Smackdown Spoilers for July 13, 2007

Smackdown/ECW taping from New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, LA. A few backstage segments may be missing or things may be out of order because I am going strictly off of memory.

Dark Match

~ Funaki/Shannon Moore Vs. Dave Taylor/Paul Burchall – Funaki got the pin with a high cross body. Burchall and Taylor had on matching ring attire which may insinuate a new tag-team on Smackdown.

~ JBL and Michael Cole came to ringside.


~ Edge is on the phone (couldn’t hear him) and is walking around backstage. He stops as he is deep in conversation and Kane is staring at him through a window in a door. When Edge turns around, Kane is gone.

~ Batista/Khali contract signing advertised for tonight.

~ Matt Hardy Vs. Chris Masterss – MVP came out on commentary. Very good match that went close to 15 minutes to start the night as Hardy took the win with the Twist Of Fate. Afterwards MVP and Hardy had some words and Masters put the Masterlock on Hardy. Hardy almost got out of it until MVP jumped in the ring and demolished him.

~ Finlay Vs. Jimmy Wang Yang – Another good match that seemed to go at least 10 minutes and Finlay got the clean win over Yang with the Celtic Cross. Afterwards, Finlay grabbed Hornswaggle from under the ring (biggest pop of the night) and slammed him onto Yang.

~ Vicki G. is walking around backstage as Khali’s handler stops her and says he wants to call the whole thing off the contract signing, the match, everything. Vicki says “no,” so Khali steps in and throws a stagehand up against the wall.

~ Batista/Khali Contract Signing – Teddy Long comes out as the ring is set up with the red carpet, table, and chairs. They sign, Khali jibber jabbers and hightails it out of there as DAVE gets all worked up. Khali then throws the ring stairs into the ring at Batista. Batista returns the favor by throwing them down the aisle way following that with one chair, the table, and then another chair.

~ Rey Mysterio Returns vignette

~ Edge is in his dressing room watching the Rey thing and as he turns around, Kane appears on the TV screen looking at him. Edge senses something and turns around quickly, but Rey’s mask is back on screen.

~ The Major Brothers Vs. Chavo/Jamie Noble – A decent match which was carried by Chavo and Noble. Some obvious mistakes by the Majors and the crowd also seemed to not realize who was heel and who was face as a few “Chavo” chants broke out. Majors picked up the win.

~ Chuck Palumbo Vs. Luke Hawx – Hawx has made it from WSX to being squashed by Palumbo on Smackdown.

~ Deuce & Domino with Cherry are backstage as Eugene walks up. Eugene wants to ride in their car and Domino says that is Eugene takes on Deuce’s opponent tonight, he can have a ride. And if he wins, he even gets a ride back. Eugene agrees retardily happy.

~ D&D/Cherry drive to the ring with Eugene.

~ Mark Henry Vs. Eugene – Eugene looks scared to death as D&D laugh outside the ring. Quick work and a bearhug later and Henry wins.

~ Edge is backstage brushing his teeth and when he looks down to rinse, Kane appears in the doorway behind him. Edge looks up fast again and Kane is no longer there.

~ Torrie Wilson Vs. Victoria – A pretty decent match that went a good five minutes at least. Almost a total squash by Victoria until Torrie knocked her outside the ring and got back in at the last second to win by countout.

~ Edge is in the locker room and talks to a bunch of costumed Mardi Gras people psyching them up as he heads out to the ring.

~ Edge rides to the ring in a Mardi Gras decorated pick-up truck with all the costumed folks. There are decorations on the ring posts and confetti billowing down from the ceiling. “Oh When The Saints Come Marching In” is playing through the Arena and Edge is dancing as the costumed people surround the ring.

Edge gets a mic and goes on about how he partied on Bourbon Street, going to beat Kane, etc and then he gets a bad feeling. He slides out the ring and points at a very tall person with a huge fake head on. After yelling for a few minutes, Edge spears him on the floor but it was the wrong person. The costumed person behind Edge lifts his huge head mask off and it’s Kane. He chases Edge into the ring and starts to rough him up until the rest of the freaks enter and Kane makes short work of them. Edge escapes, Kane BOOMS the ringposts, and that’s it.


Nothing of note off screen except for a dark match before the show.

Sign of the night: “WWE – Got Here Faster Then FEMA!”

~ Sylvan Vs. Local Worker – Maryse came out with Sylvan who won with the TKO.

After Show Dark Match

Edge was supposed to face Batista after the shows ended, but due to injuries sustained by Edge earlier, Batista would now face Khali.

~ Batista Vs. Khali – very short match that ended with Khali walking and getting counted out as he left. Batista then shook hands around the ring, drank a little bit of a fan’s beer, and posed.

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