

Everyone eats and clean up is done.

Daniele and Jessica spend some time in the teacup.

Carol, Jen and Joe are in the round room where Joe is critiquing Carols clothes.

Nick tells Daniele he wants to keep her around as long as possible. Daniele doesn’t know if she is going to go for HOH, doesn’t think she needs it, but she is afraid of where she stands with some people.

Carol and Mike are on a Fake Date, normal conversation.
Jess and Jen are upstairs talking about Nick. Jen says he hasn’t talked to her.

Dustin, Jen and Jess are doing Pilates, Eric is observing.
Jameka is working on straightening Amber’s hair.

Nick and Zach talked about Jen’s lying. Zach said that if he wins HOH, he’s putting people from the Six up. They think Kail will be the first one of the Mrs. Robinson Alliance to go.

Kail and Dick are on their fake date in the teacup. They are talking about Carol and how happy she is going to be when she gets back to her life outside the house and how Dick was upset one night about not being close to Daniele.

Carol, Zach, Dustin and Nick drink wine and eat ice cream and impersonate Schwarzenegger.

Eric, Jessica and Jen in hot tub. Eric mentions that he wants to stay in LA after the show.

Dick and Kail come in from their fake date.

Joe is in bed. When he wakes up, he gives Mike a hug saying they don’t hug enough, jokingly Mike gives him flowers.

Amber has some choice words about Carol.

Zach, Nick, Dustin and Mike play golf.

Zach, Daniele, Carol and Jameka chat in the kitchen.

Jessica, Jen, and Joe in hot tub.

Jameka, Joe and Daniele talk about getting rid of the people who would never vote for them from the Jury. Daniele tells them that Dustin thinks that he is safe unless Joe is HOH.

Joe gets ready to tell ghost stories for those that are going to bed. Nick, Jameka, Jessica, Daniele, Kail, Jen, Carol and Zach listen.

Dustin tells Dick about the Mrs. Robinson alliance. Dick said he walked in on them once. They think Jen is being evicted next week. Amber is trying to get them to commit to using the POV if she is on the block next week and they have the Veto. Dick says they can’t commit to something like that now.

12:00 am
Jameka and Dani layed in bed after the story for a bit.

Jen and Dustin brush their teeth.

Nick made his bed on the floor next to his bed.

1:00 am
Dick, Amber, Eric and Dustin shared some sex stories.

Nick, Zach, Joe, Daniele, and Jameka chat in the kitchen. They tried to find out how many people were working at the house, and if they like their jobs.

Eric gets called to the DR.

2:00 am
Joe told Amber that she has his vote and then heads off to bed.

Amber and Dick laughed and said it’s great that he trusts them, because they don’t trust him. Dick called Kail “Mrs. Robinson” during their fake date and she didn’t flinch.

Eric and Amber hung out in the backyard. Dustin joined them.

Dick is in DR.

Amber painted Dicks nails red.

3:00 am
Dustin headed back to bed.

Amber talked about showmances and how her boyfriend understands.

Daniele was laying in Nicks bed, while Nick was on the floor. He was rubbing his hands through her hair. Whispers were exchanged which were hard to understand.

Dick talked to Amber about targeting Nick to make his showmance with Dani less awkward.

Eric headed to bed.

Dick and Amber talked about past seasons, how good Dr. Will was.

Daniele and Nick kissed. After a few minutes, Dani went back to her bed.

4:00 am
Amber and Dick talked about other houseguests: Kail, Jameka, Zach, Eric, Joe.
No new opinions on any of them.

Amber wants Kail out next week and Dick said Jen is going to go.

Amber and Dick cleaning and doing dishes.

Dick tells Amber that he could take her further than Dustin could.

5:00 am
Dick finishing up all his nightly rituals- cigarette, bathroom, etc. then bed.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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