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July 10, 2007

A Bullet For Joey

Former gangster Joey Victor comes back from Europe and has gotten his old gang together to kidnap the famed nuclear physicist Dr. Carl Macklin. But their plans soon begin to falter as the FBI becomes suspicious.

DVD Features: None

The Astronaut Farmer

A NASA astronaut was forced to give up his dream job of space travel and retire much earlier then expected so he could save his family’s farm. But he still won’t give up on his goal to travel far into the outreaches of space, even if he has to fight the government and build his own rocket.

DVD Features: Bloopers & outtakes, “How To Build A Rocket” featurette, A Conversation with NASA astronaut David Scott

Beauty And The Beast Season 2

Catherine continues her work as a district attorney in New York living a hard-nose life for all the world to see. But her heart still remains with Vincent who lives beneath the city in his sanctuary even though their differences keep them from ever being able to be together for good.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the second season

Bewitched Season 5

Samantha and Darrin are still trying to live a normal life as a happily married couple, but the fact that Darrin is an everyday mortal and Samantha is a witch doesn’t make it easy. Samantha can’t help but use her magic to solve some of their problems and help Darrin deal with her disapproving mother Endora.

DVD Features: All 30 episodes from the fifth season

The Contractor

An ex-CIA sure shot agent is persuaded out of retirement to help take out an evil terrorist that no-one can seem to get rid of. After accomplishing his mission though, he must go into hiding after being framed for killing a high ranking officer. In hiding he meets a twelve-year-old girl that not only becomes his friend, but who also will be able to help him out of his predicament.

DVD Features: Behind the scenes, making of

Extras Season 2

Ricky Gervais is back again and he keeps on trying to get the movie parts that were made specifically for him. But the hilarity ensues when “his” roles are given to bigger stars like Robert DeNiro, Orlando Bloom, Daniel Radcliffe and more. Ricky insists they aren’t better, just lucky.

DVD Features: All 6 episodes from the second season

The Last Mimzy

Follow along with the magical story of two young children who find a mysterious box of toys. Soon after, the children find themselves with strange abilities while those around them get sucked into a world of mystery and sometimes terrifying things.

DVD Features: Behind the scenes, deleted scenes, numerous featurettes, games

The Last Stand

Four performers in Los Angeles meet while waiting backstage to do their sets at a club. They quickly become friends and go through every aspect of life together from the good to the very bad and do all they can to help one another cope and deal before they are pushed to the edge.

DVD Features: None

The Last Time

The dark underside of the business world is fully exposed as a happy couple from Ohio move to New York only to have their dreams shattered and their lives torn apart by the hustle, bustle, and deception of the big city and the big seller. Only things aren’t always what they seem for anyone sometimes.

DVD Features: Deleted scenes, trailers

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Shark Week: 20th Anniversary Collection

Every year the Discovery Channel takes one week in late summer and showcases the intriguing and mysterious world of sharks. Everything and anything you possibly ever wanted to know about our dangerous friends of the deep is revealed and now some of the most favorite episodes are now in one fantastic collection.

DVD Features: Fourteen of the best episodes from Shark Week of the past twenty years all on four discs

Sweet Land — A Love Story

Through the troubles of bureaucracy and social morality in the twenties, a young woman decides to make a journey for the man she is destined to be with. But it will be a long and treacherous journey as she travels from Germany all the way to rural Minnesota to meet her husband-to-be.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, theatrical trailer