WWE & TNA Bits and Bobs…


WWE & TNA Bits and Bobs…


Dwayne “Gillberg” Gill has been added to the WWE Alumni section of WWE.com

WWE will be releasing a 3 Disc DVD set for Rey Mysterio entitled “Biggest Little Man” on the 23rd of October.

Paul Burchill has been sent back on the road, teaming up with David Taylor at recent WWE house shows. No word on whether he is using his “Ripper” gimmick that he currently uses in OVW.

Rob Van Dam did an in-depth interview over here in the U.K. with the BBC, discussing Chris Benoit and what he plans to do with his time away from Wrestling, amongst other things. The interview can be heard here.


Scott Steiner is rumoured to be healing well from his throat injury, and may return to TNA sooner than previously anticipated. Scott, along with his brother Rick, are slated to move straight back into a feud with Team 3D when he does return.

‘TNA Impact’, the first video game from TNA is slated to his the shops in Spring 2008 for the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii.

Speaking of TNA, they have announced plans to redesign their website towards the end of the Summer.

Credit: PWInsider.com, and other sources