BodogFight – Series IV, Episode 2 Review

Sorry about the lateness Insiders, but last week was a busy one. But don’t threat, I’m still here to bring you the latest in BodogFight series IV: Paradise Lost. Episode 2 features the fighting prowess of Tyler “TNT” Jackson vs Kyle Watson and Daniel Puder vs. Michael Alden.

Tyler “TNT” Jackson (7 – 3 – 2) vs. Kyle Watson (9 – 5 – 1)

Nicknamed “TNT” for his explosiveness and power, Tyler Jackson is no stranger to BodogFight. He faced off against Dmitry Samoilov during series II in St. Petersburg, Russia. The two warriors went the distance in a see saw battle that ended with the judges scoring it a draw. In his fight against Watson, Jackson looked to leave it out of the judges hands.

Kyle Watson was making his debut in BodogFight and looked to impress. Watson, though touted as being a well rounded fighter, has a specialty in submission grappling. In fact, Watson stated in the pre-fight interview that he prefers that his fights in end submission.

With Jackson’s background in boxing, this fight was the classic MMA match up of a striker vs. a grappler.

The Fight

Round 1: Both fighters spend the majority of the round executing their game plans. Watson wishes to get the fight to the ground while Jackson wants to keep it standing. Jackson is the more successful by stuffing Watson’s takedowns but Watson makes good work in the clinch with knees. An accidental kick to the groin to Jackson cause a momentary stop in the action. After Jackson has had time to recover the pace picks up. Watson begins to let his hands go motivating Jackson to do the same. Last minute of the round Jackson lands two solid punches to Watson’s chin. Watson doesn’t go down but with 15 seconds left is finally able to get the fight to the ground with Jackson in his guard. Unfortunately there isn’t enough time for Watson to work his ground game and the round ends. This is a tough round to call.

Round 2: With Jackson strong takedown defense and the heat causing them the sweat, Watson ops to stand with Jackson. Through the round it was Watson who attempted to push the pace of the fight with punches and leg kicks. Jackson is successfully able to counter and defend Watson’s punches. The kicks however prove more difficult with Watson having the greater reach advantage. Watson is able to pick a Jackson with kicks to the head, mid section and legs. The round ends and again is very tough to call but one would likely side with Watson for keeping busy during the fight.

Round 3: Having two rounds to figure out Watson’s timing, Jackson comes out and goes to work. Using a very quick and strong jab, Jackson is able to keep Watson on the defensive. Watson tries to keep Jackson at bay with his longer reach and leg kicks. But Jackson closes the distance landing hard jabs and hooks to Watson’s face. At the 3 minute mark there is another accidental low blow (knee) to Jackson. Jackson is given time to recover and, displaying good sportsmanship, Watson shakes Jackson’s hand letting him know the knee was not intentional. [Later, during the post-fight interview, Watson makes it very clear that the low blows during the fight were unintentional and likely caused by Watson being significantly taller than Jackson.] After the action is resumed Watson throws a left high kick which Jackson counters with a straight right hand. Watson is stunned by the blow and attempts a takedown but to no avail. Watson attempts another shot which Jackson is able to stuff and pushes Watson off into the neutral corner. Jackson spends the remainder of the round stalking Watson and pushing the pace with his superior boxing. Thirty seconds left into the final round, Watson attempts another takedown and once again has no luck. The rounds end in a flurry of punches and kicks and the two fighters shake hands to show respect.

Despite Jackson not wanting the fight to go to the judges that is precisely where it is. The judges score the fight a split decision in favor of Tyler “TNT” Jackson.

Daniel Puder (4 – 0 – 0) vs. Michael Alden (6 – 0 – 0)

Don’t be surprised if Daniel Puder’s name sounds a little familiar. He was a contestant and winner of the WWE’s Tough Enough competition and wrestled for the organization for about a year. But it’s important to note that before Puder did pro wrestling, he had a background training in MMA with Frank Shamrock and “Crazy” Bob Cook at the American Kickboxing Academy. Puder has even fought MMA in X-1. In the MMA community Puder is perhaps widely known for a match he did with wrestling superstar and Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle. During the match Puder applied a real kimura submission putting Angle in danger of having his shoulder torn. This sent shockwaves through both MMA and wrestling circles. He makes his BodogFight debut and looks to show he’s more than just a Pro Wrestler.

Though Michael Alden may not have the chiseled physique of Puder don’t be fooled. Pre-fight tapes showed him delivering devastating knock outs to opponents with punches and kicks. And with both fighters undefeated it’ll be interesting to see which one of them experiences their first loss.

The Fight

Round 1: The two fighters come out and touch gloves. Puder begins to dictate the pace with punches and kicks to Alden’s leg. Thirty six seconds in, Puder lands a left high kick that knocks Alden on his butt. Puder knocks himself off balance but immediately gets up and pounces on top of Alden delivering punches to the head of Alden. The ref stops the fight and Puder is the winner at 45 seconds of round 1.

Puder has had several fights with the StrikeForce promotion in CA. And coming from pro wrestling there is no question that he has the strength and conditioning to train and compete in MMA. Futhermore, I’m sure he also has the charisma and charm to play to the crowd and make himself a favorite to those watching. It will be interesting to see where his career goes and how he progresses as a fighter.