Random Reality – Josh Clinton Interviews Joy McElveen of Pirate Master

Josh Clinton: Hey Joy.

Joy McElveen: Hi. How are you?

JC: I’m good. What about yourself?

JM: I’m good.

JC: Great. So were you a reality TV fan before you got on this show?

JM: I was a little bit. My favorite reality show is America’s Next Top Model. I also really like the ones that make me laugh like Flava of Love. **laughing**

JC: **laughing** So how did you get on Pirate Master then?

JM: Pirate Master came about while I was competing in Miss South Carolina USA. One of the judges was a CBS recruiter and saw something in me and asked me about it. He said he thought it would be great and he told me about the show. I was like “I have nothing to lose and everything to gain”. So I decided to do it.

JC: Okay, cool. Going into it, did you think the show would be as physical as it turned out to be?

JM: Going into it, no. They did tell me to work out, work out, work out. So I knew that I definitely had to get back into the gym, because my everyday life did involve sports. I played basketball back in my freshman year of college, but that I done after that. So I had to get back into the gym, but the usual workout is only like 20 minute of cardio. So I was working out and running, but I didn’t know exactly what was going to be involved. Of course, I wasn’t running up hills or stadiums or anything like that, though.

JC: Right. What do you think of the host of the show, Cameron Daddo?

JM: Cameron is my favorite. I think he is awesome. He interacted with us a lot and he definitely was motivational. At times he was tough when he had to be tough, but he would also be personal with us too and tell us to keep fighting during Pirate’s Court.

JC: That’s really cool. Why do you think you were put for elimination numerous times?

JM: **laughing** My crew would tell me they would put me up for the black spot, because I would give an awesome speech. Because of the editing and stuff on the show, the viewers don’t get to see the entire speech but they said my speeches were very entertaining. So whenever they would put me up, they were like “we know you will give us an awesome speech, so go up there and entertain us.” But I knew coming into this that I wouldn’t be the most physical person. I did have a lot of drive, a lot of heart, and a personality to die for. That was shown on TV. I didn’t hide who I am and it wasn’t a secret. The challenges were very tough, but I knew that I wasn’t going to give up. So I knew that when I had to go up on the black spot I had to prove myself. I did do that. The first two times I was up there, I didn’t have any votes against me. Eventhough the second time Cameron made this statement about me and about my crew. Yes, I’m up on the black spot but I have the chance to defend myself. So I felt that my crew still believed in me, because I didn’t have any votes against me.

JC: Right. Did you see the alliance between Azmyth, Ben, and Jay coming?

JM: Uh, that one was a surprise really. We knew that certain alliances were taking place, but when that one came about everyone was like “WOW!” Those three are strong players and with all three being in power, it’s not going to be easy to knock them off. It definitely changed a lot of the crew and there was a lot more tension. Everyone’s mindset changed after that. If you weren’t serious about this game before, you have to get serious now. These three guys think they have the power and now they are in control. Jay definitely was in control and now he has two guys running with him. It definitely was a surprise.

JC: Yeah. How do you think Ben was able to switch his alliance from Joe Don to Azmyth?

JM: Ben actually did very well for himself. Joe Don didn’t want any of his officers to associate with the rest of the crew at the beginning. I think that’s what really hurt Cheryl. But Ben would associate with us behind Joe Don’s back. So that made him feel like he was still part of the crew, eventhough he was in the officer position and making more money than us. Now having alliance with Azmyth wasn’t that big of a shock, because everyone thought that he was with us the entire time eventhough he wasn’t. He would work with us, he would do duties with us, he would set sail with us in the mornings unless he had to do his officer’s duties. Yes, he was an officer but he realized that he had to make the crew happy and stay on their good side as well. They do have a voice as well. Everyone has a voice, which is what I love about pirates.

JC: Yeah. So everybody has to vote for mutiny including the officers…

JM: Uh huh.

JC: But why would the officers ever go against the captain and vote for mutiny when they are on the captain’s good side?

JM: Exactly. That’s what made mutiny so hard. Yes, we talked about it and there were times when the crew wanted to do it, but these officers are not going to go against their captain when they are sitting pretty, living well, and making money. They are not going to go against the captain, because they won’t be getting a black spot. They are out of Pirate’s Court. So that makes mutiny really hard, because you have to both officers agree. So if you do a mutiny and both officers don’t agree, then the captain has the ability to pick out of the crew who he wants to go home. The captain can just send people home, because they tried to mutiny against him. So you have to be really careful with that. It’s so confusing and it’s such a mind boggling thing. It really messes with your head.

JC: Yeah, it sounds like it. Why do you think you were ultimate set adrift this past week?

JM: I think I was ultimately set adrift, because I was one of the two weakest players. It was me and Kendra. But Kendra had an alliance with Jay meaning that whatever Jay said Kendra would do. Jay would tell her the way to vote. You know what I mean?

JC: Yeah.

JM: Jay would tell Kendra “in order for you to stay on the boat, you have to vote this way.” She’s going to do that. I’m not going to do that. Yes, I’m one of the weakest physically, but I do have my own voice and my own mind. It’s hard, because I am fun-loving and lovable but don’t take me for granted. I will stand up to you and tell you how I feel, and if you don’t like it, oh well. They also used the whole “water thing” as a reason to eliminate me as well. That all goes back to the editing and stuff. I never did stop on the expedition. I never did get water on the expedition, eventhough I asked for it. I never got it. It really makes me mad, because if I was so slow and so horrible how did my crew still win? I mean I could have sat down and quit, but that’s not me. I’m not a quitter. So at that point in Pirate’s Court, I knew that Kendra was safe because Jay was in charge. I knew it was my time to go, so I’m going to go out with dignity and my head held high. I had a fun time, I loved the experience, and I don’t regret anything. Whatever happens happens.

JC: Right. Do you think the alliance with Azmyth, Ben, and Jay will continue until the end or is there going to be a twist at the end that would shock us and one that we didn’t see coming?

JM: You know, it’s really funny. I really believe that Ben and everybody is starting to look at Azmyth a little differently now. Azmyth is strong and he does have a lot of power, but I really look forward to many twists and turns. I think there will be many people stabbing each other in the back and people who you thought were on your side were really in cahoots to get you out and make sure you are set adrift. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out and takes place, but it’s all apart of what makes the game interesting.

JC: Exactly. I talked to Cheryl a few weeks ago and she said that you developed a good friendship on the show.

JM: Oh yes. Our first night of working on the ship, we connected. I lot of people thought she was so dominating and intimidating. We really didn’t know that she was a district attorney in real life. But there was something about her that connected me to her. She was tough, but there was something about her that made me think I would like her. Even when she was an officer, we still had a close tie. We had a blast on the show. We will definitely be lifetime friends. We talk every day. We take vacations together. So we are having a blast. She is like a big sister to me.

JC: That’s really cool. What do you plan to do now?

JM: I’m actually in New York City now packing up my things. I used to live here, but I will be living in Los Angeles at the end of the month. So there are lot of opportunities for me as a result of the show. I’m really proud of where my life is going and a lot of doors are opening. I’m definitely a person who is driven and motivated, so the sky is the limit.

JC: Very nice. Well good luck with everything and thanks for your time.

JM: Thank you.

Pirate Master airs on CBS on Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT time all summer long.

Pirate Master airs on the CTV network in Canada on Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT time all summer long.

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