Richly Deserved: Pirate Master : Episode 1-7

Still dark after Pirates’ Court and the Triad still want to gun after Kendra who remains the weakest link. Joe Don is dying to beat the Triad (Azmyth/Jay/Ben).

Morning, and breakfast time. Kendra complained she needed to eat more. Louie felt he was losing weight. Azmyth gives his duties. Nessa hates his ego trip and said he’s on an ego trip. Joe Don and Louie were being worked hard to tire them out for the expedition. Joe Don is also complaining about the lack of food. The Triad are having breakfast while everyone else works hard (with a little burp from Azmyth for good measure. Nice!).

On to the next treasure. The teams are

Black: Jay, Ben, Azmyth, Laurel, Jupiter
Red: Joe Don, Louie, Kendra, Nessa, Christa

After a row to the western tip of the island and a floating buoy for the next clue. The black crew get to the bottle first. Then red came and Joe Don acted like a man on a mission. They then had to row to a point on the island. Again black was first and red was struggling, especially Louie.

Black got to the ropes first but red with Joe Don and Louie having the technique down pat, pulled well. The black crew still got their barrel first. The red clue eventually got their barrel. Again, red seemed to read the clue carefully and Christa saw an X on the beach. Black decided to follow the red team. Both teams began digging and got their clue to a bunker with the winning combination 924.

Both teams begin working on their locks. Louie begins praying. But to no avail. Black wins again. Jupiter fires the gun and Joe Don stares down at his bunker disappointed.

Kendra is quite worried and starts crying in her confessional. The black crew return with $35,000. Laurel is seriously thinking of an all-female alliance. Jupiter does like the guys however.

Nessa bid for the pardon as she and Joe Don would like to keep passing it between eachother. Kendra talks to Jay and said she had their back. She is working really hard to stay (and I have to admit I’ve been cheering for her a bit based on her background). Jay put in a good word for Kendra during the officers’ meeting.

Nessa, Louie, and Joe Don got the black spots. Nessa was shocked Kendra didn’t get a black spot. Louie said the girls’ love for him would be tested. Joe Don said popularity doesn’t win expeditions. They talked about a mutiny but it seems Jupiter is also in the triad’s back pocket.

Louie is teaching Laurel about steering the ship. She likes him a lot. Louie said he loves the girls. Nessa said Joe Don can’t be taken out because of his performance in expeditions. She also wants to continue to snuggle with him.

Jay is asking Kendra to vote for Joe Don but she also wants to break up the triad. She becomes a very important swing vote.

Pirates’ Court. Azmyth said Nessa might be unhappy with not getting to the treasure. Louie, Azmyth feels, might not be set adrift. Joe Don is still a threat to them.

Nessa said she doesn’t like to lose but accused them of not embracing their competition. Louie said he loves this ship and loves the ladies (The 10 ladies watching the show love you too, Louie). Joe Don said he wants them to think of him as a warrior and reminded Kendra that he pulled her to shore in the previous expedition.

Kendra said he is the warrior and if the red crew is to win, he needs to stay. Laurel is stressed as they have to think about strategy. Jupiter said they can’t afford to lose Louie or Joe Don.

The ballots are cast. We see Kendra’s vote for Louie. The Royal Pardon went to Nessa, $5,000. She had no ballots. There are also no mutiny votes. The vote was 3-1 against Joe Don. Kendra went against Jay’s orders but lost anyway. Joe Don and Nessa share a goodbye kiss rivalled only by Candice and Adam in Survivor:Cook Islands after Candice was voted out.

Joe Don will miss Nessa and was proud of how he played.

Next time, serious mutiny talk. Is it possible?

‘Till next week.