WWE & ROH Bits & Bobs – 12 July 2007

WWE & ROH Bit’s & Bob’s – 12 July 2007


Referee Chris Kay was released a few weeks ago, if anybody cared or noticed.

Ken Kennedy has posted a well thought out and intelligent piece on his website, Ken-Kennedy.com, about the crop of old-hat Wrestling “Stars” (Warrior Warrior, Marc Mero, etc) that are making appearances on various TV shows talking about the Chris Benoit situation and Steroids. Go check it out.

Nick Cvjetkovich (Original Sinn) has signed a development deal, and has been working with OVW prior to the deal.

Ric Flair missed SmackDown this week due to a chronic ear problem. Maybe that explains the Flair Flop?

EricBischoff.com has a posting from Uncle Eric also discussing the misinformed and downright terrible media reporting on the Chris Benoit/Steroids story.

Speaking of blogs and that guff, Gregory Helms as posted one at his myspace page – MySpace.com/GSHelms


Cary Silkin, Gabe Sapolsky and some other guys from Ring of Honor’s management flew to Japan today to take part in a number of business meetings in preparation for the ROH shows, and also attend a Pro Wrestling NOAH event.

Credit – PWInsider.com and other sources.

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