Richly Deserved: Big Brother 8 – Episode 3

It seems like, in the recycling phase reality TV is now in, people are starting to look like people who have been on another show. We’ve known for weeks that Pirate Master has a Rupert lookalike (sort of) in Louie. But this season’s houseguests have that beat by many.

For example, lovely Jameka.

Doesn’t she remind you a lot of Tijuana from Survivor: Pearl Islands, especially when she wears her hair up?

Speaking of which, here’s rather whiny young mom Amber

Who with her hair up resembles the legendary Jerri Manthey from Survivor: The Australian Outback and The Surreal Life 1 fame.

Of course when you saw young Danielle

You immediately thought of the late Anna-Nicole Smith.

How about her dad, Evil Dick (BTW, just because you’re in the Big Brother house where Mike Boogie made his name, you don’t have to have a nickname as well).

Mention was made of the resemblance to Tommy Lee but maybe he’s just a nice (perhaps too nice for Survivor) guy like Lex from Survivor: Africa

I can’t believe no one else has picked up on this one, but this was immediate for me. Carol

Looks so much like 2006 Canadian Idol Eva Avila.

Finally, an annoying voice for me only because Kail

Sounds a lot like my good friend, Tina Wesson from Survivor: The Australian Outback

As for the rest of the cast, let’s reacquaint ourselves with …

Eric, for whom “America’s Player” might be an asset or a crutch.

Zach, who could be more like Roddy than anyone else.

Mike, who we haven’t heard much from except he and Kail have a strong alliance.

Dustin, who is already getting on my nerves.

Jessica, who I think is tilting more towards being the next Holly than the next Janelle.

Nick, who is listed as a former professional football player who I could not find on any roster after his days at the University of Minnesota (he is not to be confused with a current member of the North Carolina squad with the same name).

Jen, who probably won’t last long if she can get upset at something so miniscule as her CBS promo photo.

And Joe, whom I’m counting the days until he is off my TV and Real Player.

Now that we’re all aquainted, on to the episode.

Kail felt Amber and Carol had to do better in the competition. Jessica wanted Carol out, of course. Mike assured Kail that she got off o.k. (or ‘Scotch Free’ as Kail put it).

Carol and Amber have become best of friends and really don’t want to campaign against eachother. Amber cries again. Zach felt the nominations were done to keep the heat off Kail (get a feeling this alliance will work).

Jessica and Carol talk in a large teacup in the backyard. Jessica feels Carol is just putting on a front (How about your front, dear?) Carol doesn’t want to leave before Jessica either.

Love those little beds eh? Carol works a bit on Zach and suspects he’s close with Mike and Nick. Zach tells her she’s gotta fight. Zach feels if she can help his alliance more, he’ll side with her.

Kail and Dick are talking. Get a feeling these two VERY different older people will get along. They talk about parenthood and he specifically talks about his son who he is close to. Kail said his rough exterior doesn’t match his soft interior.

The girls (including Joe (Easy on my inbox, eh?)) are admiring Nick. Nick loves to flirt with Danielle because she’s beautiful and funny. He likes coming onto Amber as well. Amber said she’s ‘seriously a nympho’. Then we see him chatting up Jen in the hammock, then Carol in the backyard. Next we see the girls comparing notes. Joe hears some of this then Dustin tells Nick that Jen said he tried to kiss her on the lips. Nick confronts Jen, calling her a liar. Joe said Jen lives in ‘her own little Jen world’. Jen’s days are numbered.

Jen and Nick talk in the storage room. Jen apologized for her lie and admitted she was jealous of seeing him with Danielle. But he is still not pleased with her. Nick then spills her conversation to Amber and Joe. Dick chimes in that he can’t stand Jen as well. Next they show shirts Jen has like “Jenuine” and “I’m a Jenius”. Reminds me of a friend I have that plays up his name like that.

Kail wants Carol gone because she is more likely to hold it against her. The veto competition is coming up and Kail and Mike discuss the possibility of Jen being put up if Amber or Carol win veto. We then see Amber praying to win the veto (I guess we had to have one Bible-thumper in the house, he says preparing for more backlash).

Time to pick the veto players, drawn by random (like last year). Kail picks Houseguest Choice and picks Danielle (not to show her hand). Amber picks Jameka. Carol picks Nick, who wants to keep the noms the same). Jessica hosts.

The others had to hang out in the HOH room. Cool! Five guys and JEN. It’s a Hide and Seek game. Each player goes in and hides a veto symbol somewhere in the house. Danielle hides hers in the bucket of slop. Carol went in between mattresses. Amber went inside a pillow case. Nick also went under a bed. Kail put it inside a box of teabags. Jameka put it in her care bag.

Danielle goes hunting for vetoes. Finds none. Dick meanwhile is frustrated having to be in the same room as Jen. Carol finds one veto. Amber is empty-handed. Nick gets one. Kail got one. Meanwhile Jen and Dick escalate their tension. He brings up the “don’t touch him” scene during the food competition. She just doesn’t get it. Jameka goes in and gets a veto. They kept going back to hunt for more vetoes. Jameka found her dirty clothes on her bed and felt violated. Danielle found the veto in the tea bag box.

The other houseguests come out and see the mess the others made. The first veto found was Amber’s. Next was Nick’s. Then Carol’s. Then Jameka. Then Kail’s. Danielle wins the Power of Veto. She was excited. Amber immediately works on her to use the veto so Jen can be put up.

Eric gets his first “America’s Player” assignment to spill out something from his past (even making up a story) to … Kail. Eric puts some eye drops to help the tears come out. He begins to tell her about a girlfriend in high school that was a bit like Danielle. He proceeds to pour this story out. When the conversation ends, he celebrates completing his first task.

Joe and Dustin talk again about respect. Joe still treats him as an enemy while Dustin is making more of an attempt to patch this up. Joe does seem receptive. Dustin wants to keep this civil.

Joe and Nick also work on Danielle to try and get Jen out of the house. She strongly considers using the veto.

Finally, it’s time for the veto meeting. Danielle felt keeping Amber might be a risk and keeping Carol might be an advantage. Kail wants the nominations to stay the same. Carol said she’s not ready to go home yet. Amber said her journey has been amazing and is enjoying herself.

Danielle chose not to use the veto. She says it’s too early in the game to stir things up. Amber said she’s gonna stay strong. Carol said she won’t give up while Jessica says “see you at the next high-school reunion”.

Finally, Eric will be given his order by you, as to who he votes to evict. Choose wisely.

Enjoy the action in the house this week and we’ll talk to you again next week.