Cable for One – Age of Love – Episode 4

The cast is really thinning out on “Age of Love” and we’ve reached the point where almost everyone who’s left has some sort of connection with Mark. This results in a show where it’s pretty tough to guess who’s next. Which is good, because if Mark decided during the second episode that he had already decided which one of the women he wanted to end up with, it wouldn’t make for very dramatic television.

The whole triathlon was a good idea. Up until now, getting to spend time with Mark was either decided by Mark or by a goofier contest (i.e. rollerskate limbo); this is the first time that any sort of ability really played a role. Granted said ability was ‘how well do you perform in a triathlon?’ but it’s something.

While I laughed at them when the chain fell off their bike, I was impressed with Mary and Megan’s performance. Even though they ran for much of the bike portion of the race, both of them still managed to almost make the top three. I figured that once they had to leave their bikes behind, they would end up falling way behind, so kudos to them for keeping it competitive.

On a whole, the triathlon seemed pretty competitive. Only two people fell behind (Tessa with her busted ankle and Jen with her apparently not being as in shape as the rest. A heavy smoker, maybe?) and there didn’t seem to be any sort of large disparity between the twenty-somethings and the forty-somethings. Jayanna was the clear winner, and Amanda had a good hold on second place, but it seemed like the third spot could have gone to any of the four women who were still in the water.

Of course, winning a competition with Mark isn’t always the best idea. It seems that an awful lot of the time, women who have won a competition (Angela, Kelli) or impressed Mark in some way (Adelaide, Tessa) are the ones to get the boot.

Of the eliminations this week, Tessa’s was the most surprising. I figured that between her trying to play tennis on a sprained ankle and hobbling around on crutches, Mark wouldn’t have the heart to send her home this week. His reason for doing so (because Tessa brought up Amanda in a non-competitive way) was pretty weak.

I thought that Megan or Mary would be going home since they’re the only ones left who we haven’t seen having much in the way of conversation or one on one time with Mark. Of course, Mark did say he was trying to be fair, and it wouldn’t really be fair to eliminate Mary or Megan without trying to get to know them a little first.

Mary, though she continues to get upset very easily, impressed me this week. She (and Megan) managed to do well in the triathlon despite the major handicap of losing her bike. And, more importantly, she made fun of herself for her constantly getting upset. The joke wasn’t that funny, but by making it, she showed that she’s well aware that she’s getting upset needlessly. Good for her.

The forty-somethings elimination wasn’t as surprising. That’s not because Kelli was the favourite to go, but rather because (other than maybe Jayanna), there’s no real frontrunner amongst the forty-somethings; Mark seems to have a connection with all of them. I get the feeling that, given his hesitation in announcing which of them was leaving, Mark didn’t actually make up his mind until he was standing in front of them, telling them one of them has to go.

Did anyone else notice anything odd when Kelli was talking about her one on one with Mark? There was VO moment of her talking about her last chance to let Mark know she likes him that sounded really spliced together. I’m assuming they wouldn’t alter the meaning of what she said, but it sounded like maybe she had said a few sentences about wanting to let Mark know what she’s feeling and someone decided it was too long, so they just cut it down into a single sentence. Whatever the reason, it sounded very unnatural.

This week was the first episode to end without some sort of big reveal. Which is probably just as well, considering that in previous episodes the twist has been given away at the top of the hour and then not introduced to Mark and/or the ladies until the very end of the episode.

I haven’t seen any previews, but I’m guessing next week (either at the top of the hour, or the end of the episode) Mark and the remaining women will be heading to Australia, as promised by the season opening preview. Should be interesting to see.