Odd Ramblings Of A Tired Man

This is very random. Insomnia kicks in and I start looking at stuff on the web and reading reports of shows, like Blatt’s ECW coverage.

Blatt let’s all of us know that Viscera no longer wears a shirt. The curious person in me wants to see pictures of this. All of you have to have wondered: What lies beneath the pajamas?

And I see a picture…



For the love of God…

After getting over the initial fright at seeing two Kamalas squished together and a tad darkened, I think about heading off to bed. But I can’t sleep and nobody that I know is playing on Xbox Live.

So I put on ESPN News…nothing.

I watch my DVR of Larry King from Monday. Chris Jericho sounds like a hella smart man.

My DVR cuts off the very end of Larry King.

I’m guessing I missed some important stuff about Benoit and how he killed his wife and kid.

I did get a kick out of DA Double Chin not knowing if the body had been released…or generally not knowing anything at all. Kind of disgusting if you think about it.

At the very least I didn’t have to hear anymore reports of Benoit using the crossface on his kid or using the flying headbutt on his wife.

By the way, if you can ever watch a Benoit match again, God help you. I tried but once he did the “slit throat” sign before the headbutt, I cringed. When he put his finisher on, all I could think of was his kid. For some reason I also thought of him putting the crossface on Dora The Explorer…don’t ask, because I don’t have an aswer.

Lex Luger is a tool.

Mirko Cro Cop stole his gimmick from Ludvig Borga.

Raven used to be Johnny Polo.

I know you’re wondering why I am rambling…it actually gets back to Big Daddy V.

After trying to get to bed I turned to WWE 24/7, which should be changed to WWE 24/7/ Wrestling History Channel.

I turned to Survivor Series 93.

Bam Bam Bigelow headed up a team with The Headshrinkers and Bastion Booger. They fought 4 Doinks…one of them was this guy:



Yeah…Big Daddy V…only he was Mabel…and a clown.

I decided to ramble then. I even went so far as to rewind, pause and pull out my nifty camera phone…to capture Big Daddy Doink:



Man, wrestling used to be so simple. Clowns, Garbage Men…yea the matches sucked but nobody died.

I miss those days.

Scott Steiner was human.

Lex Luger was still a tool.

Even if the matches sucked, it was still somewhat innocent when I was 11.

Face it: Doink never put Dink in the crossface.