[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap – Day 6 (7/10/07)

First one up for the morning was Dustin, who made coffee. Kail now up and talking with Dustin about where she will sleep after HOH and about Jen being in HOH with whoever wins. Talk of the small beds and how they can sleep in them.

Dustin and Kail have a “deep” conversation about gay men.

Jen, Nick and E-D all subsequently get up.

E-D ask if there has been a wake up song-FOTH until about 12 noon or so
HG outside and idle chit-chat, then Dustin, Joe and Carol talk about death! Would BB tell them if a loved one died?

Eric and Zach have a wrestling match with E-D as commentator, and the usual band of “spectators”, i.e. Joe, Jen, Carol, Kail. . . Zach has the advantage, or did Eric just want to make it “seem that way”?

More idle chit-chat in the kitchen and in the backyard. We head to the bathroom to hear Jen make a random comment about kickboxing and how it would be fun to kick someone in the face.

Eric and Jen do a little flirting in the bathroom about wrestling last night and him being hurt. She has secret powers-she is the reason the sun shines!

In the kitchen we find out Dani is accident prone. She has a scar on her forehead courtesy of her brother, and she can’t properly use the stairs-trouble she’s had since she was young.

Zach tries making a deal with Carol. He will save her if she votes his way for a couple of weeks. She needs an alliance he tells her-if she had someone Why not him she wonders? Deal sounds good, she is ready to say yes, only wants one person out, and it is. . . E-D! Carol says she is not a liar and she wants to deal. Now Zach has to “think about it”

It is raining outside, so the HG are all inside.

There has been some talk about a drinking game that was played with Jen, unbeknown to her, where Dustin and Zach would take a drink when she said you or I.

They plan on having a Strong Man competition tomorrow. Dustin did not get to bring gum in the house. Kail figured as much and packed life savers.
Rain is gone.

Dani and Joe on hammock and talk about her upcoming “22nd” birthday. She and Mike have the same b-day. She thinks it will be a double party.

Kail and E-D being true rents talking about Daniele and how she does not talk to anyone in the family really. Seems she did not leave the teen years behind without being a little smart mouthed biotch to the family.

Carol and Amber talking about who has who in their corner and that you pretty much are told to lie in the diary room.

Back and more talk between the two of who to put up.

Sorry, gotta go to work-did not plan on it.

8:00 p.m. (SHOW TIME…)

In the kitchen Dani, Amber and Dustin talk about the Mrs. Robinson alliance. They need to get rid of Kail. Per BB, Dani must get herself down off the counter. Jen and Kail are in the HOH and jen insisting the house is split. She will be voting to keep Carol, thank you very much. Kail claims she doesn’t know how the guys are voting, they don’t talk to her. Jen plays the coy, and then drops the bomb that Amber and Nick “ran into each other” before the show.

In a funny bit back in the kitchen, Dustin tells Amber and Dani the HOH cam is turned off and has been for a few days. When they wonder how he know, he informs them he spends a lot of time up there, doing his “doody”.

Dustin moves to the bathroom from the kitchen and chats Jameka up about waxing her butt. She suggest laser. Both he and I are like, NO!

Carol and Jessica discuss Jess helping to save Carol.

In the backyard in the hammock, Dani and Nick are trying to be Dr. Will and Janelle, but it is not working. Dani says Kail needs to go and ask if Nick will try for the HOH. He says yes. She really does not like Zach and would probably not nominate E-D. I think Dani has diarrhea of the mouth, as she is telling Nick who E-D would put up. Amber now makes it a threesome and they begin to make fun of Carol.

In the room with the Giant Beds, Joe lets out a little more than we care to know-HE SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONS HIS PRIVATE AREAS!

More talk between Carol and Jessica about Jessica helping to save Carol. They don’t trust Joe; they are not sure about Eric.

Zach and Kail are discussing how he dislikes Jen, and speaking again about the drinking game.

Joe talks of when he gives his nomination speech, it will be according to who looks the best. The first key to who will be safe, is his own. Jameka jumps on the band wagon and days hers will be based on skin complexion, then she bashes Chenbot-not perceived as well as Joe.

Somehow Amber was injured by Dustin while playing ball. She whines and cries which I believe is her secret weapon in the house. Then she relates a story of how her mom ran over her legs with the car when she was younger, and she had to learn to walk again. Dustin feels bad about hurting her and begins to cry, but Joe tells her he’s a pro at crying.

In the kitchen E-D and Jameka talk about feminine hygiene products. In the backyard, Zach and Dustin plot in secret color codes (very confusing!) about who they will put up and who will put them up. Dustin says someone else could put up “Green” (Joe); “Love Bird” (Dani and Nick) are together and “Black”(Dick) is with the “red” (Kail). Zach promises Dustin he does not lie. Zach later tells Joe he needs his butt kicked by a straight guy. Joe laughs and says many have tried. After Joe leaves, they agree it wont be hard to get rid of Joe.

There is a meeting of the “Mafia”-Jameka, Jessica, Dani, Joe and Nick. Dani believes they each need to go after a “secret” alliance with Eric. Jameka doesn’t think she has a chance. They think Dustin will put up Kail and Jen. Joe later changes the name to “Velvet Mafia”.

They all agree Eric is becoming the new Jen.

By the DR, Joe grabs Dustin and Dustin says no means no. Nick ask if they will be lovers for the night and Joe says yes. Dustin says no, AGAIN.

Amber is again plotting her safety with Mike, then Nick, then Joe, . . .
More plotting and scheming going on with all the HG, until this juicy tidbit-Nick and Amber talking and scheming that he will turn on her later, as it is a game and he does not need the money, that his family is rich, that he loves Amber, Joe and Dustin and that he knows who he will stay in touch with after the game.

Jen claims to have “hooked up” with Nick months before the show.

The HG continue to plot and scheme until about 5AM when Evil Dick goes to bed.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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